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Well, it's Reddit. Sensible doesn't always follow the norm around here.


Too sensible = banned


Not before being downvoted into oblivion.


"Oh no! I'm losing useless internet points!"


But how can I be assured that my opinions are valid if others aren’t validating them through Internet points?


Yes, how shocking that someone holds incredibly common beliefs.






You see, child rapists hurt people. The gays™ dont


who owns the trademark ?


Big Gay obviously


damn, a reddit mod that actually owns something.


People don't know about the Big Gay conspiracy. We all know that Big Gay is using chem trails to turn us all into gay liberals so that we have to buy more gay merch!


The Gay Agenda


...and yet the system considers pedophiles people, too, and puts them in timeout, with vague awareness to their newfound neighbors upon release.


Maybe an unpopular opinion but pedophiles *should* be considered people. These people don’t spawn from hell with the sole purpose of raping kids, they’re born into normal families and lead largely normal lives. The difference between them and us is that they have an unwanted attraction towards children. Some manage to control themselves and ignore their temptations, some undergo voluntary castration, but some succumb to their impulses and end up hurting kids. This is *obvisoulsy* a very bad thing and should never, ever happen. But if people could choose everything about themselves before they were born, no one would choose to be a pedophile. Whether they want it or not, they have these feelings, it’s when they lose control over those feelings that terrible things happen. We need to see pedophiles as human beings who need help, rather than treat them as a different species. The ones who hurt kids deserve no forgiveness, but treating it as such a taboo subject gets us nowhere on tackling the route problem.


Agreed. Obviously if they've acted on it and hurt someone they need jailed and forced treatment, but for non-offenders there needs to be an avenue for them to get help, and less stigma around them trying. Beating on our chest about killing people like this just keeps them in the dark, unmedicated, with 0 help and results in them hurting more children. IIRC Germany has tv ads like how we have ads in the states for like drugs and alcoholism. They've been pretty successful, and following the data a shockingly large chunk of pedo's don't want to feel that way or hurt kids, and often choose to chemically castrate themselves via meds to make sure they don't when they have professional help.






it's the tolerance paradox again, it doesn't matter if it's a religion or not you can't just say it's ok to let people hate and kill each other for no good reason


There is no good reason to hate and kill each other.


mostly true but there are exceptions for really really awful people


No there isn’t…awful people will use that as justification to murder people you believe to be innocent.


This kind of thinking handicaps innocent people, and enables the violent to be violent. Awful people intent on killing others based on race, gender, or orientation don't care about justification. Acting like killing Hitler at the first chance you got is somehow morally wrong, or 'just as bad,' is a fallacy. Treating violence as an absolute moral wrong, leaves it as a tool that only the morally bankrupt can use. We obviously don't need a system in place to target and track a certain type of person deemed 'awful enough to kill,' but there are absolutely people who commit, and will continue to commit acts so terrible that there are reasons to hate and kill them.


As Chris Rock stated, "Selective Outrage."


No, because talking about Islamic culture is about as useful a talking about Christian culture. There's Christians with deeply held spiritual beliefs on both sides of all major political issues, why would Islam be any different? If you wanted to talk about specific countries or laws, however, then yeah fair game.


No loving god would eternally torture you for literally just leaving somebody alone. If your god would, your god does not love you, or anyone.


Can you explain? Because I believe it is part of Islam




I am sorry to hear about this and your challenges. I don’t know about the Bible and the Torah, but can you please point me to where in the Quran it states that it is okay to murder LGBT people? I have read the Quran many time over and not once have I come across this passage. However, I have read this passage multiple times, “whoever kills an innocent person, it as if he has killed all of humanity” -Quran 5:32. As can seen be by this passage, killing any innocent is forbidden for a Muslim. You may be thinking of the story of Lut who God destroys the nation because they were not good people. A lot of fake news likes to attribute that God destroyed them because they identified with LGBGT however this wrong. I challenge you to listen to a scholarly explanation of this Surah to truly understand the meaning behind it (here is a good one: https://youtu.be/oYsNjZOBo-o). May peace be upon you!


