Not sure if it's unique to Toronto but we have a runnable/walkable/bycable? ravine system so close to downtown. You can literally be surrounded by trees with no sight of buildings/condos one second and another second, you'll find yourself right at yonge and bloor surrounded by supertallish skyscrapers. Montreal kinda comes close to mind, New York central park is cool but not as natury as the ravine system. My two cents plus inflation.


There are 80km of mountain bike trails in the don Valley. How freaking crazy is that!


World class MTB trails!


Where/what is the ravine system you're referring to?


It runs across Toronto. Type in ravine trail toronto.


I'm at Yonge & Bloor and love biking through Rosedale Valley + Bayview to the Distillery, etc. Where would you recommend accessing the ravine from near me?


Well, depends on what you want. [But here's a good option to access Mud Creek / Milkmans lane](https://www.google.com/maps/dir/43.6702351,-79.386577/43.6775671,-79.3743091/@43.6704215,-79.3830261,15.5z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e1) From here you have options! Although it's a bit of a downhill at the start so maybe walk it or be sure your brakes are working well. 1. At the bottom of the "hill" you can turn right and that will lead you to the Brickworks. From there, you can cross Bayview and get on the Lower Don Trail, which will lead you along Bayview (kinda shitty) to Pottery Road, which then leads you through the Don Valley all the way to both E.T. Seton Park, and Taylor Creek 1. E.T. Seton Park trail (Left at the 'end' of the Lower Don) takes you through ET Seton, which is a nice ride, and it sort of 'ends' in a parking lot near Leslie and Eglinton. However, this is super secluded, and you can continue through the parking lot onto the 'driveway' and continue one of two ways: 1. Follow the road / Driveway, all the way to Sunnybrook Hospital, and the horse stables they have there. 2. Continue along the road until you see the bathroom building, at which point, turn right and take the Wilket Creek trail all the way to Edwards Gardens (Lawrence/Leslie / Bridal Path). 2. Taylor Creek trail will take you through Mud Creek / Taylor Creek which is also quite pretty. There are a few branches, but stay on the main trail since the branches really just kind of connect into residential neighborhoods. 2. At the bottom of the "hill" you can turn left, and that becomes the Yellow Creek Trail, which crosses Mount Pleasant and essentially takes you through David Balfour Park. You can continue on to reach Mount Pleasant Cemetery, at which point you can turn around and go back down the Mud Creek Trail to Brickworks, or continue on to the Kay Gardiner Beltline trail which essentially ends at Eglinton and the Allen Expressway ​ Let me know if you need any more information, the trail system in the city is CRAZY!


Thanks a lot for taking the time to write that up, will definitely check these routes out! I'm assuming I'd need at least hybrid tires to navigate most of these paths?


Generally, you'll need hybrid for the Milkman's lane to brickworks, and any of the yellow creek / Kay Gardiner trails. From brickworks to the lower don, either through Taylor Creek or to Sunnybrook / Bridal Path are all paved though. So if you don't have the tires for off-road, you can take the Rosedale Valley Road path you're used to, but turn left at bayview instead of heading towards Corktown and you can take the path from there to either Taylor Creek, or Sunnybrook/Bridal Path!


Perfect, thank you!


The trail does break off at certain roads but picks back up. Basically follows the don river and its connecting creeks. I would think where you are, probably somewhere by evergreen brickworks by bayview.


Follow bayview south, when it hits the park at cork town, you’ll see a little tunnel on the left that goes under the rail tracks I think and connects to the don trail. A lot of the ravines are hit or miss for biking. From Bloor though, you’re also close to nordheim ravine (access off Russel hill just north of Davenport) or beltline/ David Balfour. Nordheim is a short jump to cedarvale.


Will check these out, thanks! I've definitely hit the path through the tunnel near Corktown, love it


You now have to access that tunnel, because I believe most of the lower part of the trail next to the river is blocked off. Either way, as soon as you're out of the tunnel, make a left, keep going until you reach Mill St. Ride a bit further, and there you are.


