As a long time supporter of Thiem I got used to the fact that you could never, in advance, tell the outcome of a match no matter the ranking of the opponent. Same goes for Ruud. Waiting for him to become more consistent in matches against lower ranked players he is expected to beat.


No Cam Norrie there, why would he wanna stick around?


Very sus


Why does everyone call him Rudd?


Autocorrect does it for some reason


That damn Paul Rudd


Sometimes I miss the Little 3 at their best. Z, Stef and Meddy in past few years had been ridiculously consistent, making deep runs most tournaments they played and playing upto their Seeding atleast most of the times. Now we've had PCB, Coric as Masters winners, there are a bunch of first time 250 and 500 winners who immediately don't do anything afterwards after winning it, and in general I miss knowing "Another Stef/Meddy/Z SF, let's get it". Now one guy is injured, one guy is mentally injured, and one guy is Injured in pressure situations. Tough days as a fan of the BS Russian and Small kid. I like Ruud, he has improved a lot as a player, but I miss knowing that the World no. 3 currently wouldn't lose in First round of 500 to Munar.


Definitely feels like 2022 has been a weird year in tennis Novak banned from half the schedule Rafa winning 2 Slams, being in the SF of the 3rd, and then almost disappearing from the rest of the season due to injury Meddy reaching #1 but then playing the worst tennis of his top 10 career Zverev ugly RG injury Stef weird mental funk/USO horror show Like you mentioned below the only guy who's had a "smooth" year the whole way through is Carlos


also the best year of kyrgios career for what that’s worth


Carlitos took that personally and lost his first match at a 500 event in straight sets. Iirc this is his first time he hasn't won a set in a a match at tour level


>Iirc this is his first time he hasn't won a set in a a match at tour level It's the first time he's lost in straight sets since Paris Masters last year. He's definitely lost several matches in straight sets before at the ATP level.


First straight set loss this year tho. Which is pretty insane.


Went in here to comment the same thing 😂


>Novak banned from half the schedule I think we need to stop phrasing it this way. Novak wasn't banned from anything. All of the players had the same acceptance criteria. Novak *chose* not to meet the criteria.


He wasn’t banned..he CHOSE NOT TO VACCINATE


Why is this downvoted?


Russians/Belarussians banned from Wimbledon and no points at Wimbledon also created a huge mess in the rankings. Having players who performed well there fall down in the rankings and players who did not do well not be impacted. I haven't done the maths but I'd imagine Ruud would have NOT (edited) reached top 2 if Nadal got his Wimbledon SF points.


Even Carlos "only" did well at like 3 Masters and 1 GS. Also lost in R1 in MC. Weird.


Qf in Cincinnati and qf in French is still pretty good. So i argue 4 masters and 2 GS. Also, when he did well, he did really well. But i concede that the two masters R2 bombs are a pretty ugly blemish on a relatively consistent year


So, about that...


Unlucky But i still believe that his big event performances are decently consistent


Can't agree completely. PCB was always around, Coric is a top 10 talent coming back from long injury. Agree Ruud has largely been very lucky with draw in two GS this year, someone like Zverev if he recovers fully has much higher ceiling. Med and Tits are yet to recover mentally from their devastating losses.


I'm a fan of his game, but saying Coric has been out only due to injury is a bit generous. I'm not sure he is top 10 talent even at his best, but then top 10 spots are up for grabs these days...


he was just out of top 10 in 2018 as 21year old while that top 10 was much stronger than today.


Coric is hugely talented, definitely can be a top ten player again, but the point is that he won that tournament so soon off a terrible injury. Even with all his ability, he shouldn’t logically have won it. Tsitsipas should’ve won it.


I honestly don't know which one is the mentally injured one and the which one is injured in pressure situations lol


Both, hell , all 3 possibly now


Stef’s about to pick up I think if it makes you feel better. I’ve got a good feeling about Australia.


He has to... Dear God these past few months have been painful. If I wasn't an Alcaraz fan, Roger Retiring, Rafa injury riddled past few months, Daniil & Stef funk in forms, whatever the hell happens the moment Emma gets even a quarter of momentum... The only guy in the entire world outside of Big 3 I trust now is Carlos. Atleast the kid won't choke against someone he shouldn't. For him to lose, you have to legitimately outplay him through and through.


You spoke too soon. Meanwhile, Carlos is about to get kicked out of the first round of Astana…:(


Lol that's jinx in life.


