Lol I wouldn't care if I got called out, I'd be thrilled to get a tweet reply from a pro tennis player


Not just A pro tennis player, Martina frickin’ Navratilova!!


What's getting lost in all this is Novak knows about 80 matches played between Evert and Navratilova. He's just confirming that him and Nadal will play for another 7 years and will eclipse 80 matches played. Sorry next next gen.


More like next next next gen after current gen


Soon we will see them partnering with their respective sons for doubles.


Rafa: I won RG for 16th time when you were born.


He also wrote… >“**Everyone** is my rival. Whoever I step out on court against is my rival and I want to win against **him**.” So Djokovic believes all humans are men, CONFIRMED. WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS. /s




Actually Evert and Navratilova are getting women's tennis into this, so they believe all humans are men. Confirmed. /s


Women are not real anyway


Women = birds


Especially in England and Philadelphia


Only on Reddit tennis they're not real.


They are not doing so well on Twitter tennis either


They’re NFTs.


People are quick to assume that no mistake was made when quoting what Djokovic said, happens all the time, even more when translating from different languages. But even if he said exactly like that I don't think people should really get mad at that, might've been a simple mistake, Novak has repeatedly shown respect to all legends of the sport, from both women's and men's side.


If LeBron James talks about a record he holds, I’d assume he’s talking about in the context of the NBA. If Diana Tauasi talks about a record she holds, I’d assume she’s talking about in the context of the WNBA. I’d apply the same logic to statements made by Djokovic or Serena.


NBA and WNBA players don't play in the same places at the same time on the same broadcast and if Serena calls herself the greatest tennis players of all time then dudes on the internet get pissy and start talking about how men could beat her.


Yes, completely fair point. I was more talking about the ideal (what should happen). There is no reason to compare achievements of men’s and women’s singles tennis players because they compete entirely separately from one another. Same goes for every sport.


Ok, let me try and clear this up, and Navratilova should understand this. In his native language and hers, there is a thing called gramatical gender, so if this was in serbian (his native language) it would be automatically understood that he is talking about male tennis, as in her own language. Same applies for Serena in your example, if she was by any chance giving an answer in Serbian (or in any other Slavic and majority of other European languages for that matter). Speaking the language and thinking in it are two different things, and why would he change his internal though process that goes on Serbian for English? I find those expectations rather colonialistic tbh. Last but not least, why would he even think about WTA when speaking about him and Rafa? I mean come the fuck on, give him a pass from this gendering going on in USA ffs.


why give him a pass though? Its a sexist ( not particularly bad) comment, and demonstrates that most people say "tennis" when they actually mean "mens tennis", which is an unconcious bias that needs to change for women to be treated equally. Perhaps he will speak differently next time, and then everybody wins :-) Why not mention it?


It’s akin to actor/actress in English. Many languages have gendered words. > Perhaps he will speak differently next time, and then everybody wins :-) I understand England colonized and raped half the world into speaking their language, but not everybody has to cater their speech for a Western audience 🙂


How is it sexist? If he spoke in his native language it would be igrač/igračica (m/f player) or teniser/teniserka (m/f) so no sexism there, and that is what I said. He answered in English but his answer was formed in his native language (which is normal when you speak in another language) You start your thought in your own, shape it to accommodate the language you speak. To expect someone, who is not a linguist or talented for languages to follow all the nuances is not fair to say the least (one could even use some of the "ism" words as well). You are holding him up to a native speaker standard, which is not fair to say the least. If this was said in Serbian and translated to English you would have your male tennis player designation you want. Just cuz he is fluent in English doesn't mean he know all the nuances of the language and no one should expect him to be. Majority of the tour is at B1 level judging by their press conferences.


Im sure if he's not aware, then he will be pleased to know, so next time he can talk about "mens tennis" instead of saying "tennis". I think its more likely though that he fell into the trap that many of us do occasionally, and was subconsciously sexist. Nothing to get upset about, but for sure something to think about in future :-) If i were to learn Serbian and made a small mistake that could be considered sexist, i'd be happy to take the feedback and try to avoid it in future.


In what way are men and womens tennis equal they have different rules different histories and different relevance in the world


To be fair she can argue that better than WNBA players it’s not 1:1 and they’re still separate. More like we’re holding people to minuscule sentences for no reason.