Don River Trails is one near where I live. There's a bunch spread all over Toronto. Did you know the Toronto Ravine system is 30x bigger than Central Park? Wow cool sugoi


Man that sounds amazing! I’m new to Toronto so I don’t know much but would you be so kind to tell me where it’s located exactly? I’d love to take a weekend and go explore an area as the one you mentioned. Cheers


It's huge and there's a bunch of entrances but you really need to know where they are. My favourite route is to enter down the stairs at the end of Shaftesbury Ave. It looks like a dead end but just follow along the fence and you'll see the stairs. Keep left and follow that down to the river and eventually there is a bridge to get to the other side where you can continue south. Another entrance to the same spot is at David Balfour Park but I like the hidden nature of the stairs and descending the side of the valley. You can follow this path for quite a ways to Milkman's Lane. If you go up you can walk though Rosedale to Bloor St. Or keep going and follow the trail as it turns north to the Brickworks. If you want to make a loop, keep following the trail north and west and it turns into the Beltline trail and will take you back towards St. Clair and it's a quick walk through the neighbourhood back to to David Balfour Park.


Yep, you can go from bayview and York mills to York vile or st Lawrence market all the way


A guaranteed first round playoff game 7 loss by the local hockey team.


This is the comment I came looking for.


Only recent champion hockey team … the farm team lol


The IKEA monkey.


Toronto public library


I sometimes shop at Sunny Foodmart on Don Mills. I always love how they have 2 separate butcher counters: 1 Chinese and 1 halal. Only in Toronto!


This one is probably the uniquest comment here


It's a chain, there are 3 locations in Toronto and one in Markham. I think they all have 2 butcher counters. Sunny is great!


The only other location I've ever been to was the one on Finch, which IIRC has only one butcher. In the same plaza, though, there's a Chinese halal restaurant. I don't remember the name, but it's definitely worth checking out too.


Restaurant is called "Chinese Halal Restaurant" and it's pretty good.


The lamb dishes are amazing.


I doubt it’s only in Toronto. But Pacific in Pickering has Chinese and halal counters


No Kosher counter?


I'm sure it's because of the demographics of the area. If you go to a more Jewish area, you'll find kosher delis and butchers.


I wouldn’t be surprised by any type of seafood you could by there.


Johnnys Hamburgers


ok #45 what you like


the dude that went around dumping his dump on people


Pee Pee Poo Poo Man


That I can walk out my door, and be within 500m of any given cuisine across the planet really, and probably with several options for most.


To add to that, there's at least one that's a 7/10 for every cuisine


this. if i ever move out of the city, this will be what i miss most. all of our travel is half centred around food. during covid it was amazing with no travel to still be able to experience a ton of different food cultures as we spread the take-out love around.


this. I’m born and raised in Toronto but have lived in California for almost ten years. Toronto’s food scene is so good. You don’t just wonder if you want Chinese food, you can ask if you want Cantonese or Taiwanese. You don’t just ask if you want Indian food, but you can ask if you want Punjabi or more south. It’s amazing and I miss that.


This is also true in Mississauga but instead of any cuisine its a shawarma.


Hey what’s a good place for shawarma in Mississauga


I’m not big on the shawarma scene but for non chain shawarma I like Shawarma Royale and Mr Zaggos


Lmao my partner calls Mississauga “land of the shawarma”


So true! I moved to Hamilton for school and man it's hard to find any decent ethical food. There's usually only 1 place that is really good but most of the time it doesn't live up to what we have in Toronto. The McMaster campus do have decent Chinese/Asian food but hell it's over priced and only opened during certain hours.


The CN Tower. Without that, our city skyline would be forgettable.


Tower + Skydome combo 🤌


Can barely see the sky dome unless your beside it with all the condos now though lol


This is truly one of the things that are unique in Toronto.


Used to be the Guv, but now it’s a condo. Then it was Footwork, but now it’s a condo. Honest Ed’s always brightened up my day, but now it’s a condo too. I guess the CN tower or diversity or something.


Rip guv.


Rip indeed. Rebel doesn’t come anywhere close.


