I do. I think a Biden, Klobachar ticket would have done very well to hold on to state like Wisconsin, and Michigan.


I think he could do better among the folks who went from Obama to Trump and would definitely visit the rust belt and campaign more. Hillary took it for granted and even then narrowly lost. Biden would not and campaign more. That election was close enough that any competent Democrat could have won.


Yeah he would have won outright. Hillary ran a bad campaign and Trump ran a near perfect one (he had to with all his flaws) and it worked out in his favor. People liked Joe, and he was in good shape in 2016.


This is giving Trump too much credit. He careened from scandal to scandal, had a poor ground game, less money, and wasted time in like Connecticut lol


He was very good with media though.


Yes. Like, Hillary ran such a terrible campaign, it was hilarious.


Yeah he would have won. A popular VP to a popular outgoing POTUS. And he’s a man - sexism is sadly still a thing, which is part of the reason Hilary lost. That and 3 decades of right wing bullshit.


Yes. It was one of the biggest mistakes in recent history for Obama and the DNC to support a divisive Secretary of State with few accomplishments (I think it’s fair to say Obama was far more successful domestically) over his generally well regarded VEEP.


Yes. A CNN/ORC found Hillary beating Trump by 5%. Biden beat Trump by 8%. A Fox News Poll found Hillary losing to Trump by 5%. Biden beat Trump by 13%. Public Policy Polling found Hillary tied with Trump. Biden beat Trump by 8%. A NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found Hillary beating Trump by 10%. Biden beat Trump by 21%. A Quinnipac University poll found Hillary beating Trump by 2%. Biden beat Trump by 11%.




If you’ve seen the 2016 DNC Speech Joe Biden gave, it shows exactly how he’d run a campaign. As said in other comments, he’s the popular VP to the outgoing administration. Joe Biden could’ve ran the narrative of “Scranton son” and appealed to the Midwest. He could also carry across Kander, McGinty, and Feingold, giving him a narrow, albeit workable majority (ironically, like his 2020 victory).


Yes Michigan would’ve stayed blue


Maybe. The more important question, to which I think the answer is no, is could Biden beat Hillary in the primary?


Yes, Hillary's campaign was complete trash.


Most well-known democrats would have won (Biden, Bernie, Michelle Obama). Hillary was unpopular, Trump was unpopular, but not as unpopular.


Anyone would have done better. A rock would have done better.