That thing about "average male tennis players will beat Serena" only started when the media started to push the narrative that Serena is the overall GOAT of tennis, both genders.


Not really: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle\_of\_the\_Sexes\_(tennis)#1998:\_Karsten\_Braasch\_vs.\_the\_Williams\_sisters


That’s because there is a huge skill gap between men’s and women’s tennis. Serena will not beat even the 1000th ranked men’s tennis player.


The point was that if Serena doesn't specify she speaking about women's tennis, people believe she's calling herself the goat of men's and women's tennis


Bullshit, if Diana Taurasi said she’s scored the most points in basketball history (I don’t if she’s actually the leader for the WNBA) a lot of people, probably you too, wouldn’t think that was a good way of framing it


If that was true and she said that, my reaction would be “I guess she’s talking about the WNBA,” not, “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored more points than her.”


You and I both know that if she said she'd scored the most points in basketball history there'd be a million people on here alone lining up to scream about how she's wrong and an idiot and should specify


Men's leagues are the default because they're a lot more popular. That's just the way it is.


Exactly. It's like some male model trying compete with Adriana Lima, Giselle etc '. He'd be laughed out the door immediately.


This is actually a good point. If some man said he is tje best model in history, everybody would point out female models to dispute his claim.


Yes, because the modeling industry is skewed towards females. Women are simply better at being models than men, in the same way that men are just better athletes than women. More strength, faster, can jump higher etc


Men's leagues are the default because of male bias in society. "thats just the way it is" isn't a reason to ignore it 🤣


They’re the default because the highest level of performance is almost always found in the men’s league. There are very few female sporting athletic achievements that don’t pale in comparison to the male counterpart. Tennis is a rare sport in that the difference in level between the two gendered leagues isn’t as big as say basketball, which is why WTA is fairly successful and fun to watch imo. Most sports aren’t like this. I agree they’ve been historically neglected and I’m happy investment is focused into women’s leagues more and more, but in 30 years nobody will be tuning into WTA or WNBA at a higher rate than they are tuning into the ATP or NBA


There is a lot more history behind why mens sport is the default. Like virtually everything else, men are the default and sport is no exception. Like you say, Tennis is similar between mens and women, so lets not pretend women don't exist by talking about "tennis" when we mean mens tennis.


But if LeBron says he is the only person to do something "in the history of basketball" when he really means the NBA, then he is suggesting that basketball = NBA and nothing else counts as basketball. That's crappy.


there's a reason why NBA consists of the best players in the world. there's a huge skill gap between the NBA and a league in serbia filled with delivery drivers


Two time mvp delivery driver nikola jokic


I was with you until the delivery driver bit smh


dude you 100% would not let this slide if serena talked about "all of tennis" when she meant the wta


If she actually used the phrase “all of tennis,” in reference to a record she held, then I would probably assume she’s talking about assume she’s talking about men’s and women’s singles (possibly doubles too). But if she just said, “I won more grand slams than anyone in the 2010s” when asked a question about her dominance in the second half of her career, I’d just assume she’s talking about women’s singles.


If Serena had said she is the best in the world, we would all know she is talking about women's tennis. That is her sport. Why would Novak be talking about another sports league to the one he's in when he is referencing himself.


But Serena is potentially the best tennis player ever, regardless of gender. I don’t think that example is a clear one.


To call Serena a GOAT you need the gender qualifier. Take gender out of it and serena is not even in the top 200 best players.


Not even top 10000 all time


Regardless of gender? Men are literally on natural steroid cycles since their early teens and are on average much faster and stronger, and also have more red blood cells to carry oxygen.


I think it’s safe to say that Men’s and Women’s tennis might as well be different sports. When a male player talks about tennis, I automatically assume he means Men’s tennis. However it will definitely be very interesting if Novak and/or Rafa ends up with more than 24 GS. Maybe no one will bring up Serena Williams or Margaret Court when people talk about the GOAT anymore then.


Most people don’t consider Margaret the GOAT


It's a real shame Serena couldn't quite hit 24 / 25 and surpass that POS Court


Don't know why you got downvoted. Court is a disgusting bigot


Yep.. and a very outspoken one. Should have her name taken off the arena in Melbourne


I think she should be canceled in the most comprehensive manner possible, and therefore advocate that not only should her name be taken off the court in Melbourne, but also that people should stop calling it a tennis court, and instead get in the habit of calling it a Tennis Ashe, unless the court is made of ash, in which case it is a tennis crematorium.


