Defeats world number 1, Carlos Alcaraz. Defeats Novak Djokovic. Loses in first round of very next tournament. Refuses to elaborate.




RBA is not your typical first round opponent. It's an upset but not to some massive level.


Look at their H2H


What about it? Are you trying to say that since FAA had won more it's a massive upset for RBA to beat him? They've played close every single time. Each match could have gone either way and now it's as even as it can possibly be after 5 matches.


The opponent was RBA, not a surprising result tho.


Felix did spend every change over in the game blowing his nose so I dont know if he's feeling under the weather


all aboard the FAA rollercoaster 🎢🎢🎢


He is a team player. He needs to get a big team in his box and pretend like he is playing for his Team.


Ones a Davis cup and is alcaraz's first set of matches post a slam win ( almost every player has a drop off for a bit) Ones an exho against a djokvic who had not played a ton of matches recently. Everyone is jerking off to djokvic winning tel Aviv but that draw was fairly empty. He's going to be just as inconsistent early on during these first few tourneys and FAA took advantage All matches aren't created equal. FAA is still crazy inconsistent. That's been true for the past several years and is still true now


I think you are being too hard on FAA, he earned those wins against djoker and Alcaraz. Trust me, if those guys weren’t 100% they wouldnt have played.


This is like saying Novak's loss at Monte Carlo or Belgrade were at 100%, no one takes credit off his opponents, ultimately, they took their chance and won. But if you're going to use those performances as a reference you'll miss a lot, you need context, Novak was rusty, just as he was when he came back in the clay season, FAA had an excellent performance and took chance of Novak's lower serving, that's his win, now, that doesn't mean that FAA now has in his standard to bear Djokovic and to maintain those wins, that's why context/circumnstances matter when predicting. Also, regardless of how good his wins could be, his groundstrokes are terribly inconsistent, so it's expected for him to lose here and there to opponents that by ranking make poor sense.


Nadal was "rusty" in the AO this year. Djokovic was rusty here. Everyone is rusty sometime. I agree, context matters and for better or worse the context impacts the sport. At the end of the day though, a win is a win. One of the things I respect so much about the Big-3 is the credit they give to their opponents and that they don't make excuses.


You're misunderstanding the point, my comment is for prediction purposes, context/circumstances matter for predicting forward. Beating Novak in rusty form is not equal to beating Novak in great form, if you want to base off the level of a player from their victory over Novak, you have to take into context the level at which Novak played at, that's my point. It's not to take credit off FAA, it's to put perspective into how that win doesn't mean he now has the level to beat Novak on full form nor to be beating lesser players because of it.


I'm not being hard on him I'm saying losing today isn't an indication of anything. He's capable of taking to Nadal and Djokovic at his best ( rg vs Nadal ) and at his worst losing to lower tiers of players (rba Cressy are guys he should beat as a top 10 talent) But at the same time yes he absolutely caught alcaraz and Djokovic at opportunistic timings. He's fallen off noticeably since rg this yr.


Just like you can say he caught RBA at an inoppurtunistic time. Thats tennis though- pretty much anyone can beat anyone on any given day. The best ones win a lot more than they lose though.


What? Lol RBA has definitely been weaker overall this entire year. This is a match on paper faa should have won but he's like shapo to an extent Don't be mistaken. This is still a bad loss for faa but he's had bad losses all the time for his career. His lack of consistency is a massive hurdle right now


I disagree, its a match he *should* win but he has lost to a lot of lesser players. RBA is a solid top 15-20 pro. Coming out in a tourney firsr round playing someone like RBA is tough, esp when you consider all the other seeds had easier opening rounds playing lesser players. Its bad luck partially. FAA has had a solid season which is reflected in his titles and W-L record as well as points, prize $. Trust me I’m hard on him when he loses but this is one of those oh well it happens. Shapo on the other hand is just above .500 for w-l and was pretty freaking bad from dubai to cincy. FAA is more consistent than him.


The fact people were getting that wild over Djokovic winning a 250 with nobody there was kinda wild….I get if you’re a Djokovic fan being happy, but some of the projections people were making based off of him winning a tournament he absolutely SHOULD win were wild


Well, Alcaraz was tired and Djokovic had a (minor) problem with his wrist. Not to say that his wins were worthless, but they were not "normal" matches.


First round felix strikes again. Only he could take nadal and med 5 sets in their best slams. And arguably shouldve beaten them both. Then go out first round at his best slam


Average FAA moment


Being an FAA fan is like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you're gonna get.


FAA can beat everyone. But everyone can beat FAA too.


I don't gamble, so I don't know if this is true or not, but I'd imagine odds-making algorithms must be perplexed by Felix.


He’s usually very appropriately priced in terms of win probability, but players of his caliber tend to be overpriced so take from that what you will.


Your username makes you trustworthy. I'm all-in.


He was 1.50 before this match.


