Goffin is 3-1 against Spaniards ranked #1. 3-0 on hardcourts.


And Nadal saved 4 match points in that match he won.


I think that match doesn't count in here because Rafa wasn't No. 1 then


You are correct. The matches are today’s against Carlos (7–5, 6–3), 2020 ATP Cup vs Nadal (6–4, 7–6), and 2017 ATP Finals vs Nadal(7–6, 6–7, 6–4) the sole loss was to Nadal at Barcelona in 2018. (4–6, 0–6)


What is it about Goffin, that 4 to 6 times a year, he wakes up and says "You know what, I feel like playing as a top 5 player today"?!


Tbf he is a good player, formerly top 10 with a lot of good wins on his record. He is 2-0 vs Nadal on hard courts for example, only lost to Nadal on clay. It is crazy that he can lose to Luca Nardi on Sunday, then step in late notice as a lucky loser and beat Alcaraz convincinly like this today tho lol


He’s only 1-10 vs. Federer, but that one win was at the ATP Finals. Goffin can bring the fucking goods on an indoor hard court, and while it hasn’t been as notable as the Cilic renaissance, the Goffinaissance has been one of the nicer Lost Gen 2022 seasons.


“Goffinaissaince” belongs in the Urban Dictionary right next to “Federize”


Maybe not right next to out of respect for Dave.


True, that RF guy has nothin on Dave the GOAT


Don't disrespect TVR like this but putting either of them in the GOAT debate. We all know the real GOAT


Also, Goffin has had repeated injuries throughout his career that have neutered his game. When he is/was "on" he has always been at a level right below the big four (which is to say really, really good).


> When he is/was "on" he has always been at a level right below the big four (which is to say really, really good). Close but not quite 1-10 vs. Federer 1-7 vs. Djokovic 2-5 vs. Nadal 0-7 vs. Andy Murray TL;DR: Murray 🐐 Other most played opponents 2-11 vs. Dimitrov (most) 8-3 vs. Thiem (tied for second) 5-4 vs. Cilic Winning record vs. all other opponents he’s played 7 times.


>7-4 vs. Thiem (tied for second) A lot of the matches were in Thiem's early years, TBF. It's a shame that they last played one another in 2017.


Phssssh - I could go 0-7 against Murray! And since I'm a self-rated 4.0, I could probably go 2-5 against Nadal as well.


mury GOAT


That damn tarp.


too small - gets injured trying to hit it harder than is within his comfort range.


Grigor and David both do this, loveable guys but you can't really support them without losing nerves.


I've been watching almost every one of David's matches for years. It can take its toll that's for sure.


Are you Belgian?


Yes indeed




I feel like this is a bit unfair toward Goffin. Greg is inconsistent seemingly by nature and has basically always been a threat to both win and lose when it's not expected. David, on the other hand, was very consistent for a while, and has only been like this after an awful period of like three years when he was constantly out because of freak injuries and then the pandemic.


Goffin played so well vs Nadal earlier this year as well. Nadal almost lost


It's both frustrating and exciting


"Feeling cute, might upset a top seed today"


that applies to him and Dimitrov


First Alcaraz's straight set loss since Gaston in Paris masters?


So his kryptonite is French-speaking little guys.


> little guys. Goffin ain't little sir ! The dude is 1.80m Gaston is 1.73m however.


1.80m is kinda below avg for a tennis pro though


Can't argue with that to be honest :P


So Moutet matchup will be a one to catch those nice betting odds lol


He lost in straight sets to Ruud and Tiafoe in Hurlingham back in June, although they were both exhibitions tbf


Ah yes world no1's first straight set loss of the year is vs a lucky loser also incredibly common David Goffin moment, losing to Luca Nardi and beating Carlos Alcaraz back to back edit: also mods taking down the post with 5x more engagement? reddit moment


Average day in the ATP


>Average day in the ATP The new ATP


Reverting to pre-big 3 ATP


And so the US Open curse begins


Goffin is one of those dangerous players that no one wants early in a tournament. When he’s on, he is definitely on!


>When he’s on, he is definitely on! Very rare moments, that. Recently. I watched him play against Simon. Was surprised how careless he played. Like, he was wasting his time by being on court. Just hit everything out and lost in straight sets. No attempt to try and control the rally or pace of the game.


An entire year without a straight set loss would have been a very difficult achievement, it looked like a realistic possibility but the straight set loss happening relatively quickly after a slam title is not unexpected though.