Choosing to not honour someone who has done dishonourable things is not “cancelling” them. Margaret’s thriving in her church living her way, but she’s not a figure worth celebrating.


I think your refusal to endorse my plan to rename tennis courts to something else shows that you tacitly endorse Margaret Courts views.


Keep finding things to be outraged over. I disagree with her views too, but I'm not wasting time getting salty over it.


Exactly otherwise everything gets considered, is esther vergeer the alltime tennis goat? Because the stats back her up as it. But she isnt because each division is its own sport


I'd be pretty shocked if Rafa doesn't manage 2 more RGs alone


\_Please hold my Carlos Alcaraz for a second...\_


Ok lets do more interesting Join the wt and atp tournaments All are people no care about sex age or genre How many gs you think serena can win vs Federer nole rafa? Thats why wta exist bcs women are worse players than men If you win 20 european championships is less than 1 world championship


Women aren’t worse players. They’re just biologically worse athletes. I don’t think skill is necessarily different EDIT: For some of the comments disagreeing, I’ll clarify by saying that yes top WTA players would lose to every ATP player, but they aren’t worse by skill or mental strength, it’s just the physical differences (which admittedly are tied to athletics I know )


What does it mean to say they aren't worse players if you accept they would lose against men? Sports are athletic by definition, athleticism isn't separate from the sport. I get the point you're making and agree with it - women's sport deserves to be taken seriously and the women are extremely skilled in their own right - but words matter and saying women aren't worse players is dishonest. If they weren't worse players then they would compete with men.


That’s nonsense


I don't know what it means to say "biologically worse" but "skill is \[not\] necessarily different". Everything an athlete does is ultimately biological in some way. Even granting some separation of raw athleticism like speed or power from "skill", I'm not sure where you can draw a line that puts men and women on equal footing. Men don't just have faster foot speed and harder swings, their greater strength and coordination mean more spin, more accuracy, better improvisation, etc. What is an example of "skill" that you could genuinely say men have no advantage over women in?


Gymnastics. Best gymnasts are short and flexible and have better balance


You are looking for a ban? There are women whit and whitout penis


You are looking for cure to head injury?


I don't think winning 20 European Championships (no matter the sport) is worse than 1 World Championship. But if you make the comparison with GS and 250 Events I believe it true. At least from a sport-achievement perspective.


i relaly love WTA i normally watch more wta than atp matches but I dont think serena maria vika or iga can ever win an atp 250 that why wta and atp exist so best tennis players are ATP ones


Ah, sorry. I didn't mean to say they can win an ATP tournament (they won't even win a match vs a pro). I wasn't agreeing with your Euro/World comparison and thougt you should better use one with tennis. But I guess you were talking about the women's Euro win. I thought you were talking about Euro/World in general. And I would gladly win a Euro from time to time.


Djokovic is technically incorrect, which is the worst kind of incorrect! That said, I do find it tiresome to require that people constantly clarify whether they're talking about men's or women's tennis. I can't think of any other sport where that is a thing. I mean, maybe Djokovic actually meant all of tennis. But more likely he meant men's tennis only. Laver and Rosewall apparently played like 130 matches - no one talks about that or cares about that either, in this context.


>I can't think of any other sport where that is a thing. That's only because tennis has the smallest gap between men's and women's in terms of popularity, quality and prize money, globally speaking. In every other sport when you speak of a record within the sport, it's almost certainly men's so specifying that becomes redundant.


Women’s golf is pretty good too I think but is mostly an American sport.


I follow women's and men's golf quite a bit and they're basically never compared to each other. It's a weirdly tennis thing.


The ATP and WTA is more intertwined than womens and mens golf. I mean they play the same tourneys at the same time


And they are doing crossover episodes all the time! I mean... mixed doubles....


Then that only leaves Olympics where they have men and women comparison. Both of them have the competitions at the same place/same period of time maybe that plays a role for the comparison? Do the women’s golf have the same courses competition? I don’t really follow golf but I somehow know that the women’s golf prize money is quite good


Here’s the thing on men’s and women’s golf. It’s accepted that there’s a difference, and the average man drives it further than the average woman, so the women play on shorter courses. That’s it. It’s not like women putt worse than men, or hit their wedges and irons worse than men, and so on. It’s literally just a difference in distance, and it’s easily accounted for, because you already have courses that can accommodate for either end. Women have also competed on the PGA Tour, and distance is the main thing that keeps most of them from making it deep. But they don’t design golf clubs (on a professional level) differently for men and women, because there’s no need to. The major thing stopping women and men from playing the same golf courses is logistics. Didn’t stop both US Opens from being played at Pinehurst in 2014, and it won’t stop future events from doing the same thing.


