His PR rep took over probably


or he just noticed the quotes he first stole were getting a bad reception, so he just stole some from the opposite side.


with all due respect, this is giving him far too much credit. he has no idea what a good talking point from the “opposite side” would be.


Last tweet is verbatim copied from: [https://www.vic.gov.au/benefits-gender-equality](https://www.vic.gov.au/benefits-gender-equality) Previous two tweets are slight rephrase from: https://wearerestless.org/2020/07/03/the-feminist-movement/


I can’t wait until he lands on the Michael Scott treasure chest of quotes.


This is him missing 100% of the shots he takes


Tsitsishanking on twitter


Probably? This is straight from the mouth of a PR rep lmao


Seems like a copy-and-paste job from an article or a paper to me. I doubt he even understands what it means.


Here’s the article he stole it from https://wearerestless.org/2020/07/03/the-feminist-movement/


I have no issue with this. He’s an athlete not an intellectual. He said something people construed a certain way and he (and his team) don’t want that perception of him. This is why he has PR. He could be a different athlete and give zero fcks what people tbink of him


He should give credit to the originals authors


Not sure what everyones talking about, it has grammatical errors (lays instead of lies),so it doesn't look like a HR rep or copy and paste job to me. More likely Tsitsi paraphrasing something he read


It's one of the most common grammatical "errors" and native English speakers have been mixing up the two words for over 700 years. This could very easily be written by a native English speaking PR person if that is the only mistake you are seeing. That said this was taken directly from an article linked by another commenter above.




This sounds too articulate to be stefanos


it’s plagiarised


From who?


You got downvoted for asking for a source. If dude knows it’s plagiarized then they must know the source right? Link it and back that shit up. I mean I don’t doubt it is but i like irrefutable argumentsz


It's already been linked at least 5 times in the comments above.


This is plagiarized too... How can anyone take this man seriously?


LOL his ctrl and v keys must be so done by now


How do they hold up compared to those of programmers?


god gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers


this has me rolling LOL


Certainly not his smartest soldiers


This is my new fav saying 😂


Plagiarized misogyny and now he’s plagiarizing feminism. This man is just hopeless


It's better to plagiarize this than hateful stuff imo


Because he is a good tennis player so people take him seriously as a tennis player. Anyone taking him serious outside of tennis are making a very common mistake. Nobody should listen to pretty much any elite athlete, artist etc outside of their specialty field.


Is it? Omg that's hilarious. Why is he on such a bender lately?


People plagiarise all the time. Whenever they find something someone else has said that explains how they think and feel better than they could do themselves, they'll use it.




I can assure you, he's stupid in greek as well. A few years back he twitted in greek a sexist joke about women drivers ans their role being in the kitchen


I know he’s stupid in every language, I meant more the plagiarising thing.


I'm pretty sure his greek joke was plagiarised as well. Atleast I've heard it before


I have to say Tsitsipas is solo carrying this off-season


opelka isn't out there fighting for his life just to be ignored like this iodsjoisd


As an American, opelka just fills too many of the stereotypes that people have of America I’ve been trying to tell people not all Americans are like so I just zone him and his drama out


Stepping up on Twitter like he didn't step up at the slams huh


No wonder he has no girlfriend.


He’s giving the strongest “just got dumped” vibes I’ve ever seen recently


Someone alert u/jsnoodles


I’m aware.


Melbourne Park 2023 is yours 😍


Someone just told me he’s dating a 30 year old. That’s basically my age! Unfortunately I want nothing to do with him.




Scroll down on the thread on Twitter…he ripped it pretty much word for word from different websites. Someone screenshotted it.


What the hell is going on


Cut and paste from manager’s recent email to him.


For sure. If only they got to him before he started posting in the first place.


it was actually from a fan who sent it to him


Radical centrism


Tsitsipas got his equivalent for Diversity training by the HR


Angry fans sent him some stuff to read saying how disappointed they were with his takes and this is largely from that


Man you better shut your fuck up okay?