When the main room of Guv got filled with smoke blowing against your face… and the train sounds come on… u swear it’s as if u were moving man it was soooo wild


I know you’re talking about this song my man. https://youtu.be/HoMzLLWNV1g


Unfortunately nope. Great song though. Guv had their own custom “railroad” type sound effect. Theres a moment where the room is filled with fog. You literally cannot see the person beside you. If youre at a good spot the, the effect of the fog blowing towards you, plus the train horn surround effect… and also if youre high as shit you actually feel like youre moving for a few seconds before the fog lifts.


How about Circa? For those too young, it used to occupy the entire building next to the Scotia Bank theatre


I went a lot back in the day but I liked it better when it was Playdium


Kathedral? Nope. Mod Club? Nope. Don’t let them take our Opera House


the cn tower is a scam. 70 bucks to just look at more condos and office buildings, then a severely overpriced restaurant


but you can see buffalo!!!


I came from another province, but I really liked Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls more than the CN Tower when I visited years ago. A big reason was because of the price difference (Skylon was like less than half the price or something), but also even though it's not as tall, being able to see the Falls (especially when it's lit up at night with the colored spotlights) is super beautiful. Toronto is nice to look at but generally it's not as exotic and doesn't have the same natural beauty as Niagara Falls, of course.


The problem with looking at Toronto from the CN tower is that the CN tower is really the most interesting thing to look at.


Niagara Falls is a dump tho


I'm sure CN tower condos are on the way lol




Goose and dog shit minefields


Vancouver’s Stanley Park would like to have a word


Liberty village has entered the chat.


The Warden station Jamaican patties, hope they can rebuild!


One side has the crappy Patties


Please reveal to the uninitiated which is which, the Cafe or the Bakery?




Haha came to say Randy’s on Yonge and church. Great Patties!


The Islands


Except the food options there are crap! Other than that it’s pretty great


Agreed. That's why you pack a light picnic. It's part of the fun.


Ride down Spadina, grab provisions along the way. Take water taxi to island. Rinse and repeat.


True but they really really need to revamp the food concessions there. That beautiful patio at the centre island dock is so wasted! It was great as Shopsys but the current place is horrible!


But remember to take your trash home with you! Last times on the island, those trash bins were PAAACKED!


I would suggest the island cafe


And you cannot obtain Bikeshare. So you pay a lot to bring from the city and then return to the city.


Wards island, Island cafe! Best food ever!


Really? Ever?


Not surprising for a thread titled "only found in Toronto". Nothing in Toronto is that original. Matter of fact, most cities in Canada/The US aren't that unique since they're a melting pot.


What a ***shitty*** attitude to have. Go away.


Unique beers made by unique local breweries. Leslie Spit. Very high amount of parks and greenery in which you can walk into and essentially forget you're in the city at all.


Childlike optimism that the Leafs will win the Cup in this lifetime, followed by crushing disappointment at the end of the first round of playoffs.


Multi-cultural / Multi-ethnic / Multi-Racial families! True: we're everywhere but it's everywhere in Toronto. I was in a biracial couple. We were considered a very attractive couple. In the mid 90's, We moved to Toronto from Montreal. There, we would often get public "attention". The attention was usually not directly offensive but we didn't always like stares and some of the unsolicited comments. We were got used to being a relatively rare sighting in elsewhere when started going to restaurants around Toronto. At first, it was us who were astounded - like a 15 table restaurant with 12 mixed-race parties. We had a beautiful baby 18 yrs ago. 'Toronto the Beige' doesn't mean what it used to 😅


Bessarion Station.


Great place to go when you want to be alone.


I think Lower Bay station gets more traffic these days.


Don valley parkway from Eglinton down to Gardiner. I just enjoy driving along that highway when it is not congested tho.