Aged like milk


> I’ve got a good feeling about Australia. I mean in his career historically Stef has made 3 AO Semi Finals, not that bold of a take to say he wil have a good Australian Open. Important for Stef is to have a full year of top level instead of good form first half of the year then deep from Wimbledon till post USO then pick it back up at the end of the year like he usually does.


The fact that Casper Ruud of all people has been hyped up on this sub as "crazy consistent" tells you all you need to know about the ATP tour of 2022...


He is pretty consistent though?


In the grand scheme of things not really if you compare him to historic number 3s and 2s. Lost early in Tokyo, lost early in Seoul, lost in R16 of Cincinnati to a college player (!), lost in second round of Wimbledon...also some upsets during clay season this year, where he lost early in Madrid and Montecarlo. His season is really carried by his peaks in Roland Garros and New York. And Miami, although to be fair his draw there fell apart a bit.


He absolutely has been consistent compared to past 2s / 3s that aren’t the big 3. You don’t reach world number 2 without winning a slam without very good consistency. Sure he has those losses that you pointed out, but he plays a lot of tournaments. It’s bound to happen sometimes. Roger, Rafa and Novak have really messed up our definition of “consistency.” You don’t need to reach the QF of every single slam to be consistent. He’s not very good on grass, I’ll give you that much.


He is really crazy consistent


Lol they were nowhere near consistent . Zverev and Tsitsipas in particular would lose early at slams for no reason right up until the pandemic started


I mean we can’t whine whenever a top seed has a shitty game


Given how he played this match I can't tell if the title is a typo or an intentional insult lol Haven't seen him play this poorly in a match since he wasn't even ranked in the top 10


He needed to reach the finals to take #2 from Nadal after just one week. This means the Spanish reign in #1 and #2 will last (a bit?) longer.


Let's be honest it makes more sense this way lol A guy who's never won a title above the 250 being ranked above *Nadal (*(who also absolutely obliterated him in a Slam final just this year) feels very wrong


Since I haven’t seen it posted yet, I’ll do my part. *JAAAAume Munar* ^((sorry)^)


Post US Open final hangover for Ruud?




Making a GS final drains you just as much physically and mentally


He’s also played the second most matches over the last 52 weeks (behind Norrie).


You don't have to win it to feel the hangover. As the other person mentioned, getting that far in a GS can drain one a lot physically and mentally anyway. Plus, it was another GS final that Ruud lost and it wasn't to one of the Big 3.


I feel so sorry for Ruud and Alcaraz post USO form


No one Jaaaa's in Tokyo


Can’t handle ATP500 level tournaments


Next next next gen are lame


OP, who is C Rudd?


Hi princess, he obviously means Ruud. But apparently some like the drama…


Hello hunty. Thanks for your insightful insight, not. I don't need you piping up, especially when I addressed OP not you. Slither back down the toilet you crawled from, there's a good gobshite. 👏🏽


Oh you’re one of those people…


Same applies to you, thanks hunty


You betcha. Cunty.


Thanks a bunch Queen Jerkoff


You’re very welcome, fat excuse for a tennis fan!


Coming from you, that's a complement. The troll that stinks up Reddit.......


Rudd vs not losing in non-250's.


Such a joke that this man can be a top 5 player, play ridiculous at the USO and then absolutely trash against Munar?! Like at least lose to a deMinaur, Nishioka or anyone else who’s a respectable loss😂😂embarrassing tbh


We’ve been spoilt by the consistency of the big 4. Don’t judge other players based on them. They’re outliers and outrageous talents.


I’m not judging him based off the big 4, even Tsitsi/Meddy and Zverev showed good consistency at the top and generally would lose to respectable opponents. Munar is not that and has achieved nothing to date. Like at least Alcaraz lost to a former top 10 player in Goffin, Munar has done nothing!


Nadal won his first French Open, became #2, and still lost Wimbledon and the US Open in the second and third rounds


to be fair Nadal was way more consistent when he was around Ruud's age tho


Exactly, people just downvoting primarily bc they like Ruud’s character (which I do to). But it is embarrassing to lose to Munar that badly. Also, he’s never won above an atp250 and hoovers up a lot of points by playing lower point tourneys. Great player but wow his consistency is all over the place this past year


That's his real level honestly


Damn. I just upped Tiafoe’s chances at getting his first 500.


Rune, then Munar