It's pretty simple. There exist Islamic people who aren't homophobic or sexist. I have a close friend that isn't like that. Just because organized religion sucks as much as it always has, doesn't mean that every individual that believes a certain way is terrible.




Same with the Bible. Anti-gay, anti-woman.


Exactly. Not every nazi was a Jew killer, but nobody sings praises to the “good nazis”. As long as you willingly associate with that group, you’re also culpable for the majority actions of that groups.


>Historians have a word for Germans who joined the Nazi party, not because they hated Jews, but out of a hope for restored patriotism, or a sense of economic anxiety, or a hope to preserve their religious values, or dislike of their opponents, or raw political opportunism, or convenience, or ignorance, or greed. >That word is "Nazi." Nobody cares about their motives anymore. ― A.R. Moxon






Exactly. I don’t really care what you believe—if you want to believe being gay is a sin, fine. But that should only affect you, not everyone else. I don’t know enough about Islam, but there’s multiple times in the Bible where it’s pretty clear you’re actually not supposed to hate or preach people for committing sins. You’re just supposed to worry about yourself.


In the Quran, it is said multiple times that women are equal as men.


And we clearly see that by women having all the same rights as men in Majority Muslim countries world wide.. /sarcasm


And the bible says "judge not lest ye be judged" yet Christians are often very judgemental. I think some people are just assholes and try use their religion to justify it.


That passage is believed to mean that whatever gauge you use to judge will be used to judge you. So, it's all good unless they are being hypocrites.


When I was Christian this annoyed me so much. Other Christians always tried to use that to tell us not to judge (note: in my experience my community did/does tend to be pretty tolerant, in person. The problems come when they try to enforce their beliefs through politics/law. "*We* tolerate you, but the law *happens* to say that you can't do anything against our beliefs.") The full passage is something like, "Judge not lest ye be judged, for with what judgement ye mete shall ye be judged at the last day." In Sunday school they'd try to take "don't judge" to extremes and I'd have to read the whole passage and tell them that we can judge, we should just "judge righteously." Don't judge a book by its cover, but if they do something bad to you, then you can totally judge them as someone you don't want to be around.


I actually had a Sunday school teacher who taught us that passage the way you read it to them. This was a long time ago, but IIRC our teacher said something like, "None of you are going to hang out with murderers, right? That's making a righteous judgement. Making those decisions is part of life. However, don't just use that to rationalize/justify any kind of judgement." I thought that was pretty good, especially considering I'm pretty sure not everyone at that church felt that way about that passage.


Sadly, all religions usually preach peace (with exceptions, yes) and then people use those same peace-preaching religions to spread hatred. Depressingly ironic.


"I like your Christ, not your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." - Mahatma Gandhi


They don't even fully follow Christ's words, because they allow divorce. Granted, they allow divorce because it's necessary to preserve people's lives so they're not stuck in despair/violence. I think Jesus would probably be okay with that.


lol get ‘em


Then why do women only inherit 1/3 of the portion that their brothers inherit under Islamic inheritance law? Why is ONE man's testimony worth TWO women's testimonies in a Shari'ah court? Don't pretend as if they're treated equally when they clearly aren't.


But are those laws in place bc the Qaran says to do those things, or because awful people made those laws? Genuinely asking bc I don’t know how to even google that.




Same with Christianity, the Bible also has some really shitty principles and I don't respect it either. And yet you *still* can't run for office if you're an atheist in many US states 🤦


> Speak to the Israelites and say to them: `If anyone makes a special vow to dedicate persons to the LORD by giving equivalent values, > set the value of a male between the ages of twenty and sixty at fifty shekels of silver, according to the sanctuary shekel > and if it is a female, set her value at thirty shekels. > If it is a person between the ages of five and twenty, set the value of a male at twenty shekels and of a female at ten shekels.