I think backpedaling on the first absurd tweet is good, but now it's time for him to uninstall the app and grow up a bit.


This man’s morality is a sharingan, I dare not question if he believes anything he copy and pastes.


Stefanos “Encyclopedia Brittanica” Tsitsipas


Tsitsipas AI tweet creator at it again


I'm at a loss for words ngl


[It’s like an Onion sketch](https://youtu.be/uFpK_r-jEXg)


God damnit every time I come across an ONN clip I have to watch like 5 more


Women are getting rights with the few tools that they have


So where was this plagiarized from?


Ah backpedaling after all the earlier tweets? But seriously what is this offseason. It sure got weird fast


Tempted to ask him what he thinks are unhealthy levels of gender equality.


x is good because of y and z, but it should only be moderate levels of x, because radical is bad 😔 no i will not elaborate. what a stupid take


Well despite him clearly copying this from some book word for word to sound smart. Nothing he’s said here is objectionable.


Yeah this. And maybe he did because he felt inspired by it not to show off. Still stupid not to quote directly but I feel like the message behind the tweets is reasonable


Call me a cultic modern feminist but I don't think anything has ever been a better example of mansplaining than whatever this is.






Hey, I'm just following orders! But honestly man-splaining is a nonsense term that needlessly genders the act of being a condecenting dickhead. I genuinely find the term sexist and it is part of this phenomenon that he is speaking about.


Its being a condescending dick out of sexism specifically.


He's trying to authoratitively explain feminism after hundreds of women told him how off-the-mark his last feminism take was. I'm sorry if you don't like that this is a highly gendered situation but that's what it is.


Lol, your response couldn't be any more perfect to prove my point.


Dude what the fuck are you talking about? What point? I did not gender this. Feminism is about fighting all-encompassing society-wide oppression and you and Stef fucking Tsitsipas are whining because sometimes women say mean words about you 🥺. That's your entire perception of sexism. It's not remotely comparable and you think it is because the privilege you have allows you to be blind to everything else it entails for women.


But doesn’t mansplain refer specifically to situations where it’s a man being a condescending dickhead to a woman, even in cases where the woman already knows the explanation that’s being provided?


What does the gender have to do with it? There is already a word for it, it's condecenting. People call it man-splaining to imply that only men are capable of this kind of behaviour which is nonsense. Are people using a special term for women condecenting to men? I don't think so.


>What does the gender have to do with it? I don't think you're understanding the term quite correctly. Man-splaining is a term used to explain situations where men over-explain "obvious" details **unasked** to qualified women because they assume that, because the listener a woman, they're likely not to know. More often than not, it's a misguided attempt to flirt. Examples include: * random guys giving weightlifting tips to regular female gym-goers (unasked) * random male car enthusiasts explaining how cars work to female car enthusiasts (unasked) * men over-explaining things in general to flirt and talk to unknown women (unasked) * so on and so forth It's definitely a widespread phenomenon; you can ask any woman in STEM for an anecdotal example. Woman can "woman-splain" to men as well, but due to the topics and social constructs, this doesn't happen at nearly the same rate as man-splaining. Hence the gendered name. HOWEVER, in this case, Tsitsipas is blogging to the void that is Twitter. There's no targeted audience, and the listeners don't have to listen nor engage with him (no one tweets at you unasked outside of replies). As such, this is not a case of man-splaining, but just... Jaden Smith energy?


My point stands. Women are capable of this behaviour but there is no special term for when the genders are reversed. I fully understand the term (the irony of you explaining it is palpable).


>I fully understand the term (the irony of you explaining it is palpable). The explanation and examples show how gender is relevant. Gyms, cars, and STEM (to name a few examples) are traditionally male-dominated activities. Man-splaining is also linked to flirting, which is socially more often done by men than women. Can women woman-splain? Sure. I'm sure there are some scenarios around "traditional female roles," like cooking (not so much here, since restaurant chefs have historically been male til recently) and child-rearing. But, women are breaking into "male-dominated" activities now because they were restricted in the past (either due to social norms or actual literal restrictions), which is why women experience this phenomen - from men - so much more. Hence the "man" in man-splaining is important, because it's a particular problem that MEN tend to exhibit. Removing the gender from the term removes the gendered accountability as well and fails to acknowledge that men have historically held power over women.


