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There was a whole thing about people making their way across the US and Canada this summer doing this. My daughter and I saw them outside of a grocery store in our town and I was freaked out because he was pretending to play the violin but the song coming through the speakers was s saxophone. Got very confused and saw an article about it in the local paper


lmao, that's pretty next level playing a sax sound while holding the violin


I read it was a widespread scam


Fun fact: Adolph Sax invented the saxophone in order to mimic violins, and would be used in a marching band.


For anyone that's wondering, the song's Calm down by Rema


Thank you, I was searching for it.


You're welcome




>Thanks! You're welcome!




To add more context this was in a groceries parking (Montreal, QC) and I've started recording right after the song had skipped and he had to restart like nothing happened.


As someone who’s actually played the violin, I love how incorrect his hand position is.


Why did no one notice


Prob because they’re just taking it for granted, I’ve seen people playing with speakers live on the street, and realized that I never really scrutinized if they were actually playing. He’s doing it just barely well enough to pull it off to the barely casual observer. But once you sit and actually watch for a second. It starts to become really obvious.


the drum beats don’t give it away for sure


I see what you mean but a lot of solo musicians will actually play a real instrument over top of a pre-recorded backing track so the audience doesn’t just have to listen to one instrument playing a cappella. Having the accompaniment track just allows for more interesting piece when you only have one person to physically play. He could be playing to a fully recorded backing track with drums and strings as long as he was also actually playing his violin the performance would still hold its artistic integrity.


Pretty sure I gave this dude 5 bucks before..


Sorry for your loss


I gave someone 24 bucks one time...I was so pissed when I found out what was going on...my guy was very good at the fuckery though...


That solo really caught him off guard lol


Dude's getting more tips than I do, and I'm making them real pizza.


at least you get clean money


Lol when I delivered I'd average less then 2 per delivery. If you do like 20 deliveries a day, which you would never get, you would probably get 6 no tips and 5 under 2... The one or two 5's get averaged down because of this... But sucks And doesn't cover the wear and tear to your car.... It makes me sick that people think it's so nice to tip a waiter because he has to make a living... Well you should be tipping your delivery driver even more than the waiter... They do more side work, and have to pay to do the job... They are all illegally driving commercially and will get fucked if they get in an accident by their insurance... They only make 2 dollars more an hour totalling to 5 an hour... They don't get sections or whatever, they can only do one or two at a time... That's why you rarely see a lifetime delivery driver... Eventually they get fucked or have too many low tip days that they realize it's not worth it. And then 3rd party delivery is even worse... They make even less


This is the exact reason why I tip delivery drivers $10 for a 2 mile delivery and $2 more for each mile added. I've served and delivered food and there just isn't enough consideration. If I can't afford the tip my driver appropriately, I pick it up myself.


That's really nice of you, I wish I could afford to give people what they deserve


I can't always, so when I can, I do my best. If I can't, I figure out how I can get what I want without making someone else down and out for it. If that makes sense?


$5 an hour?! damn that is fucked up


That was the going rate in the late 2000's and 2010's. That was dominoes. Some Chinese places paid me 5 and some pizza places. Sometimes there is no commission for delivery, so with a no tip, you basically gotta pay to deliver food while getting 5 an hour. But by all means tip your server because it's so hard for them...


it sure was hard to work in those years


My wife and I saw someone doing that in the grocery store parking lot. Couldn't help but notice that they only pretended to play whenever they thought someone was looking at them.


How you homeless with an expensive violin?


Why do you think the guys homeless?


Sign, hat. Could be faking homelessness but I don’t think a regular street performer has a cardboard sign explaining their position


I cant read his sign. But his hat?


I can assume you don’t live around homeless


Lol wtf. In canada someone goes around putting yellow beanies on all the homeless or something? I’d love to see where you’re going with this


I’d love to not explain it to you. Didn’t even know it was Canada. Not my job to prove shit to you


Lol wtf. Fascinating


You love that phrase


I’m looking for my yellow homeless hat lol!


It's really seeming like you don't have an explanation. I live around homeless people. The hat thing makes no sense, and tons of street performers have cardboard signs. Not arguing that he's not homeless, I'm just saying your reasons seem flimsy at best unless shit is just different in Canada.


Not nearly as expensive as you might think, you could find a cheap one for less than 100 dollars.


Not a good one. The one he has looks like bare bones but I can bet it costs a whole lot more than 100 dollars


My son could be down to his socks and underwear, living in a dumpster, and he would still have his expensive violin.


Sounds like someone doesn’t understand what theft is. My first night sleeping outside someone tried to steal my shit and failed. I think it’s safe to assume something as easily theft-able wont stay with him long


Yeah it's no joke. When I was on the streets I tried to find apartment buildings with unlocked storage/supply closets to sleep in so I didn't have to worry about my stuff getting stolen.


I fell for one of these the first time I saw it, but the scammer wasn't miming to a studio recording.


If the people who paid were entertained then I don't see the problem. Good acting skills I guess. Not really a scam just a poor quality show.


Dude been playing the same note for 30 minutes


at least he's trying... on the other hand, if he has enough to go out and buy expensive electronic amplification to pull it off, he's probably scamming someone, even if he's not a real musician. 😒


That violin, or really ANY violin, is worth way more than that speaker system.


I felt bad for a moment too... but then I felt bad for the suckers giving him money


A fool and his money


$200 will get you all that at a pawn shop. Plus with as many people dropping money in his case he will make that back in an hour or two easy.


I encountered one of them outside a grocery store, my sister quickly pointed out how he was faking because the notes he was playing weren't clearly the ones that where coming out of his speakers.


Almost the same as paying to go to a concert and the performer is lip syncing


At least he's putting more effort in than the usual "driving across the state to see my dying mother and ran out of gas so now I'm in a Walmart parking lot"


Could he have done a better job? Absolutely. But the guy is probably hungry. I’m not certain why so many people are dunking on him. No one is forcing you to give him money.


Not only are you profiting off someone else’s music, your shitting on all the people who went through the effort to learn how to play these instruments


Ugh.. stop. Mans gotta eat. I don’t really care about the pearl-clutching in this comment section.


There are other ways man…


Let’s move on. This doesn’t matter to anyone. Redditors are just looking to shit on a guy. If he just held a sign in the middle of a parking lot asking for money the same people would just call him a bum. At least he’s just trying to “entertain” people passing by.


Man would he 100% better of stealing food from the grocery than doing this shit in public


Hahaha.. So he should commit a crime and risk going to jail in order to eat. Does that make sense to you? Jesus. I didn’t realize how many NIMBYs were in here. Clearly, none of you have ever lived in your car or a shelter for a spell.


Someone give the man some quick street lessons, he's got potential!




They make so much money every time I see them. Mom and kids fall for this shit left and right.


I hate this with every fiber of my being


You'd think he would practice first. He doesn't even seem like he's heard the song before.


Bowing further on fingerboard instead between the bridge and fingerboard itself. Hand position of left hand is oddly stuck in some weird ass 3rd and 4th position that doesnt go anywhere else. Bowing is off with music that interestingly enough, that some mighty “slurring” and “accent” notes. 2/10. Cause he’s moving lol /s


Yeah there’s one girl who is completely shameless about it here in VA




What’s your side hustle




What do I do upvote or down vote? Real fucking question….


Is this Spokane WA? I swear I saw this dude playing at Safeway. Pretty good stuff


Hes faking 🤣🤣


There was a guy at our grocery store parking lot doing this with a cello.


Man's gotta eat 🤷‍♂️


music is produced, who care if he play it or not. i would give him something, i like music, i dont mind he doesnt know how to play it