The Inheritance law mentioned above is actually directly from the Quran AFAIK. There’s plenty of dumb stuff people have derived from the Quran that isn’t actually in the Quran. The other day I saw a clip of a scholar saying how the hijab wearing woman should be grateful to God that she was catcalled and sexually harassed on public transport, as a reminder that a woman’s place is in the house in service of her children and husband. That’s not at all in the Quran and it’s totally made up garbage by awful (though sincere) people.


Right the “you can’t see a speck in your neighbors eye with a plank in yours”


Sadly the people in question only seem to care about the Bible when they can use it as a weapon.


People hide their hatred behind their religion. It’s a sickness.




I’m failing to find a scenario where an LGBTQ couple would force their beliefs on anyone.


You know, by being all gay and stuff next to them.


This is it in a nutshell. “Forcing their beliefs on me” means I’m forced to acknowledge they exist. Acknowledging someone’s existence is not the same as outlawing their right to live their lives that in no way actually harms you or anyone around you.


LGBTQ people « forcing their beliefs on others» is the most polite way homophobic people found of saying « I don’t like when they are not shamefully hiding who they are because it makes me uncomfortable and reveals who I truly am: a bigot » Edit: typo


There aren't any except in the mind of "fuck gay agenda, they're turning my children gay/trans" people.


Existing, according to conservatives.


They force it on my eyes by existing within eyeshot. /s


by simply existing, isn't it obvious? My god I just want them to stop shoving it in everyones faces!


People who discriminate against others based on sexual orientatation are also shitty.


interesting that you didn’t put gender in that third point


Exactly. Conservative Christians don’t hate Muslims because of their treatment of women.


Everyone can disagree or think something is wrong and not be full of hate about it.


Only the funniest of memes at r/funnymemes


That place is like Klan Rally jr.


>Klan Rally jr. Yeah. I was following it, and just blocked it after like 4 or 5 incel memes.


If not wanting to kill lgbt people and take away women’s rights is islamophobic then I guess I’m islamophobic


It’s not.


People aren't Islamiphobic because they don't like misogyny and homophobia. They're Islamiphobic because they dislike brown people. This meme was made by someone trying to drum up justification for the racism they already held. They probably couldn't give a damn about women or queer folk in a vacuum.


Is hating/disliking Islam because I was a Muslim (and still pretend to be) make me Islamophobic who hates brown people?


This post misunderstands the left’s arguments. They don’t say every thing is hunky dory as long as you do it in the name of Islam. They do prioritize attacking the misogyny in the systems of power in the countries they actually live in over what happen in Saudi Arabia. They also recognize that there are plenty of Muslims who aren’t Wahhabists and saying “you’re a Muslim so you must believe xyz because fundamentalists I’ve seen on the news believe it” is also a form of bigotry


The left is like "maybe don't kneejerk hate all Muslims (and Sikhs, because you can't tell the difference) on sight, because not all of them are hateful" and the right took that as "the left loves and supports everything every Muslim ever does."


Isn't denying women rights and executing LGBT people, fundamental in Islam? Can you oppose that and be a Muslim?


I mean if we’re talking about fundamentals to religion, a loooot of people wouldn’t be able to call themselves christian or muslim or jewish, etc. Two of my classmates in 8th-9th grade were pretty observant of Islam but were still “PC” (i guess? closest term i can think of atm). They were both very open and accepting. Hell, I think one of them was one of the first few people i came out as bisexual to. TL;DR it’s like saying ur a vegetarian but sometimes you eat fish. pick n choose n stuff.


That’s like saying it’s fundamental in Christianity to kill gay people and sleep with little kids.


It isn't?


Can confirm, every time my parents dragged me to Mass we burned gay people at the stake


Yes you can! As with any religion followers run the gamut from largely secular, cultural observation of tradition, to batshit crazy motherfuckers. Bangladesh, Turkey, Senegal, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Mali, Tanzania, Tunisia, Kosovo, and Singapore have all had Muslim women as head of state.