I think it came about because a lot of women have that experience with men assuming they know more. Like it's a term that exists to describe a common phenomenon, it didn't come out of some deluded radical feminist's brain to invent a problem no one was having. I think it makes more sense if you connect it with other common feminist themes aka women not being respected or listened to in professional spaces. Like if you see it as the natural extension of a woman getting talked over in a board meeting it fits a lived experience more than if you assume it's just "the word condescending but for dudes."


* The verb splain has been in use for more than 200 years, originally as a colloquial pronunciation of the Late Middle English word explain. It came increasingly to refer to condescending or verbose explanations.[3][12] The term mansplaining was inspired by an essay, "Men Explain Things to Me: Facts Didn't Get in Their Way", written by Rebecca Solnit and published on TomDispatch.com on 13 April 2008. In the essay, Solnit told an anecdote about a man at a party who said he had heard she had written some books. She began to talk about her most recent, on Eadweard Muybridge, whereupon the man cut her off and asked if she had "heard about the very important Muybridge book that came out this year"—not considering that it might be (as, in fact, it was) Solnit's book. Solnit did not use the word mansplaining in the essay, but she described the phenomenon as "something every woman knows".[13][14]* [Mansplaining ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mansplaining#:~:text=The%20term%20mansplaining%20was%20inspired,she%20had%20written%20some%20books.) It’s specifically about a man explaining something to a woman she has greater knowledge of than him.


Yeah, I know what it means.


Sure doesn’t seem like it.


Seems to me you miss a lot so I am not surprised...


I hope you're a woman because it's time for me to mansplain what mansplaining is: when you assume a woman is too stupid to understand a concept she probably understands (because of her womanhood), and then you explain it to her. I don't think a public tweet out to what is *probably* a majority-male audience could be considered mansplaining.


I've already said why I consider this mansplaining. Yes it's ironic that you've chosen to do this anyway. No, not ironic in a funny way. I do wonder if you've completely missed the context and are taking this at face value but at this point I actually don't care.


Lol ain’t that the truth He has real main character energy


> mansplaining That's just sexism to use a word like that. 'Womansplaining' would be absolutely shot down and be completely sexist to use.


Sounds like he did something he should not have and this is the cover up


Bro? You’re a 24 year old athlete. This isn’t the time to be talking about redpill manosphere rhetoric. Just live your life.


These tweets are like the literal opposite of redpill stuff. He's arguing that feminism is awesome even for men. Probably zero redpilled dudes would agree with that. **Edit** I take it back. I didn't see the last sentence where he undoes all the good he wrote. And apparently he tweeted elsewhere criticism of "modern feminism" which is something I wasn't aware of. tl;dr what an artichoke




Yeah so I really missed this important context in the off season. Also I missed the last sentence of his third tweet. He had me in the first 95% NGL


Oh shit, now it makes sense ^^'


Feminism was about equal rights. Redpillers and Tsitsipas are talking about “modern day feminism”


**Edit** Just to be clear, I realize over the course of this response that you were right. I left the twist ending. l0l > Feminism was about equal rights. What part of "awesome for men" was I unclear about? When women have equal rights, that takes pressure off men, which is *awesome*. Do you know how freaking awesome it is not to bear the sole responsibility of putting food on the table? To be able to pursue a career that is "girly" because women are no longer expected to occupy those jobs? >Tsitsipas [is] talking about "modern day feminism" The first freaking sentence of the tweet was "young people should get involved [in feminism]." Second tweet is exactly the argument I just made above: feminism means *individuals* can live free lives, and "long-standing gender stereotypes" get broken down. Then he argues that feminism increases social cohesion in #3. Says it reduces violence and reduces anti-social behavior. That it should be "encouraged" and and ohhhhHHHHHHHHHHH I totally missed the last sentence. LMFAO yea you're right!


