Star Wars was never really all that great in the first place

Star Wars was never really all that great in the first place


I love those original films, but I understand where you're coming from. Star Wars (ANH) had the wow factor, back in the day, as there had been nothing like it, which gave it a foot up. Next, I think Empire was far, far better then it had any right to be. The soundtrack, the direction, the cinematography, the acting, and so on. It was lightning in a bottle. Seeing interviews with GL, he's always stated they are kids films, that adults can enjoy. I'm sure he never intended them to be so highly regarded as cinematic works of art, rather than really entertaining, fun films. GL is obviously a very intelligent man. It's a shame Disney didn't get him on board to prevent the sequel trilogy being so utterly dire.


Say what you want about the prequels but George at least had a plan for them


Yep, deffo agree.


The only good Star Wars films are the clone wars animated series


My man knows what’s up


Jar Jar Binks is the only appeal.


The story was predictable, the actors were overrated (I’ve always thought Harrison Ford was bland, monotone and I never saw his appeal) and the special effects were probably amazing for their time but not very special nowadays.


The stories are basically Greek "epic hero" tales. They're quite formulaic. It gives them mass appeal but also makes more intelligent viewers roll their eyes.




I’ve never watched star wars. And for some reason can’t bring myself to watch any of the movies.


You're missing out. A New Hope is enormous fun. There's a reason it broke all box office records. (It's self contained, so no huge loss if you don't watch any more.)


I say if you're going to watch a Star Wars movies, watch episode four. Its the best one, by far. It's much more cathartic than any other. When the rebels launch their assault on the death star, it honestly feels like they might not succeed. That's something the other movies are lacking.


You should. I’m a bit biased because I’m a big star wars nerd, but the movies are really fun to watch if you want to waste an afternoon.


It's just weirdly that one franchise that somehow became the most I don't even know how to put it words socially acceptable? common like everybody your mom grandma is going to be super into it and that's just seen as normal everything else doing it's like it's not part of the mainstream


The ONLY reason I even remotely watch it is for the lightsaber fights


Daily "I didn't like the SW movies so everything else also sucks" post


I just liked darth Vader


I never watched Star Wars as a kid so I watched A New Hope as an adult. Even discounting the special effects, the movie was very disappointing. I didn't really care about the rebels because they did a poor job of setting up Darth Vader as a villain. Starting with the fourth movie doesn't make sense. The acting was subpar as well. I have no interest in continuing the rest of the series.


I am a big Star Wars nerd...but I don't care for the movies (yes, even the original trilogy). The best Star Wars content you'll ever find is in the comic books, shows, and overall expanded universe


A film doesn't need to be deep and intellectual to be good.


I like the original trilogy, but I was always more a Star Trek guy than a Star Wars guy.


It's not as much about the movies nowadays as the expanded universe. I was a huge star wars nerd, and the movies were simply an entry for me. The coolest part of it all, was pre-disney everything created surrrounding star wars was canon. So you read a book, play a video game, and read the comics, it added to the storyline and the allure of the franchise. The characters that seemed somewhat minor in the movies ended up playing a major role in the overall "universe" (think of boba fett). When I first saw the movies, I just liked the flashing lights, spaceships and jedi's. As I got older, it was all the other literature that kept me loving it. Then again, I also still love the OG movies


The fandom makes Star Wars worse


Agreed. People complain a lot about Rae as if Luke Skywalker wasn't the most blandly written Gary Stu on the planet. And the plot was still very clearly made up they went along. They are fun flashy sci fi action movies, that's it. The newer ones continue to be fun flashy sci fi action movies, so I don't really get the perceived drop in quality.


There's a pretty major gap in quality between the sequel trilogy and Citizen Kane. Just because they are sci-fi films doesn't mean they get a pass for being shit.


I tried watching it with my kids, the original Star Wars. It is actually really slow and boring. Maybe good for the time, and I can see why people get deeply into it as there are a lot of characters and stuff to explore, but otherwise not great.