Isn't it fundamental in Christianity? I see some of the same argument and discussions coming from the religious Christian right


Sadly there's a grain of truth in that meme. In todays (western) society it sometimes seems as if it is more important WHO ways something than WHAT is said, to decide if it was bad to say it.


No one who’s “woke” is gonna apologize to someone right after that person told them they think LGBTQ people should be dead. Surprise being a Muslim won’t protect you from criticism anywhere but twitter. Never have I seen someone’s identity shield them when saying bigoted things irl. It’s an internet and media identity politics game used for outrage.


This. People act like Twitter is a reflection of how people actually think and behave. No, the wild shit you see there is not an example of the most pervasive opinions in society.


Unfortunately, as coffeezilla put it, Twitter has become a sort of distorted echo chamber, where it's an echo chamber where you're also simultaneously exposed to the opposite side's most extreme views which makes you think that it's an accurate representation of the opposite side. This way, you're locked into not only being brainwashed into one ideology, but also into hating the other senselessly. Twitter is where the extreme of both sides comes out, and none of it should be used as anything but entertainment, or case studies for mentally ill people.


Honestly, same could be said about Reddit. People have this cult-like mentality about their side, which is honestly very twitter-like.


Oh of course. 90% of people here are either hardcore communists or anarchists who call for violence against anyone who disagrees with them, but reddit just doesn't give blue checkmarks, meaning the sheep don't have a shepherd to exploit them.


Especially bc the Twitter algorithm is designed to fuel outrage. It highlights the most controversial and wild takes. It shows you tweets that it knows will piss you off. It promotes posts that have big arguments happening in the comments. It encourages people to comment hateful things and get angry at each other.


Agreed. If I had this conversation with someone, the last frame would be me saying, "Oh. So you were brainwashed as a child. You can get help for that."


It’s not just Twitter that protects bad Muslim ideas. See the Bill Maher episode with Ben Affleck freaking out on Bill and Sam Harris for daring to call out Islam and calling it racist.


I don’t know who you’re talking to to reach this conclusion but I remind you that fundamentalist Christians share most of the beliefs of the above meme and have yet to successfully use their religion as an excuse for their bigotry within leftist and progressive circles? Ninety nine percent of the time the importance of who is saying something is directly tied to attempting to convey and authentically describe lived experience.




One of the few exceptions would be Turkey, but even then it's only because they're officially a secular republic. And now that shithead erDOGan🐕 is trying to change that. Hope he gets voted out this year!


Hard to get voted out when you’re running the elections.


Wasnt that Italian chick who tried to prove Muslims aren't violent by hitch hiking to the middle east raped and murdered in turkey?


I mean, in the US, we are barely over a hundred years removed from (white) women being able to vote, less than 50 years from women being able to get their own credit cards, less than twenty years from the last sodomy laws being abolished, less than ten years from having what little broader public acceptance of trans people we currently do have, and less than zero years from trans people having like 4-6 times higher rates of being violently assaulted. I think there is a lot we could still work on here, or wherever you are from, without throwing stones from glass houses. And acting like all Muslim people are the same as their worst governments, who are often in power as a result of instability created by external influences, is dumb. Obviously plenty of Muslims have extremely problematic views, but so do plenty of Christians, atheists, etc people. This meme is a shitty straw man.


If you follow a religion that is bigoted, that’s your fault. People who say “but my religion” are just saying “I’m A brainwashed cult member and you need to respect that.”


So many memes misrepresent reality to play on certain viewer's conformation bias. They fail to point out that fundamental Christians hold the same sorts of views as fundamentalist Muslims. Let's just hope that the two groups don't start cooperating or we may all be screwed.


This isn't funny or a meme


As a muslim, the meme isnt completely wrong. A huge part of the middle east is under radical islam, mainly due to how they view the western world(Mainly America). Of the LGBTQ community, as far as I am aware, only the notion of being transgender is accepted, but as the newer generations come up, this is definitely changing. Questioning authorities is becoming more common thanks to the internet and people, especially those tired of fruitless religious wars are definitely speaking up.


Weird how in those countries controlled by radical Islam have a habit of executing said people who question things or throw them in jail.