No problem lol appreciate the candor


Gotta love the hypocrisy. You call him out for thinking all feminists share extremist ideas, yet have no problem grouping him with extremists aswell. World's ain't black and white you know?


Lol he's not thinking anything, it's literally just mindless copy-paste garbage. It's the same energy of a 14 year old on Facebook trying to impress his hot English teacher who friended him. He 100% has no actual opinion on this matter


Yeah I'm aware of that. Thats why it's extra ridicolous seeing all the names he gets called in the comments. I get he picked the worst possible argument to start an online discussion about, but people calling him incel or mysoginist are insane


I mean yeah I wouldn't go that far at all. He's just childish, can't really say much beyond that


I’m not really calling him out tbh, my comment doesn’t have a double meaning. The guy doesn’t need to go on rants about what society needs, he’s already a millionaire athlete. Just live your life.


I mean social media is a part of his life just as much of ours who aren't a 24 year old athlete.


He ain’t like us man. He can and should strive for more.


Tennis is continuously embarrassing itself by labelling this guy as Socrates 2.0. He's stealing from the Internet 24/7 with not one original thought inside his uneducated brain.


I promise nobody thinks that highly of him


who exactly in the tennis world is calling this guy a Socrates 2.0 lol


You must be talking about So-Crates 2.0


I feel bad for this dude he’s so weird beyond belief, must be hard to make friends on tour


I think it’s nice that he’s proving even attractive rich people can be extremely awkward and off putting, he’s just like me fr


The problem "lays" elsewhere, Stephanos..


Tennis needs villains 🦹‍♀️


We need fun villains. We're getting cringe ones


No it doesn't (insert Monty Python argument clinic)


He isn’t even a fun villain. Holger Rune, JAAAA, Ostapenko and Puntinseva outsold this flop wbk 💅


Can we at least have a villain who isn’t a cringe 14 yr old? Give me more Kyrgios and JAA JAA Ruud


We had a real villain, but then he got himself injured at the French Open.


We don't speak of him. His crimes are too great.


Never go full villain


What's going on here? I'm abit out of the loop.. I read what he wrote, and seems positive and informative? Whys everyone hatin on him?


He recently tweeted the complete opposite of this just days ago promoting the very opposite of feminism, and now plagiarized these pro-feminism tweets word for word from a couple different articles. It just comes across as damage control and incredibly inauthentic.


I genuinely have the same question... He speaks for equality, but against radicals. What is there not to like? It's not like he has singled out anyone, to call them radicals. Very, very confused as to the comments in this thread.


Check the previous post. Basically the opposite of this tweet


He plagiarized anti-feminist quotes in his tweet a few days ago, got backlash, then he plagiarized pro-feminist quotes in his latest tweets as a form of damage control The man is a 🤡


Anti feminist quotes..?? Ok.. Thank you for the summary!!


Pls let the off season end


It is a good thing his hair is so pretty.


No I understand why he takes so long in the crapper!


This brat needs to shut his fuck up – Med told it like it is.


From being the next federer to this, so sad.


I mean it's plagiarised and all but aren't the statements true?


Yes, but he's clearly trying to cover his ass after the backlash on his previous posts.


In the early 21st. century lead by the excellent leadership of one Stefanos Tsitsipas. The world wide feminist movement emerged victorious in its goal of reaching fairness for all women world wide. That is why every nation on this planet, has a coin with his likeness on it. To honor the likeness, is to honor the man, to honor the man. Is to honor women everywhere.


Idk I remember him being against equal prize money so what's new




Gotta love a mansplaination of feminism.


When you can’t win anything you look for diversions.


Wth is Stef drinking now? 😁


Groucho Marx: "Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others."


You have to love it when multimillionaires lecture you on equality. And I'm not even getting into the gender equality thing, too much to nonsense to unravel.


At this point i'm sure he's just trolling


Stef’s PR team is working overtime these days.


I generally dislike tsitsi, but how can you disagree with him here?


