No ppto protects you from getting points


If the 9 hours is including your lunch, you don’t have to do that. You can just put in 8


> If I have enough ppto to cover a 9 hour shift and I have 4 occurrences will I receive another occurrence from calling out through the associate line ? As long as you have the hours to cover the missed shift, you will be fine. Management still has to approve/deny the call out(they usually get an alert of some sort, but they have to be on the wire to check attendance alerts). But if you use PPTO, the system will absolve you of the occurrence, regardless of the point because they system overrides them.


As long as you put in your ppto after calling in (by using your “time off request” area on [email protected]) it should automatically approve your ppto request and cancel the point you would’ve been given


Call out. Just put in 4.5 PPTO. You’ll get 1/2 point.