1. Quite often have cleared for me before upgrades at the gate. 2. Someone bought up or they sold 2 extra tickets in FC. Hub hub is always a challenge, even as a 1k with an instrument.


I was one of the last people to board the aircraft. I noticed four of the seats in business were empty. I joked with the FAs that if they want to move me up just let me know. I told them I was 1) on the list. They asked my seat number. And this is a first… I actually got upgraded. So sitting in business now. Happy Turkey Day.


Nice, enjoy!


I'm not saying this is what for sure happened here, but United will often keep at least 1 first class seat open on flights until the last minute in case a first class passenger on another flight suffers from IRROPS and needs to be booked onto a new flight. I've had this happen twice in the last year, where I was holding a FC ticket on a flight that canceled, and they were able to pretty seamlessly rebook me onto another flight to get home and preserve seating me up front.


United Rev Management is pretty good at managing inventory and we’re at one of the biggest travel holiday weekends. They’ll start blocking seats in first if economy gets oversold enough as they want to avoid oversold and IDBs. Super useful for folks waiting to get upgraded.