Thank you for the information! I knew about the golf distance but I just never thought of the logistics aspect of a golf tournament. Makes sense


There's some overlap in golf courses, but they don't usually play events in the same place and the same time. There's often only one usable course at a golf venue and play for one tournament takes all day. It'd be pretty hard to double up unless you're talking a really big venue, and even then they'd have to play different courses at the same venue. Don't get me wrong - I'm not one of those guys who gets upset when someone compares women's tennis to men's tennis. That's fine. But I also find it annoying to criticize someone for not specifying whether he's talking about one thing or both. Especially because usually when someone complains about it, they're simultaneously ignoring doubles and wheel chair tennis. Steffi Graf's weeks at #1 record comes up a lot, but Esther Vergeer crushes that record. Just no one talks about it.


Wheel Chair tennis is incredible and definitely doesn’t get the respect it deserves


Its because men and women play the majors and a few of the 1000s at the same venue at the same time and the broadcasts are the same. The Masters is only a men's event, Dinah Shore and Evian are women only and the other majors are played at different courses at different times so the tours don't really intersect in the same way tennis does.


It’s just as redundant for male players to constantly have to clarify that they are talking about their own sport, and not a different sport with different balls, scoring, and tournaments that they aren’t allowed to compete in.




i’m a nadal fan but i’m getting so sick of how in tennis it seems people always have to clarify mens or womens to avoid being dunked on and labeled a sexist or something when we should probably assume if it’s a mens player they’re talking about mens instead of being willfully obtuse… seems overly nitpicky and petty to act like he meant any harm by this, they need to get over themselves 🙄


It really doesn't make sense though. I saw a lot of people talking about how men and women play at the same places at the same time but my question is do they play each other? The ATP and WTA tour are different.. Novak, Roger, Rafa didn't play against Serena, Venus, Sharapova, etc. Because they can't. So when Novak talks about his records or Serena talks about her records it is understood that they are obviously talking about their respective fields...


Happy mury goat noises


Hate how this always turns into a little way for people to badmouth women's tennis. You never see horse racing fans going "Urm horses would absolutely demolish dogs in a race bro, stay in your own lane."


Legend says thay if you say "WTA" 3 times in front of a mirror at midnight, a random redditor will appear and explain to you why women's tennis is the worst.


or about their mate with a beer gut who could absolutely destroy Serena Williams in a match without trying


I mean if the 4.0 could take a set from Rafa...


Men women different species confirmed.




uhhh yeah I don't disagree with your point, but comparing men to horses and women to dogs is not the way to make that point


Tbf I wasn't being metaphorical with the racing example


You extrapolating that says way more about you than it does about Dead Idols


Funniest shit I’ve heard, I’m gonna become a horse racing fan just so I can do that /s


f1 fans do that all the time lol


The most played rivalries in tennis didn’t involve Djokovic and Nadal, or Evert and Navratilova. They involved male pro players who played on exhibition tours before the Open Era, particularly between the end of World War II and 1968.


Imagine having to declare every time that you're speaking about the records/stats you can't change. People are strange, especially vips that should know better


Wait, why couldn't he change them? If he played Rafa 22 more times then it would be correct to make the statement he did. I do think VIPs like Evert and Navratilova should be above engaging in boring Twitter drama like this, but Djokovic's statement was incorrect under a reasonably literal reading.


Twitter is all about drama


He could literally beat that record what are you even talking about?


Who gives a shit. Assuming the translation was perfect I’d still assume he was talking about men’s tennis, because, y’know, he plays men’s tennis.


I thought Nadals racket was a circle showing something that was referring to his dong. Really confused for a moment there.


Way to leave out context. On the original post of Djokovic’s comment, 75% of the replies were tagging Martina and Chris (including the one in this screenshot) so of course they replied. It wasn’t unprompted bitterness like all of y’all in these comments are suggesting.