> without a straight set loss would have been a very difficult achievement, it looked like a realistic possibility but the straight set loss happening relatively quickly after a slam title is not unexpected though. He also lost in first round of Montecarlo after his first M1000, agasint Korda. His previous 1st round loss was in Indian Wells 2021 against Murray after his QF in the US Open (which was a huge achievement. And before that, after his first tournament Tittle (Umag), He lost 2 1st rounds in-a-row, in Kitzbuhel against Alexander Erler (no idea who he is) and in Cincinatti against Sonego (much higher ranking than Alcaraz at that time). It's interesting. It looks like that almost after each big achievement, Alcaraz has fallen in the next 1st round. Although almost all of them were against harder players than normal for a first round. I'm guessing the rivals also were more motivated to show this newcomer that he isn't so good (although he is actually that good, he is more inconsistent because he is still so young).


Fun fact: Fed's only straight set lost in 2006 was to MuryGOAT


David Goffin is so underrated lol


underated in ways how to make himself 'lose'


Sorry I went to with the one with the stats because they were posted at about the same time.


average day on /r/tennis


Goffin beats USO Champion World #1 The Real Deal Carlitos. Luca Nardi beat Goffin 2 days prior. Luca Nardi the new GOAT


David Goffin baby


*fist bump*


Goffin the first player to beat Alcaraz in straight sets in almost a year!


Correct. Hugo Gaston at Paris-Bercy 2021 was the last one to do it!


Novak has cursed the World Number 1 like the DADA teaching position I'm convinced.


Watch him somehow be back to #1 by early next year lol Can't count it out after he somehow got year end #1 in 2018 after being like the 20th seed at RG and 12th seed at Wimbledon


I mean it's not really unrealistic if he wins AO.


Yeah if he's not banned from anywhere next season he'll have a massive advantage because he'll be defending literally 0 points at like half of the tournaments while everyone else will be scrambling to keep theirs The US is becoming one of the last holdouts in the West regarding vaccine mandates so it wouldn't surprise me if that issue is done by the start of the 2023 US swing as well I think his biggest obstacle might actually end up being the UK government still taking a hawkish stance against Russian players and therefore Wimbledon being worth 0 ATP points again


But at the same time, no one can get any points from Wimbledon to catch up with him if he already gathers enough points so it can also play into his hand lol


If the UK gov is the one banning the players then I doubt the ATP will remove points from Wimbledon. They removed the points this year because Wimbledon broke the tour rules, but if their hands are tied then the tour can’t really blame them. And banning points to make a point agains the Gov is beyond stupid even for the ATP.


Wimbledon 's hands being tied and then breaking rules because of that is not the tour's faults. Even this year, the Wimbledon statement said that they did this on the 'advice on the government'. It's not the ATP being stupid, but the UK government. And considering what's going on, it's not in just tennis, where they are showing their talent, or lack thereof.


What do you mean somehow? He's defending like no points next year apart from RG and a couple Masters.


people won't wanna hear it because theyre likeable but this is not far off the worst top 3 ranked players in the past 50 years


Rafa is #2 and won two slams this year. How is this the worst top 3??


I think they meant the level of play and not their winnings. Rafa has had better level in seasons with one or no slam.


exactly my point Nadal 2011 was World No 2 and "only" won 1 slam and yet that Nadal would pummel the current one to smithereens


Imagine the current tour trying to beat 2011 Novak, 2010 Rafa, or 2006 Roger


There's a reason why Gasquet said I would've loved to be 26 right now like Berrettini or Medvedev...


The majority of the top 10 from 2011 would pummel him to smithereens. Djokovic, Federer, Murray, Berdych, Tsonga, Ferrer, Those guys would have a field day with the current crop of top players. Hell, Tipsarevic and Fish would probably win more often than not too. Almagro, maybe not so much.


How on earth would Berdych, Tsonga and Ferrer be better than Alcaraz? There's absolutely 0 evidence to prove that. The whole 2011 level was sooooo much better than today has reached ridiculous levels. All I see is that there's more irregularity at the absolute top of the game and the top 30 is closer in level than it ever was. Suggesting Fish and Tisparevic would be major threats in 2022 with the level they had in 2011 is beyond laughable.


What season would that be? Nadal was a mess for most of 2015-2016 both on return of serve and his backhand.


His pre-FO was really good. Hell, once he got into it at Wimbledon, he was great there too. It’s more his Cincinnati and US Open, which were far more 2015-tier. Serve was poor (was up 3-1 in the fourth and got broken three straight times to blow it), and his return was poor, so many errors on Tiafoe’s second serve.