Well, not just people who question them, even those that dont follow the same version of Islam as them are considered to be evil and prime for execution. Radicalism in anything is just plain bad.


This is literally true. People tell christians they can't be misogynistic and homophobic but muslims get a free pass just because they're a minority in the US. In our countries we face harassment, violence, prison or even death penalty because of these beliefs.


I’m not sure about the free pass, come to the south and you’ll see they do not take kindly to Muslims because of their religious views. The only pass I see them getting is from virtue signaling dolts on the internet.


No, there are no free passes for holding asshole beliefs. It just seems that way because bigoted Christians are so vocal about their asshole beliefs and try to force them onto everyone via legislation. If those bigoted Muslims acted like the bigoted Christians, they would be criticized as well.


>try to force them onto everyone via legislation Muslims have already done that in countries where they are a majority. Ranging from jail to straight up execution. Pure evil


I'm Lebanese, and we only relatively recently voted in a bill against sexual harassment. Guess who the only party against the bill was?


The bad muslims also do the same, I'm saying this as someone who lives in islamic country, but the west won't see this since bad muslims are the minority there, christians are the majority there, but ignoring our struggles with the bad muslims is ignorant, they may be a minority there but in here we suffer under their laws and get harassed.


Calling out islamophobic people is more about letting Muslims exist in the public sphere without fear or harassment. Being a minority means you don't usually have a voice, so people have stepped up to help protect them from harassment and violence by normalizing them. If they have anti humanitarian views that are similar to our Westboro Church, we can still call them out like other Muslims call them out for being hypocritical and stubborn about their interpretations. The golden rule here is that everyone deserves to exist. If you decide you don't want other people to exist for their lifestyle that doesn't hurt anyone, we're going to call you out.


The thing is the line between Islamophobia and legitimate criticism gets pretty blurry. For example we’ll criticize evangelical Christian’s all day (and rightly so) but let’s say you start criticizing the propensity of Muslim refugees for sexual assault in Europe youre an instant islamophobe. Same goes for criticizing the policy of the Israeli government and being accused of being an antisemite.


>but let’s say you start criticizing the propensity of Muslim refugees for sexual assault in Europe youre an instant islamophobe. The islamophobic part of what you've stated is that you haven't even said where they're from. In a single statement you've reduced "those people" to simply followers of a religion they probably don't even follow past the patriarchal system they prefer to keep in place. That's a strawman argument against Islam that is already not addressing the actual issue in this case, which is protecting women. Instead using women's plights to further an agenda against a religion. >Same goes for criticizing the policy of the Israeli government and being accused of being an antisemite. This is a direct result of the same logic you used to reduce them to Muslims being twisted to defend a preferred group. In this case people hide behind antisemitism to attack Palestinians without consequence. Israelis criticize their own government, and anyone saying you're just antisemitic should absolutely be aware of that. Essentially, you're not wrong in what you're saying, but rather how you word it attacking a specific religion (I personally don't support any, so I never bring up which religion is negative, as I believe they're all sources of excused transgressions) and not actually addressing any issue beyond awareness that refugees are being convicted at higher rates.


Dude it’d be more precisely worded if I had the time to type out an essay but I don’t. I’m fully aware the refugees in Europe are a mix of Afghans, Syrians, Kurds, Iraqis, and so on. Thing is all those people come from Islamic dominated countries where religion is the dominant social construct in society. It’s not womens plights when rape is culturally accepted in most of those places (especially if those women aren’t perceived to be following Islamic norma), hence the increased propensity of those men to commit sexual assault. You just proved my exact point by typing that o ur even though you know it’s true. You’re misconstruing my criticism for the Israeli government as criticism for its citizens. I’m sure there’s opposition there to the governments policies but that hasn’t stopped the government from adopting apartheid style fascism (yes I’m fully aware israeli citizens can vote, I’m talking about the oppression of the Palestinians). These ideas could be more eloquently fleshed out in a paper but I don’t have the time for that. Regardless you get what I’m saying. It’s grounded in reality.


