This is refurbished. Any value ?

Seems like a new one can go for 1500 or more but when I search e-bay, I can’t find the worth of a refurbished one 🤷‍♂️



I thought that would be a quality part


It is, just a very specialized one and most people who'd want it want it new direct from a big vendor with a support contract attached.


Eh... Count yourself lucky if you can get $200 for it, half that for a quick sale. That's an enterprise computing item, and a niche one at that. I've mostly seen that kind of card used as cache in storage appliances. Not exactly a market that's super open to the idea of buying parts of unknown provenance from randos on the internet, and refurb at that.


It’s made by Intel 🤷‍♂️


I'm sorry, but what are we meant to be looking at here, please OP? All I can see is some kind of silver foil envelope. What am I missing?


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