Nadal certainly wasn’t at peak form this season. I’m just questioning the claim he was in better form in years he didn’t win a Grand Slam. I think most onlookers thought Nadal was done winning Grand Slams after his third round loss to Fognini at the 2015 US Open. Although 2016 was a better season for Nadal it was more a season of evolution — he was experimenting with new tactics on his serve and return of serve that would eventually revitalize his career. When things started clicking during that clay season he injured his wrist at Roland Garros and really didn’t do anything else in singles the rest of that season.


I agree with that. I don’t think this year was a peak year, but I do think that the claim that his form was worse than years where he won no Slams is egregious. He was pretty good at the AO, Shapo QF aside, and he reached some pretty high levels at the FO. The issue with him in 2015 was the lack of aggression, he was playing longer points than necessary and lacked depth in his shots in general. I think his 2015 FO match against Djokovic was especially terrible because of this, he had like five winners in the last two sets. Then Doha 2016 happened, and Verdasco outhit him at the AO (90 winners, Nadal had like 40), and then the experimentation happened, like you said. Even then, his Olympics run was decent, and his US Open run wasn’t too bad either, just couldn’t keep the errors out. He got more aggressive and played for shorter points.


I mean you're just proving my point lol Rafa this year is probably in the bottom 5 for his own seasons in terms of playing quality, yet he has 2 slams and is world no2 despite barely playing much else


The fact that the world #3 is a guy who has never won even a 500 title is crazy lol


2 slam finals and a masters final will do that


I mean one is Rafa.


Kind of says a lot about everyone else that he basically just plays like once every month, takes the entire post-USO season off every year, and still gets close to #1 Dude's 36 years old and playing with pain constantly and still made Casper look like a Challenger Tour player in the RG final lol


He embarasses a lot of player in RG finals. No surprise there


He did the same thing to Novak and Roger. Rafa at RG shouldn’t be brought up in these arguments because that man owns that place in every sense of the way


Yeah mentioning it has very little weight.


Still not convinced he's good personally


If he doesn’t win a Quadruple Grand Slam I’m removing my flair


And yet the only Rafa's seasons I would put below the current Rafa in terms of playing level quality are 2005, 2014, 2015, 2016 probably (slam count aside)


How about 2021? Aside from the US Open and Cincinnati, his serve this year’s been better, and his backhand’s been more consistent.


Ok. I feel like tennis fans don’t understand math too much. The total points are fixed. You’re just complaining about their distribution. If the top 5 have lower points than normal, that means lower ranked players must have higher points, no? So then I could say something like “man this is the best lower ranked players we’ve had in years”. What is happening is that no single player is able to distinguish themselves too much from the rest. Way more people are winning stuff. Maybe it’s because everybody is super good maybe it’s because everybody is mediocre. But the top having higher or lower points than they used to can’t mean anything about their quality of play. It just means players are closer to each other in performance. It says nothing about what that performance is.


But, are we talking about points or quality of play here?


uhh you're actually right, I don't know why I interpreted it as a points discussion, LOL. There's been a lot of that lately, so I think I got confused.


Lost Gen resurgence in Astana!


The USO curse is not a joke anymore. It is real


It got the men’s runner-up this year too!


>only lost to Nadal on clay. It is crazy that he can lose to Luca Nardi on Sunday, then step in late notice as a lucky loser and beat Alcaraz convincinly like this today tho lol Just like 2020 runner-up


Lower win % on first serve than second is something you don't see every day


THIS! If there is ever a need to increase accuracy with first serve, it is now.


Goffin needed this win a lot more than Alcaraz. His 5-set losses to Norrie and Musetti at Wimbledon and the USO came after he led by a break in the fifth. That Madrid loss to Nadal must have been crushing too after he had match points.


Goffin confirmed GOAT


It's the USO curse! Nah but it's cool to see Goffin doing well. He even gave Rafa a hard time in Madrid


Real deal Goffin?


After getting bullied by Fedalovic for so long, I’m glad David can walk away from tennis with a convincing win over a world number one.




Damnn, the seeds are falling like flies! But love to see goffin get a win over #1,he thoroughly deserves it .


Look at me, I am the real deal now.


Talk about a hangover from the US.


A night/weekend in NYC will do that to ya lol


How did Alcaraz only get 48% of first serve points, even less than on his second serve? Based off just these stats that must have lost him the match


First time this year Alcaraz hasn’t won a set


Would like to see the troll who, after Noles win in Tel Aviv, said something like "Novak has no chance against Alcaraz in Astana" lol


>"Novak has no chance against Alcaraz in Astana" Alcaraz lost so Novak Djokovic has no chance to win or lose against him.


u/jaden_ward ? Where u at?


hes not gonna respond lol doesnt wanna be proven wrong


Typical 😭


Alcaraz will never win another slam, US Open was a complete fluke - didn’t have to beat a single good player to win the title and now it’s showing. True ranking is 60-80. ^(-Average r/ tennis user, probably)


Omg how do you do the tiny text? It's so cute lol.