Pretty sure people were fucking pissed about the sexual assault issues from refugees. People got called islamaphobes for saying the greatest hits like “they’re just animals” and “they should go back where they came from. We don’t need them here” and “this is what Islam wants for your daughters”


What do you mean ‘free pass’? They are a shunned minority, just like homophobic and misogynistic christians are also a shunned minority. Those views are not acceptable in modern society. You think Muslims are at the top of the social pecking order in America? No, white christians are. But this conservative ‘Christian’ movement that spreads hate and oppression is what is facing backlash


your comment is fucking bullshit it ignores the fact that Christians get shit on for this because there the ones in positions to actually effect political policy and push there shitty ideals on others ​ and frankly Bigoted Muslims will be ostracized just like bigoted Christians if they make enough waves for it to have any effect or try that shit in the public sphere. you spend to much time online


I don’t give Muslims a free pass, and I don’t know anyone that does either. In real life people don’t actually think that way. Shitty beliefs are shitty beliefs.


I second this


Right. Muslims are definitely treated so well in this country 🙄


> In our countries we face harassment, violence, prison or even death penalty because of these beliefs. Who are you talking about? Christians telling on themselves that they are no different than the taliban and they hate secular society for their freedoms. Imagine thinking that being a religious extremist makes someone persecuted instead of the persecutors.


Just because it happens on twitter doesn’t mean it’s happening in the real world.


Muslims aren’t exactly championed here in the US.. yet I think over 50% of the country is still Christian. Are Christians mad they can be misogynistic?


I don’t remember hearing any muslims in congress and the senate enacting anti lgbtq+ laws…. Also I’m pretty sure no gay person is ok with muslim people’s homophobia and misogyny. But I’m assuming nobody making these dumbass comments here associate themselves with anyone from the lgbtq+ community or women.


Plenty of places islamic dominated that throw gays off the roofs tho.


Yeah, there are plenty of places where they execute people for being gay. But the meme suggests that people on the left are okay with that because it's Muslims doing it. But the truth is, fuck anyone who harms someone else who isn't hurting anyone. Religion does not excuse being a shitty person, for any religion.


This meme only suggests to me that people are afraid to be seen as Islamophobic. Not that they think that they are ok with anything.


This isn’t related to the US but the exact situation in the meme has been happening for years in Europe due to the refugee crisis. A little bit of googling will show you a lot.


Throughout Africa, as well as Russia, and Belarus the law enforces strident anti-LGBTQ policies based on Christian teaching. Such enforcement includes death penalties, long prison sentences, and barring accused LGBTQ people from any chance at earning a living. US based missionaries play an important role in fomenting anti-LGBTQ hysteria in Africa. Yet this is not held against people identifying as Christians in the United States and other Western Nations. On the other hand, Muslims living in the United States are held personally responsible for what happens in some Islamic countries. It is not woke to call out the double standard. Edit: fixed typo


There are 10 countries in the world with laws imposing the death penalty for being gay. Any guess what religion those 10 countries have in common?


Lmaoo they do that daily in their countries, in my country we face 3 years in prison, in other middle east/ African countries we face prison and even death penalty because of that, we're not even allowed to say we're lgbtq.


Isn’t the meme of explicitly condemning the beliefs of this hypothetical Muslim? And thereby condemning the unjustified persecution of homosexuals?


are you stupid, there are literal laws in place in most middle eastern and other arab countries that make lgbtq ilegal and biased treatement towards women is also rooted in their laws


The meme is about people people getting mad at conservatives for doing those things but forgiving muslims for doing it. My point is that nobody is forgiving muslims who believe in persecuting lgbtq+ people and women. In fact people condemn that just as harshly as they condemn the bigoted conservatives.


That's because you have the luxury of living in a modern Western democracy. Go to any country run under Shari'ah law and you'll see how truly evil they can be to minorities.


Holy shit you are so America minded. People are being executed and tortured for their sexuality in Muslim controlled countries.




