Ham, the medical marvel or ticking clock of health risks?

To be clear, I think Ham is awesome and this is a post being impressed and bewildered at him: Ham just admitted on the air, dead serious, that he made a 3-month supply of disposable, single-use daily contact lenses last 7 years. 7 years!!! How? Better yet, how does he even have healthy eyes that weren't infected/permanently damaged?

Remember this is the same guy who is in his 30s and admitted that until recently he would only brush his teeth twice a month, TWICE A MONTH, for the entire first 3+ decades of his life. How does he even have working teeth?!

And remember that he also routinely forgets to drink water and drinks lots of sodas as he admitted he one time passed out from dehydration playing the drums all day because he hadn't had any water in awhile.

And the classic of all, which every listener knows: he only eats fast food chicken strips and calorie-heavy milkshakes every day, no joke, and never any vegetables, and yet he's as skinny as a rail. Keep in mind he's not 22, he's 32 or so. Our metabolisms aren't the eat anything you want and never gain an ounce machine in your 30s that they are from teen years to early 20s or so. Metabolisms slow down long before you're 32.

So put all this together: he didn't brush his teeth for over 30 years, never eats vegetables, only deep-fried fast food daily, rarely drinks water, often has milkshakes, and made a short 3 month supply of contacts meant only for daily use then to be thrown away last 7 years. What?!

How is he still alive?! Is he a medical marvel or a ticking clock of soon to avalanche serious health scares heading his way? Ham, I love you, you're hilarious, but please take better care of yourself. I know people like you who look healthy on the outside, but then have heart attacks, etc, and don't make 40.


He probably has no idea what it feels like to be even somewhat healthy.


Yeah I imagine he feels like complete shit every day and is hardly even aware of it, to him it just feels normal


Dude I’m a life long string bean myself, though nowhere near as gaunt as ham, and it was related to hyper thyroidism. I’m almost positive I know exactly how hams life feels. Mine was the same. He probably shits 3 times a day cause his body cannot possibly consume all the calories he eats. He burns next to no calories sitting down all day but he eats a ton. Your body either turns it all to fat or it simply stops processing half the food you eat and you shit it all out. My doc said I was about 3% body fat last time I went. I’m pretty muscular and work a construction job. I’m basically ham but in good shape. No I was not as healthy as I thought. There were things I needed to address. For the record I always brushed my god damn teeth though. Honestly ham’s behavior is very much the same as someone who’s very depressed. Sometimes we don’t realize how terribly we are treating our own bodies. Sometimes we don’t care. Sometimes it’s both. But dude is a medical red catastrophe waiting to explode no doubt.


you are not 3% body fat


Stfu fatty


3-4% is like a bodybuilder’s peak vascularity on competition day. Very few people can actually maintain that for more than a few days. Either you’re liar, you or your doctor were mistaken about your being “3%,” or you’re a malnourished tweaker.


Not brushing his teeth was the most shocking to me, bad dental health is linked with tons of other issues. It'll likely start catching up to him in his 40's


Said it before, none of this matters because Ham is a concept, sort of an array of various electronic synth stabs with consciousness


What an Oddly specific and consciously nebulous comment. I didn’t laugh out loud, but just appreciated this on a much deeper level. Thank you


I found Ham's mother-in-law's burner


Hey Hams Mom in law , I hope the best for your daughter...


Um happy Mother’s Day?


His 40’s and 50’s are going to be hell. All that salt and sugar is like those edibles you took and then took another because you didn’t feel anything and then all the sudden you just want it to be over.


Regarding contacts: the difference between daily wear and extended wear is packaging. If you treat daily wear contacts like two-week contacts they last that long. Source: my optometrist. If you usually wear glasses and therefore your contacts are rarely used you can make a 6 month supply last 2 years or more. I wear contacts once a week or so, and almost never during pollen season and dust season.


Your optometrist is shilling you some fake lore bro, source: I’m an optometrist.


I get what you're saying but it's still not the same. Big difference there. You said if you wear glasses and don't wear the contacts much then a 6 month supply can last 2 years. That is nowhere near what Ham did. He didn't occasionally wear his 6 month supply contacts for 2 years while also wearing glasses. He instead never wore glasses and made a small supply of HALF that amount (3 months, not 6), wore them every day, last 350% as long (not 2 years, but 7 years; 2 x 3.5 =7 ). And since it's half the contacts that means he made them last 700% longer than your example (350% x 2 = 700%). Again, that's a massive difference and an incredible extreme of what not to do.


His point is correct. There is no difference in 1 day and 30 day. I regularly wear my 1 day disposables for a month or more. Now what Ham did is way beyond stretching a little bit. I wear contacts almost exclusively, but after a month or so, I can tell they need to be changed.


Ya, I wear mine daily until 8-9 at night. May wear my glasses all day once or twice a month. I usually can start to feel that they need to be changed out when I am around the month mark.


That’s basically a set a month. Lot of people do that.


Bruv, that’s like Good Will Hunting type of math


Alls i know is u/lazervikingg is brilliant for using all those hockey songs as return cuts prior to the segment.


Im pretty sure gum disease is linked to a lot of health issues including heart disease, and not brushing your teeth is a pretty good way to develop that


Ham is a rare specimen and needs to be banking his DNA.


If you put him on a healthy diet he'll probably have a heart attack. Fried chicken is the only thing keeping him alive


He is the best board op at the ticket and I don’t care what he eats.


he is going to outlive all of us isnt he?


Ham’s diet and lifestyle are keeping him at the weight he currently is. Metabolism, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t slow down in your 30s or even 40s. But- people *in general* do have less physical activity as they age simply due to life- family, kids, less time for active things, etc If he stayed at his current activity level and ate the way he is, he won’t gain weight likely until much much later in life


Even if his metabolism isn't a problem, you can't tell me that any medical doctor who knows even basic medicine (let alone the average person who has common sense) would say not drinking water and instead drinking lots of sodas and milkshakes and rarely eating vegetables and instead eating fast food daily and not brushing your teeth for over 30 years is a good thing. Those things will have drastic effects on his health as he gets older.


Time will tell!


Medical marvel or ticking clock? [Maybe...](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DcIeVcGLRU)


Just horrible. Guy really needs to get his shit together.


I am mostly amused that he admitted these things on the radio. Most people have too much shame for that


He’s young, but it’ll catch up when he gets a little older. He’ll have to spend tens of thousands of dollars fixing his teeth and he’ll have an ET body. Somehow skinny but with a belly. You can’t do what he’s been doing for so long with no consequences. It’s going to hit hard


He is literally The Ticket Asmongold




I worry about Hams health.


Probably has the beetus but undiagnosed. Had a friend who was really skinny but she put about 5 spoonfuls of sugar in her coffee. Turns out she had type 1 diabetes.


It's a bit


I bet he does eat a lot of chicken nuggets though.


Get well soon Mr. Chicken Nugg. Love, Shivdaddy


Dude Trump has made it into his mid 70s. I’m just saying.


I wish we knew…


Doesn’t brush his teeth but voted for Hilary and Biden.