Put a \^ before each word. ^Like ^this ^^Do ^^multiple ^^for ^^smaller ^^text


^I ^did ^it. #Thank you!


For some reason I read the smaller lines with less volume in my head..


Put ‘^’ before a word. Like ^this Edit: lol how do I not do it… it’s the superscript character, the little up arrow Edit2: put /^ (minus the /) before a word to make it ^cute


\\ before the character you don't want to act as a formatting character e.g. '\\\^' displays as '\^'


my 4.0 friend would probably beat him in straight sets too tbh


They’re already calling him the new Raducanu 😭😭


"Alcaraz is not the real number 1"


FAA spirit has taken over Alcaraz!


Alcaraz is not the first and certainly won’t be the last to have a comedown after winning their first grand slam.


A few years ago, Goffin was on an absolute tear. Maybe he'll find that form again, but this was most certainly a circumstantial victory.


2017 Davis cup vs Kyrgios was one of the best performances I've seen outside the big 3


Carlos may need a rest


Goffin woke up and chose violence today.


15 winners vs 34 UFE is an absolute yikes


Indeed. Poor performance from Alcaraz. Goffin just had to be solid today and he was (19/23).


I was looking for that stat more than the percentage of this and that. Usually the winners to errors ratio tell the real story.


Disappointing time after USO for both Ruud and Alcaraz


Anyone knows what the all time record for most matches in a row with at least 1 set won is? Carlos’s streak just ended at 62.


Federer had a 117 match streak where he won at least one set (2004 US Open to 2006 Dubai semifinal) He was 113-4 in those matches.


Thank you!!


Hey, I went and looked at it myself to fact check this and I think you must have got something wrong, he actually went 194 (!!) matches in a row with winning at least one set! It spanned from 2004 Roland Garros Round 3 vs. Kuerten (4-6 4-6 4-6) to 2006 Cincinnati Round 2 vs. Murray (5-7 4-6). Federer record during that time: 184-10 10 losses: 1-2 vs. Hrbaty, Cincinnati 2004 R1 1-2 vs. Berdych, Athens Olympics R2 2-3 vs. Safin, AO 2005 SF 1-2 vs. Gasquet, Monte Carlo 2005 QF 1-3 vs. Nadal, RG 2005 SF 2-3 vs. Nalbandian, ATP Finals 2005 F 1-2 vs. Nadal, Dubai 2006 F 1-3 vs. Nadal, Monte Carlo 2006 F 2-3 vs. Nadal, Rome 2006 F 1-3 vs. Nadal, RG 2006 F As you can see he's actually won his 2006 Dubai semifinal, it was a 6-2 6-3 win vs. Youzhny. He lost the final to Rafa. But yeah.


TY! Oh, re Dubai I meant the streak ended in the final. But definitely flubbed the search pre-USO


It didn’t end in the final either. He won the set in that match. It ended in Cinci against Murray :)


🤦‍♂️ Thought Dubai was a Masters and the Final was bo5 in 2007 😂


Ahaha all good 😆


Again these losses in early rounds are typical for most players that win a slam and especially players that win their first slam. Goffin is also a tough ask even as a LL. Alcaraz likely loses early in the Paris master's and possibly lays an egg in the WTF as well. Still expect 100s of overreactions through the end of the year


Alcaraz getting broken back after breaking is the love story of 2022 for me




Disappointing but not the end of the world. Hopefully he ends the year strongly. These types of losses will be worrying only if they keep repeating in the next few years.


Bro wtf 😟


^trying the smaller text




I’m sorry…what? Holy hell


Why do these stats without winners/ unforced errors keep being posted? They’re like maybe the two most informative stats.


Was Carlos a little sluggish or was that just me?


You know that Goffin is the true important player on tour with a photo and not Alcaraz


The consistency is what separates the Big4 from everyone else.


Take into consideration his dip earlier this year when he had the chance to take the #1 ranking. He said the pressure got to him. Now he’s #1 AND fresh off winning his 1st grand slam mind you. He’s experiencing the weight of being in both of those positions at the same time… at 19 years of age. Don’t write his whole career off yet. I’d say let’s see where the kid is 1 year from now. He’s got the potential to stack points up especially at the slams and other big tourneys.