After you get through reading the replies to this comment, realize that those users clearly do not understand what congress is or why it has nothing to do with other muslim countries. Extremist Islam, along with extremist Christianity, should not be allowed as a model for federal law. Right now in the USA we are at risk of becoming a country similar to those ruled by the Islamic religion.


THANK you. It also casually ignores the huge lgbt-movements in muslim countries, and the many lgbt people who flee to the west because of the persecution, but all still muslims


This sort of thing always comes across as the silliest bit of bargaining. "Okay but like, some of these people are violent and do bad things. Can't I be just an *eensy-weensy* bit bigoted? It won't hurt anyone. I'll just focus my bigotry at the *problematic* minority!"


I would never hate someone specifically for their religion, now if they are a bigoted asshole I will still disagree with them and say as such. They can have that opinion and I am entitled to say its an ass opinion. You can absolutely do both things of not hating Muslim people for simply being Muslim while also calling out bigotry found in those communities. Those that would call you an Islamophobe over that simply wanna be above criticism.


I have a running joke every time I enter a Church that I feel a burning sensation. This is because as a kid I had a teacher tell me I'm going to hell and then went on a long rant about the Bible and how good God is, all because I told him I'm nicknamed the "Devil" by my parents. Sometimes I wonder what happened to him because everyone just assumed he was gay (very flamboyant, wore pink all the time and acted like he was into men) until he brought his wife to work to show people he's straight. Meanwhile the Muslims I've actually talked to were never like this and didn't believe this. One of them was a young woman whose parents didn't care that she wasn't always dressed up hiding herself. It could be because they were from Fiji though and didn't care for those strict rulings.




Where's the lie though


Where's the lie though?


All religions are bad




as a Turk I never understood the islam tolerance bullshit radical islamists are just as bad if not worse than their christian counterparts


All 1.8 billion Muslims are exactly the same and there aren‘t any differences between dozens of differing schools and three continents


They vary, just like republicans. I wonder why that's never pointed out ? EDIT: to clarify I'm saying republicans can vary, too.


I'm against bigotry, religion has no factor in it. I'll call them out on it, Christian, Muslim, whatever. It's only islamophobic when you assume a Muslim holds such bigoted views without actually asking them - many actually don't from my experience. It's almost like they don't take everything about their religion literally or something...


Religious beliefs do not justify anyone being a piece of shit to anyone else ever. For any reason. Period. Religion is all fake there are no gods. Our only job on this earth is to live peacefully amongst each other, to which as humans we will never succeed, because most of us blame our opinions and actions on fake gods and try to impose those beliefs on others.


This meme is a couple decades late. Must have been a slow day at the meme factory


Damn people need to read about religion lmao. It's not your religion it's your views... Ummm guys read the sacred books damn.


Ironic. That’s also Christian theology, written down as the unerring Word of (their) God. “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak.” - 1 Corinthians 14:34, 1 Timothy 2:11-12


As a Muslim I don't hate the LGBTQ but I feel extremely uncomfortable around people in the LGBTQ because I haven't been raised in an environment where that was normal and that stuff that was happening with a woman that got burned, that was absolutely abhorrent and I'm not scholar but I'm very sure the Quran doesn't tell you to kill people but instead to remain tolerant.


It’s funny because it’s true


There is some truth here, look at Americans scoff at Europeans and accuse them of racism for trying to limit the Islamification of Europe.


Accurate meme. Not very funny, but accurate


Yep liberals are too nice for their own fucking good. All religion is poison. All religion degrades democracy.


All dogmatism degrades democracy. Without dogma religion becomes just the way of thought that there is some way to be good person. But "some way to be good person" is a part of any worldview. It's just that any way of life should be able to be changed.