So hard to be a fan


>But everyone can beat FAA too. *Tomic stops counting his millions* Tomic: What bro?


Unfortunately we mainly see the latter


RBA - GOAT of 250s and 500s FAA - GOAT of winning against best players in the world in group competitions and exhibitions and losing when it matters


The disrespect on RBA is unreal. One of the toughest players on tour, I don't think anyone would want to face him on a first round match.


He grinds down rallies for fun and frustrates his opponent so well. Even if you get past him, chances are you’re exhausted for the next match.


RBA beats FAA on an indoor hard court, right after FAA beat Djokovic on an indoor hard court. Guess who has a 2-0 h2h record against RBA on indoor hard courts? That's right, Alexander Bublik. Bublik confirmed GOAT


This Bublik guy must be pretty good, no?


Heard he holds his racquet wrong, right?


Guys we are talking about FAA, not Federer o Nadal. Really anyone is surprised that RBA can beat him? Both player are similar level.


Compare titles and Finals, RBA outclasses FAA. 11 career titles, 2 of which were won this year. Former top 10 player. And has much better Slam record too. Plus RBA is towards the end of his career, yet still a threat on most surfaces.


I agree with the overall gist of what you're saying, but it's not really fair to compare career statistics between a 10+ year vet and a next gen player. Also RBA's slam record doesnt compare favorably to FAA. FAA has more QFs already and only ~1/3 of the attempts


Why are people just knocking FAA when RBA is elite himself and can beat almost anyone on any given day?


You're totally correct, and from what I saw of this match, RBA was playing great tennis. His shots were all solid, and he didn't make many mistakes.


RBA is basically djokovic lite. He defends insanely well and doesn't make errors, can hit cross court backhands all day.


For real!!


Felix was also blowing his nose at every changeover


Cause felix had winner equity and he threw it all away


Fair, but he’s 21st in the world haha. Far from a slouch


Ah, some classic Canadian tennis


RBA is not a bad loss. He's the kind of player who will beat you if you're making too many errors, which unfortunately FAA is prone to.


Going for that no.1 choker title, he’s ahead of Shapo for now which is impressive!


I just took a look, and Astana is the most loaded ATP500 I have seen in quite some time. Wow.




The high highs and the low lows


Not sure I "get" FAA's inconsistency, but then again maybe it's stranger to think he ought to be more consistent than the reverse.


This article got you covered. https://hughclarke.substack.com/p/felix-auger-aliassime


Wow, outstanding stuff. Thanks for linking to this


Drawing RBA in the first round is brutal for anyone. Not too surprised by this result, especially with FAA’s tendency to be the tennis equivalent of a roller coaster in terms of success


where my FAA fanboys at??


If you ain’t ready, Agut will gut you


Ugh, Felix. He just can't seem to string together any decent number of good performances.


I feel bad for FAA, he got shafted with this draw. Yes, he should beat RBA but its not easy right off the bat. Look at who the other seeds are playing, much lesser players in 1R. Hope it doesnt cost him a spot in the tour final but it may.


Why do people act like RBA is a noname? He’s the better player of these two as of now. Edit: Sorry, my sentence is open to misunderstandings, what i meant with “as of now” was if you consider their careers to this day, regarding their experience, accolades and mentalities cumulatively. RBA is not having a great year but his game is yet to be declined significantly.


No. He ain't. He's awesome, he's very consistent from the baseline and those Spanish genes mean that he can last in any rally throughout a match. He has one top 5 win all year long against Meddy in Mallorca. He lost to Felix in ATP cup in Straights. Felix is currently a top 10 player, with wins recently against Carlos and Novak on Indoor hards, and has also beaten Jannik In Cincy, pushing Rafa to 5 in RG etc. RBA has had nothing close to the kind of success Felix has had this year. This loss is simply Felix going back to being inconsistent rather than anything new. Can beat anyone on any given day, and can lose to anyone on any given day.


He's definitely not better than Felix right now, come on. He's older, so he's achieved more obviously.


RBA is so good though


How did he lose with those stats


Oh felix


RBA, the best 4.5 players on tour hands down.


Very on brand for Felix lol


Classic FAA L at it again...


I was rooting for Felix here!


When Felix wants, he can beat anyone, but dear lord, it seems that he doesn't want it.


Not at all, both his forehand and backhand techniques are flawed and make his shots inconsistent, he, because of technical reasons, legit can't produce top tennis week after week consistently


I like how FAA still does not have a photo even though he’s ranked higher.


Tennis is so unforgiving- RBA won 8 more points than FAA and yet won 2-0.


Some clown here said djoker and FAA were the favorites for the title here




He must be a frustrating to play against.


Time and time again - I love Felix as a player, has a heap of promising qualities but gosh the inconsistency is at an all time high.


Felix must have been playing so poorly considering the low amount of receiving points won.


how in the world does ooger lose this




Djokovic breathed a sigh of relief 😅