If you're hitting 15 winners and 34 unforced errors like Alcaraz did today, you aren't winning many matches against anyone within the top 50, let alone someone that's been a world number 7 before. That win for Goffin should feel good as being dominated by the big 4 throughout most of his peak years probably wouldn't have. (0-7 Murray, 1-7 Djokovic, 1-10 Federer and 2-5 against Nadal)


Goffin gamestyle forced those errors. Getting a lot of balls back can hamper fed or Alcaraz gamestyle.


Where is that guy who said in another post that Novak had no chance against Carlos 🤷‍♂️


In fairness, the odds of Novak beating Alcaraz at this event are now extremely low.


Some might even say impossible


People ripped on FAA yesterday but this is a way worse loss. It happens to the best of them.


People on this sub low key hate FAA. And I don't really know why? lol. FAA is probably the nicest player on tour. He even got a price from the ATP for his sportsmanship. All his wins against top players are just fluke wins or don't count according to this sub. And all his losses are kinda celebrated by a lot of people? I don't get it.


FAA has/had many fans. I think all of those consecutive losses in finals really made some people jaded towards him, but that's just a guess. The loses became a meme.


Doubt people hate him. It’s just frustrating watching someone of his level under perform when it matters most


Guys please be easy on the kid. It was just a bad day for him.


Agreed. Really bad day for Carlitos. He’s gotta improve that 1st serve placement quickly if he wants to win on days like this. And he generally seemed off on baseline shots, volleying and drop shots. Props to Goffin for returning so well and allowing Carlitos to spray UEs.


Everything was off. The court seemed to fast for him and Goffin more fresh match play.


First you guys over-hype a young mind, then build unreal expectations, having Big3 career as a reference doesn't help either, and then when that young mind has a bad day, people attack him from all sides. Give the kid a break, he'll learn and grow.


David Goffin is the obi wan of tennis.


Goffin with the curveball.


Goffin and his amazing green eyes 😍 I love his game.


Hopefully this year is eye opening to people to realize how hard it is to be consistently at the top of the game and how blessed we have been to witness the likes of Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal do it so well for so long.


Alcaraz doesn't even have his profile pic on Google :(


Can we put a little blame on Alcaraz


Ruud out. Alcaraz out. Let’s go Garin, complete the hat trick tomorrow! 😎


I had to read that twice.


Damn, imagine going all the way to Kazakhstan (and as #1 seed) and dipping out R1.


Damn, Goffin doing a reverse FAA. Someone check on that redditor who said that Novak had no chance against Alcaraz lol.


nah jadenward is a certified hater. no use discussing anything with them


Nah FAA is always performing well against top opponents. Goffin is only pulling an FAA if he losses in the next round against a top 50 guy after beating the no.1 lol That's a FAA.


Carlos Radacanu


we truly have been spoiled by the big4. what separates them from the rest is that they could be counted on to make the latter stages of tournaments and not lose matches to players they should beat handedly.


And people said Alcaraz had the lucky side of the draw haha


US Open curse kicking in early this season


I can safely say this is the outcome we all expected




Early seed slaughter always happens any time a draw is “stacked”


Lol Goffin is ranked outside the top 50. This is a typical first round match at a grand slam, masters 1000 and 500 event.


But Goffin is Goffin. Injury may have sidetracked him, but he’s still dangerous.


This is a match Alcaraz was supposed to win. He is well rested. Goffin hasn't won a match since Wimbledon and he played the North American hard court swing except Atlanta.


Goffin is a well established vet who was in the top 10 for a good amount of time and had 4 MPs on rafa in Madrid. He’s not some 300 rank teenage qualifier that Carlos threw the match against. He’s 19 so there’s gunna be matches where he just loses to players that have more experience. It’s not like Carlos was outplaying everyone at the USO either, he was just outlasting guys in 5 that he was literally just fitter than. He doesn’t have that luxury in BO3s and his serve is still underwhelming, which is not a good matchup against goffins ground game on HC. Cut him some slack


>Cut him some slack You must be unaware of the hype Alcaraz is receiving.


This is your number 1 player?


I don't get Goffin. When he is on and plays cleanly, he is just so, so goddamn good. (movement and shots resemble Novak, don't they?) But just can't keep it up. (or gets injured, and that RG stumble was just the craziest freak accident, WTF...)


Fuck Goffin /s I was looking forward to Nole vs Alcaraz now that the Spaniard has his first major.


Let’s Gooo


Tough 24 hours for the USO finalists


Alcaraz either loses early or goes to the finals. This dude does not go halfway.


There goes the alcaraz vs nole showdown.


Always liked Goffin’s game!!