Everts’ reply is ok, but Martina’s reeks of bitterness. “He literally said tennis” Making him look like a villain when he’s not. I don’t get why she’s obsessed with targeting Novak for no reason. So hateful for no reason


No it doesn't you weirdo


Hey buddy! Why don’t you share with us some of the other things that Martina’s targeted Novak for without reason? And no, “vaccine mandates” are not a valid answer because there’s a damn good reason behind it.


Well, she is clearly making him look out to be some guy here who is purposefully ignoring Women's tennis when he does not need to specify. After novak won his first court case, she said "the best thing would be for him to go home." She recently stated while commentating that Djokovic only mostly gets love in Serbia which is blatantly false


You're kinda right, Martina is a nutcase sometimes


You know what? Those are honestly kind of stupid. Not sure what the Serbia comment accomplishes, he’s obviously gonna be most popular in Serbia, and he definitely has followings elsewhere.


Glad we can agree on something. Respect


If you want to be all technical and stuff. He also didn't say professional tennis. I'm sure there are thousands of people on the planet who played each other more than Nadal and djokovic


Virgins arguing whether or not Novak should've precised he was talking about men's tennis vs. Chads knowing he's wrong regardless because Laver and Rosewall played each other over 150 times.


Pancho gonzales and rose wall played 204 times


True dat, I mentioned Laver because his name is more familiar to the average person on the sub :)


A lot of people considered Pancho Gonzales the GOAT before the big 3 came along. He was also Andre Agassi's brother-in-law and apparently a very unpleasant person to be around. "The nicest thing he ever said to his wives is 'shut up.'" He had no friends or money when he died so Andre paid for his funeral.


Yeah, it goes without saying that he meant 'men's tennis in the Open era'. Those who didn't understand should just watch more tennis so they familiarise themselves with the lingo. Yeah, I'm looking at you Chrissy. Case closed.


Hopefully Djokovic recovers from his recent injury…. His eyes may not reset from how far they’ve rolled back when he read this.


Both Martina and Chrissie love making everything about them.


people were tagging them, so they responded


Imagine finding a way to be outraged about this. What a sad life some people lead.


Why do they feel the need to try to be this pedantic publicly when they’re already well respected legends with media jobs. Seems a bit weird to be taking shots at Djokovic when they theoretically should be more secure.


The question is which rivalry has played the most matches in the history of tennis. Everything else is irrelevant.


Have played some 250 matches of tennis with my brother, you werent saying official matches so you guys are incorrecto too!!!


Technically correct! I can't believe Djokovic and Navratilova disrespected you like this...


Of course!, but i believe that some people have played even more than me!, so i am humble and i will not consider myself the greatest, i will let it to the fans :D


The answer is [Pancho Gonzales and Ken Rosewall](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gonzales%E2%80%93Rosewall_rivalry), who played over 200 matches.


This needs to stop. It’s very clear from context what he meant.


Lol they only want to compare when something is in their favor. Literally zero IQ to think he wasn't talking about men's tennis.


He is talking about men's Tennis, they don't need to clarify every time and walk on egg shells. We don't do this for any other sport.


Why are you downvoted for this?


Chrissie: "me me me me me me me me meeeeeeeeee"


people were tagging her?


I mean you are in no way obliged to answer if you don't want to lol.


They’re so annoying lol stop comparing mens and womens tennis


Holy shit, they played each other 80 times??? That’s insane


Laver vs Rosewall


People hate to hear it, but if you refer to "tennis" and you mean "mens tennis", that is sexist.


Laver and rosewall played each other 170+ times


Evert is so bitter about records ngl. Like yeah you and Martina played shit ton of times in era of when realistically they had no competition and comparing their matches to any modern player is kinda wrong. Fed and Nadal as much as she hates it MADE the tennis what it was.


If Serena is called the greatest tennis player of all time, would or would not there be a general reaction that the statement be qualified? If that's the expectation in her case, it should be in this one too.


Nobody cares about their rivalry lol


No one cares about Women’s tennis tho tbh


shut up virgin


Where’s muryGOAT when u need him


I’m sorry but it’s pretty obvious. Don’t go making up things about sexism because it diminishes real sexism.


I think the point or at least what I see is it’s “ obvious” he’s talking about men’s tennis , but if Serena says or someone mentioning Serena as the greatest all hell breaks loose. Everyone has to say she needs to qualify that. So fair everyone should clarify to be fair. Mens womens doubles wheelchair whatever.