Tbh People do need to remember that Islam has also been used to justify homophobia…


Just wait until they find out that a higher percentage of Muslims in the USA are pro same sex marriage than Evangelical Christians, the average American Muslim holds more progressive values than the average Evangelical and that the vast majority of Muslims vote for progressive candidates while majority of Evangelicals vote for far right candidates


grew up in the middle east in the last 20ish years so here's my **ANECDOTAL** views on it. 1) Religious Muslims that support LGBT rights are similar to the religious Christians' that support lgbt rights in Europe and Asia (idk how it is America), its fine as long as its not a person in your family or community. I've seen parents who support LGBT community send their kids for religious brainwashing because they liked people of the same gender. 2) Evangelicals are a larger percent of population that's been shrinking for a while. Islam in US is still small (around 1% I believe). Muslims are a minority and the political party which helps minorities are usually progressive. So even if they do disagree with a lot of things that a progressive candidate says, voting for the candidate will improve their quality of life. Conversely, voting for conservatives is beneficial for evangelical Christians. But other times it comes down to the psychology of changing views and behaviours (I forgot the name of the triangle but i"ll explain it later if you want). 3) Based on my experience in my home country and middle east, the values tend to be roughly the same, if not, less progressive, in muslim households (depends on if they are muslim majority or minority country). **NOW IM NOT SAYING ALL MUSLIMS ARE CONSERVATIVES OR SOMETHING ELSE OF THAT SORT. THIS HAS BEEN MY EXPERINCE IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND OTHER PARTS OF ASIA, SO YOU CANNOT BLINDLY APPLY TO EVERYONE OF THE SAME FAITH.**


I mean, maybe it could have been articulated better but this is a very real phenomenon, ironically predicated on the basis that someone's words/actions should be judged not on their value but on which boxes they check for race/ethnicity/gender/religion.


Where's the lie?


The hilarious thing is Republicans are becoming like the Muslims they hate and they always pretended it was because of the Muslim religion when really it's just because they're brown


What’s funny to me about this meme is that it conflates Islam with a political party and/or Republicanism with a religion AND she apologizes for calling him a Republican which means even the author knows that that’s an insult


Have yet to see anybody claiming that Sharia law style Islam is not problematic. Not a single fucking person. What they will say, is that we shouldn't turn away Muslim people running from the psychopaths that are trying to run things through Sharia law. We shouldn't automatically treat them as the same as those hateful despots just because they share a religion. In the same way that I don't treat everybody like a 10th century Crusader just because they are christian. If anyone wants to share a left-wing article about how Sharia law isn't really that bad, please share it. But I'm going to guess you won't because that's bullshit.


Why does the right think I give a shit about not offending a shitty religion. Islam, Christianity, you name it, they all are shit and keeping us in the dark ages.


I don't support, respect, or honor any belief that doesn't support, respect, or honor anyone else.


The difference is one is a religion and the other is government. That is why we have freedom of religion and separation of church and state.


I mean, I'm siding with the meme on this. Ive seen too many people defending Islam despite it's horrible customs. It especially blows my mind when someone in the LGBT community does it.


That happens when people don’t think for themselves. Else they would be able to see that being part of a minority doesn’t magically make you a good person.


I’m pretty sure being woke includes seeing prejudice bullshit regardless of the “cause”


This would also work if instead of Muslim, you put Southern USA Christian.


no this one has a good point, religion is not an excuse for bigotry


I’ve grown pretty comfortable with the Islamophobic label.


tbf those are also christian beliefs,we just kinda put them under the rug and pretend that half of the bible isn't about (child) rape and xenophobia


I've hardly met Muslims this radical. I know they exist but honestly the majority I've met are pretty chill.


same. all the muslims Ive met are pretty chill. but muslims in the middle east is quite radical compare to other countries like Malaysia or Indonesia.


I even know of some Muslims in the middle East that are chill. They probably aren't in majority but honestly I doubt the radicals are either given how many people love there.


My bf is Muslim and doesn't hold either of those opinions. Being Muslim is no excuse, nor is being Christian


let's not act like those religions don't make certain groups out to be evil sinners that god wants dead. a muslim/christian who's a good person is one that ignores their holy book when it tells them group X needs to die.


Republicans = taliban, even had a hand in creating them