Because he was disagreeing in a tweet like an hour before where he said that feminism had become about man hating


That's exactly what he's saying here, just in a more appropriate manner.


Dude really got upset because he saw some extremists. He's proving daily that he has a mindset of a teenager


I can’t keep up with this what is going on 😭


"mom said it's my turn to post stef's Twitter quotes"


Can someone give me context to what is going on?


Well....I don't disagree with him. But I'm surprised that he has a brain


I think it’s funny how stupid athletes can be sometimes. This guy is a great tennis player but probably is only a high school graduate so it shouldn’t be too surprising. It’s like dude, just play tennis and keep your stupid thoughts to yourself. Why would you rock the boat when it’s only going to hurt your marketability and money making ability in the prime years of your life. It’s kinda like in the US when you hear lebron james/ Kyrie Irving talk. Maybe kyrie is smart (he went to duke) but I would take it as he’s just a good basketball player that prolly took simple classes at duke. Lebron James, he didn’t even go to college. I get so sick when athletes talk like they know something. It’s like stay in your own god damn lame and focus on what you are good at. Oh lol athletes, a lot of folks are much smarter than you. Just because you can hit a ball, score, are blessed athletically etc, it doesn’t mean your opinion is brighter than others.


>Just because you can hit a ball, score, are blessed athletically etc, it doesn’t mean your opinion is brighter than others. Imagine writing this in a comment where you're advising others *not* to express opinions. Like bro, they're just people saying their opinions just like anyone else. The fact that you hear their opinions is not their fault; it's your fault for listening to what a stranger thinks.


He should tell feminists that! ....to their faces.... ....someplace with cameras and microphones.... ......so I can watch him get slapped up in real-time.... Men, we do not tell women how to do feminism. That's completely up to them. Say it with me!


Ya this is a bit much


He should be banned from Twitter, á la Trump.




ok grandpa let’s get you back into bed


Very mature reply, hit me up when you have something thoughtful to say. Have a good day farming karma


Don’t even know how to pronounce his name


This guy is unbelievably stupid.


By definition I'm a feminist, I want equal rights for everyone, but at the same time feminism is a cancer


This guy is losing fans... quickly


Time to sort by controversial. (grabs popcorn)


He is probably trying to get laid with a feminist he might be talking to these days


He is kinda right… Some extreme wings of feminism basically ask to be superior to men… in general and as a whole feminism is great, and the work it has done throughout history can not be removed and is integral and a pillar on what our modern society is built on. And that’s what he is basically saying here, but Twitter ain’t it chief, people on there to be offended and read offensive news…


Honestly well formed ideas, backed up by fact and well said. If you "can't keep up" it's probably because you refuse to accept what he's saying.


No it’s because he plagiarised this after literally saying feminism was about hating men about an hour ago, not because I “don’t accept it” I’m a feminist ya melt


Not that I have an opinion on anythinf about this, but I'm pretty sure he had said that "modern feminism" is about hating men, not feminism in general.


Plagiarism is irrelevant to your keeping up, you just don't like the message.


Are you daft? I’m saying I can’t keep up because he literally just changed his mind from what he was saying two minutes ago, not because I don’t understand what he’s saying


They are not contradictory. He softened his tone but they are not contradictory. What part is confusing you?


This guy or his team needs to stfu.


Stefanos out here writing an RRL.. copying and pasting, just changing some words to a synonym 😂


What happened before?


Stef got hacked?


His account been hacked !!


His PR team is working overtime…


daddy’s boy.


Plagiador y planchabragas, las dos cosas por igual.


So he acts like a douche bag on the tennis court and then wants to preach to us morality off the court. This guy has a self awareness problem.




I think Steph broke down. Call someone to repair him.


Right.. . ​ Really enjoy seeing him play tennis, looking forward to more of that!


Some of the posts here are worse than Stef's copy + pasting.


Why am I getting so many tennis posts recommended to me. Has the tennis world entered some kind of meltdown?


He needs to learn what plagiarism is, why it's problematic, and try to avoid doing it every time he tweets. In short, he needs to use his money and privilege to get educated