This was a quote from Djokovic. If Serena gives a quote on herself being the best player ever, you aren’t going to get Novak, Rafa and Roger saying ‘oops’. This isn’t a random person doing it, it’s two all time greats


I didn’t know Martina Everett played in the same league as these two. That’s news to me.


Yes he said history of tennis but unless specified we are always talking about whatever tour the said players are in. you just really cant compare wta and atp


Martina is fucking cringe nowadays with her stances tbh. Couldn't care less.


Not only didn't he mention he's talking about men's tennis but also he didn't mention he's talking about professional tennis. I've been playing against the same teammates for many years week by week. So technically we have played more matches in the history of tennis than Rafa and Nole ;-)


Andy Murray would never


Old people feeling bitter about becoming irrelevant, nothing new


WTA is irrelevant, cope and seethe with downvotes, I want -500.


I’m really excited for people to just ignore you instead.




Watch out, we have a badass on our hands, folks!


It is just the truth. not many ppl care.


I can just imagine the comments from NoleFam that followed lol


Way to go bro. Didnt expect nothing else from than taking shots in that direction ;)


Well deserved


Not only are they alright, they’re RIGHT.


Can see how some people view this as petty nitpicking, however we have to acknowledge that one of the reasons women’s tennis got to this place is that legendary champions like this have consistently refused to let the women’s game be overlooked. Probably a waste of everyone’s energy but they definitely have credit to spend in my eyes.


A little bit of a "gotcha," but I don't mind it, just a little self-serving since they are, well, talking about themselves. Let Novak have his moment lol. That said, I love when Andy Murray does this


Even when he's wrong?


When’s that? I’m mostly thinking of the US one about Serena making the Wimbledon semis (I think)


The one about Andy being the first person to win two Olympic gold medals. Andy corrected him, assuming he'd forgotten about Serena because she's a woman, but he was referring to singles, otherwise Nadal would have also qualified.


I mean, his correction was accurate and the guy didn’t specify singles. Murray even noted he (Murray) was the first to defend singles gold. But you’re right that he could’ve also mentioned Nadal. Less noteworthy than the Williams sisters however, as they won a whopping three gold doubles titles together as well as one singles gold each.


Downvoted for truth 😭


...men and women's variants of sports are different.. stop comparing them If feminists want to build up their own sports , I applaud the effort and encourage it but people gotta stop standing on a soap box to be offended ESPECIALLY when their intent is abundantly clear AND it's in their second language. If you hunt for reasons to be offended, I promise you you will find some reason regardless of how petty an opinion it is on social media.. I can religiously believe bananas are shitty fruits (not true ) and find a sub that's somehow offensive while crying on Twitter if I wanted. It just doesn't seem like a healthy way to live life ..


Why does everything have to be a gender issue? Can't people just let simple things like this slide? Give the other person the benefit of the doubt! God damn, we live in such a charged world! We all need to take a back seat and relax sometimes! I think, our governments should just spray marijuana in the air once a quarter. And call it "quarterly peace day". Everyone just getting alone and eating together, and watching comedy shows and laughing together.


People seem to love goading athletes into this nonexistent gender war, as if we are still in the 'battle of the sexes' era of the 70s. No such thing as recognising differences and loving each craft for what they are. We childishly still see it in these boxing v mma debates too.


When can we stop pretending to be interested in women’s tennis


Martina always feels the need to badmouth Novak… just to be relevant


Martina of all people does not need Novak to be relevant. You have such a hate boner for her, I’m sure she and Novak get along just fine. There are pics and videos to prove that


Years ago, maybe. After his first court case went his way, she said “the best thing would be for him to go home”


Navratilova is just a feminist degenerate last couple of years


It’s kinda great that Nole is getting a bit of a ball stomp from Chrissie and Martina 🎾🎾


Mountain out of a molehill; kind of a joking tweet to start with. Anybody who knows "tennis history" is aware of the Chrissie/Martina rivalry and how often they played.


He’s a gigantic clown


Classic r/tennis lol


If y’all can’t handle being corrected by a woman in arguably the most lighthearted way she could have said it, it says a lot about your fragile masculinity 🤷‍♀️


Are we counting walls? Because Borg played against the same wall 7,355 times (and lost every time).