Rajeev Ram climbs to Doubles World #1, becoming oldest ever first-time #1 at 38 years old

Yaaaas Rampras!


Yaaaas Rampras!




Same feeling for Nicolas Mahut: from that guy who lost the longest match in tennis history to doubles career grand slam winner.


rampras lmfao


I learned that from this sub


Rajeer Federam


If you're talking about this serve, I remember a guy named Kevin Kim? He also had a wong stance, platform serve like Sampras.


I didn't realize it was his first time at #1 considering how much he's won. Congrats to him!


Yeah I thought he was 1 like 5 years ago


He was 2 right behind his partner tho




Definitely jealous. Seeing him when the US Open this year was a lot of fun.


As an Indian American, this makes me really happy and proud! Now hopefully commentators will start pronouncing his name right (it rhymes with calm, not ham)


Like ram das?


ralm is more accurate than rahm?


why do people say it rhymes with "calm"? Do you not put an "L" sound in your pronunciation of "calm"? Ram has no L sound. edit - the only American pronunciation I can think of where there's no L sound in calm is Boston - ?


I don’t pronounce the l in calm. It was the first word I could think of that would help people pronounce his name correctly. Qualm also works


also has an L. How about mom? Does Ram rhyme with that?




yeah not mum MOM.. Tom.. pom pom.. and weird - that part about not pronouncing the L in calm. I guess I have heard that - but as mentioned only in an accent/dialect like from Boston or the rest of New England. so weird I looked up a video https://youtu.be/pjLthzcdXzE lol I'll keep saying "calm" not "com"


see the problem with trying to type it out is that different accents pronounce words differently, for me calm and com sound completely different lol


but if you pronounce "calm" without the l, what else can you get but "com" as in dot com? now I'm wondering if there are people who call Tiger Woods a "goffer" because. .. no L. ?


I love watching him play. The Rampras moniker is super well deserved. On a different note - it gets me so mad whenever I click on his Instagram comments. Absolutely undeserved. People really suck.


What's in his comments


Endless stream of racist comments. So much undeserved bs


I’m reminded of this quote from his Behind The Racquet post: “After 16 years on tour and 58 Grand Slam doubles appearances, I captured my first Grand Slam men’s doubles title at the 2020 Australian Open. I tried 58 times. I got to put my name on a Grand Slam trophy that will be there until the end of tennis.” Now after 18 years on tour, Rajeev has made it to the top of the men’s game. Congrats to him!


Doubles Beast.


Yay Raj


I saw him beat Wayne Odesnik in a qualifying round in DC back in 2011. Fun to see someone I saw back in the day achieve such greatness.


Wait how exactly did this happen when Joe was #1 and he always plays with Rajeev? Don’t follow doubles much


Looking at the ranking, it seems that Ram played one more tournament than Salisbury and gained just enough points to be ahead of him.


Ram to Salisbury: "Suck it".


Salisbury was ahead with points he won a year ago when playing with Skupski. Ram played with Sock in Atlanta and reached the semis this summer. Joe’s points dropped off this week and every point-earning match he’s played, he’s played with Ram. So Ram’s points from Atlanta are the difference now


First time I met this guy was at a junior tournament in Columbus. He was 15 and just the nicest kid. So happy for him.


Great achievement. I hoped he would have reached it around Montreal / Cincinnati tournaments. But, this is just fine :)


Ram's story about playing tennis with his father since he was young always gets me when I think of it: ([it's also from *Behind the Racquet*](https://www.facebook.com/BehindTheRacquet/posts/868592037010242)) Here's an excerpt from when Ram discusses the last years with his father: >After he was diagnosed with cancer, tennis did not matter as much. I won my first Grand Slam title in mixed doubles at the 2019 Australian Open. My dad felt well enough to stay up and watch. He always said he would love to see me win a major and I was lucky I got to share that moment with him. It's a very clear reminder of how much it means to play tennis at the professional level, even though you won't always be getting the spotlight because it's "just" doubles tennis. I didn't think Ram would ever actually get to #1 because I hadn't calculated the impact of Salisbury's San Diego points dropping off but regardless, I'm very happy for Rampras. After years of toil, he's finally getting rewarded.




So you're telling me I have a chance?!


Fantastic news. He’s an incredible player and all round good dude


Remarkable accomplishment, with a few years to go.




First time #1 ** per the title


He was aprox 35 when he first became no1.


This is cool to see, good for him! I remember watching, in person, Rajeev completely own some kids in the boys 18 and under Kalamazoo nationals. At the time I had no idea who he was and it’s cool to see how successful he’s been.