Tip - Going down Bayview is a similar view and not nearly as congested


The Toronto islands There are very few world class cities who have anything close


That I can walk into a bodega and the hot food menu reads: 1. Jamaican patties 2. Za'atar 3. Spanakopita 4. Samosas 5. Pizza 6. Poutine


That sounds interesting! Does this bodega that sells this hot food menu have a name? I’m asking as we are visiting in June and this intrigues me. 😊


The one I was thinking of was Foodrama at 240 Parliament, a mom-and-pop Muslim bodega. I can't actually speak to the quality though and the neighborhood is definitely not a great destination for most visitors. I wandered in serendipitously one day. I just like how it shows Toronto has such diversity. The variety and quality of food is my favourite feature of Toronto, even when compared to larger cities. If you are visiting, come to get food you can't where you're from. i.e. Egyptian brunch @ Maha's on a weekday (impossible to get a table on weekends), get Chu'an Chinese skewers at Chat Bar, traditional Greek at Athens Restaurant, etc. DM me if you need more recs.


Mahas ftw. Shrimp Po boy ftw


Thank you! We are visiting from Calgary and the last time we were at Toronto was 15 year ago! I like the unique restaurants you mentioned. Will look them up and will also connect if I have more questions. I’m also usually a lurker at Reddit so am just navigating the features. 😄


I love these signs... I take pictures of these sign and send to global friends.


Jerk Chicken Poutine Montreal would never but my tastebuds fully support this cultural synergy of spicy savoury






Chris Jerk on Birchmount north of 401


showtime bistro and chris jerk


St Lawrence Market's peameal bacon sandwich...which I actually haven't tried yet. One day!


What are you hoping you'll get to experience life when you're dead? Get out there and eat your sandwich!


I once added way too much of their hottest mustard on my peameal sandwich and it felt like I could smell colours. So definitely don’t do what I did.


Also the bagels and lox… I go to the market specifically for this.


Veal Sammich or Eggplant Sammich at Uno Mustachio at St Lawrence.




I choose this poster too


Unaffordable housing!


You should get out of the city more often.


*Wow, even more unaffordable housing!*


Hooker Harvey’s


Lol, where’s that? I’ve got a hankering for... a beautiful thing.


Still around? Still has hookers?




Check Google, it knows.


I once put a bid on a townhouse across the street from there. When we spoke to the mortgage broker she googled the location and straight up asked if it was next to Hooker Harvey's.


There used to be a guy that sold perfume out a little stall in Kensington. I loved the “pussy oil” he had. Don’t know where he went or where to find it anymore. Those was good times.


My sister used this 😂


Greektown, Chinatown, old Chinatown, little India, Little Italy, Little Portugal, Little Jamaica.


THE LEAFS WHAT ELSE. No fr, if you look around, the food can be very good(i really like square boy on the danforth). Im open to other recommendations, any kinds, breakfast, lunch and dinner.




Where is it?


Everyone knows the rules.


Damn fight club


St. Lawrence Market’s watermelons 😋😋


Zanta Edit: “BELIEVE”


Jerk chicken stuffed patties from Allwyn’s, roti and doubles from Mona’s Roti. And I still miss Greg’s Ice Cream every day it’s sunny and above 15 degrees 🥲 roasted marshmallow hive I know you exist


Beautiful mix races families They're found elsewhere, but not like Toronto. Does anyone know of a place where this happens so much?


Toronto Zoo


San Diego, Cincinnati, and others giggle




Have you been to NY city?


Are we allowed to ask questions on this sub now?


Cheap thrifting of clothes by weight, 3.99/lb market by the pound @55 orfus rd


there are some decent deals found all over that area...but ive also showed up and been like 'wtf is this even' who the hell is buying this shit....then I see some guy with like 20 of the made for tv coat hangers that look ready to explode thinking he just found the deal of a lifetime. there was a good sporting good store over that way, sivousplay sports or something but have not been in years.


De Mello Coffee in Midtown. Such dang great coffee.


The Blue Jays!!! Go team!! And Rogers Centre


... and Toronto's got SkyDome too!


Toronto tap water. I don't know why. It just tastes better.


it is pretty good and always cold if you run it....finding out that some places the water pipes are above ground so the water is warm is not the most fun.


Honestly, kothu roti. I've never really seen Sri-Lankan (well, more like Tamil) restaurants in the big cities like New York or LA (most of them are just Indian cuisine selling bland ass butter chicken), so it's cool Toronto is basically the only place ik so far to have it. :')


Babu Catering dishes a mean mutton kothu roti <3


Watching the fat Anna at the back making it is half the fun


Wally’s. It’s a greasy spoon near the corner of Kipling and Rexdale Blvd. The atmosphere and pure unpretentiousness of the place, along with the great breakfast makes it a gem.


I KNOW this isn't only in Toronto, but I feel like we have an incredible amount of well stocked convenience stores. At least half also sell beef pattys, which is a nice touch. They also carry some cool random ethnic treats depending on the owners. I find when I'm traveling outside of Canada and I feel like an ice cold canned beverage, bag of chips or some candy its fairly hard to find, but in Toronto there is a convenience store within 2 mins of any point. Even if I am going to a party or BBQ I know I can get off of transit at my destination and not show up empty handed. I don't think there is any data on this...but I bet our convenience store per capita is quite high.


Warden station Patties


Huge variety of affordable restaurants


Leslie Street Spit. Always available for cycling, walking, birding or gazing upon the work of nature upon broken remnants of the city.


I have a real soft spot for that not particularly attractive apartment/medical building on the SW corner of Bloor and Dundas W.


Edward's Gardens at night with a full moon.


Cinesphere. The original IMAX theatre.


Skydome and the Blue Jays. Best baseball experience in Canada.


Toronto island! I love that little archipelago, it’s one of my best places to be be :)


Your mom.


Ketchup and bacon flavored chips.


Those are everywhere in Canada.


There’s a rest of Canada??


Ummm, I don’t think so— every time I’ve tried to leave Toronto, I end up in Toronto.


Have you had Miss Vickie’s Spicy Ketchup? They’re amazing.


I never really was a fan of ketchup chips but these miss Vicky’s spicy chips changed my world


I gained 10lbs because of those chips. The Costco gigantic bags are the best!


The spicy dill pickle too 👌


Funny thing my buddy in the states I've sent him boxes of Ketchup chips.Once he visited me and wanted some snacks and I gave him a bag of ketchup chips and he was hooked.Shipping not cheap since the boxes are pretty large and cost more than the actual chips but he does not care.


Ketchup chips are the supreme chip. Closely followed by All Dressed.


Get yourself some storm chips. Next level all dressed


This is news to me. What’s the brand? Where can they be reliably found?


[Covered Bridge Storm Chips](https://store.coveredbridgechips.com/products/storm-chips-available-to-order-online-dec-4th) Kinda hard to find but gourmet food stores is a good bet and Costco occasionally - [looks like they have them now](https://www.costco.ca/covered-bridge-storm-chips-potato-chips%2c-8-pack.product.100389739.html)


Oh yes I bought these! But it might have been a different mix because there were 3 flavours inside. Didn’t even realize what brand I got from Costco.


Apache burger. This is a hill I will die on, it’s the best burger joint in the city and I’ll 1v1 any of you on rust that disagree


Seriously? What makes it so great to take such a stand? Frozen burger patties. Oversized, gross buns. Fries aren't anything to write home about. Not seeing the appeal other than it's been an institution of Etobicoke for decades. It has staying power that's for sure.


The air being ~78% nitrogen is nice, and such a uniquely Toronto characteristic. Probably couldn’t live without it.


The DNB scene




Million dollar houses that were bought for 75k in the 1960's.


the amount of douchebags is incomparable to anywhere else in Ontario.


My ex gf


Bluejay home games


They have those in Seattle






And his hoity toity cousin Fashion Santa


Toronto slang! Lol


He best street vended hot dogs IN THE WORLD!


Bikini'd Toronto Chair Gurl .. only the The6ix !!!!!


Brick St Bakery oatmeal chocolate chip cookies... Just sayin' 🤤


I always say U wanna have chinise Jamaican at 10pm? Torontos got u. How many cool ethnic neighborhoods are just 15min away from each other: Koreatown, Greektown, little italy, little india...


peace and happiness