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Why are the games now at the same time? I loved watching every single game :(


If they weren't the teams playing later would have the advantage of knowing the first game's result and could fix the match so that both of them go through. There was a big scandal at some World Cup in the 80's where West Germany and Austria fixed their match and that's why they introduced this rule.


I have a soft spot for Senegal




Can't wait for this match! For Ecuador, I think how Ecuador deals with Senegal's overall advantage in team pace is going to be critical. Ecuador has shown excellent organization in their half with the ability to quickly transition to counter-attacking. It's a hell of a feat to avoid letting up a goal in something like 8 or 9 matches straight like ECU prior to their last match. \`Avoiding set pieces is also going to be big for them because I think Senegal has an advantage in the air with their height and athleticism. Valencia's status and condition will also be critical because it's been him and no one else really although Estupinian has provided some decent service. For Senegal, it will come down to putting the ball in the back the net. In their WC qualifying matches, they often put up goose eggs against teams you'd think they should score against (believe Burundi was one). In their 3 matches against Egypt in the AFCON final and later WC qualifying matches, they scored a total of 1 goal...and that was all with Mane. I'm also still not sold on them defensively and that could prove to be deadly against a team that has quick strike capability in transition and some pace like Ecuador. For this, I think. they'd be better switching back to a 4 man backline. I'm pulling for the CAF and Senegal this tourney because I think it's criminal that some federations like CAF only get 5 slots, but Ecuador can flat out defend really well, and I expect some defensive lapses at some point in Senegal's defense that is typical of CAF teams. Prediction: 2-1 Ecuador victory


I'm torn on who to root for. Senegal has some quality players and them rallying behind the loss of Mane would be a great storyline but I really like Ecuador and, imo, they have played the best football in the group. Hope both teams can somehow qualify Lol


Ecuador looking tough this World Cup. They play very aggressive. They usually put the other team on the back foot and force you to defend them.


I'm rooting for Senegal


why man


I have a soft spot for them


It will be a fun game. Let's go Ecuador!!!! VAMO EQUADOR


VAMOS ECUADOR!! The Ecuadorian team is looking very aggressive compared to other teams, this should be easy.


I’m so fucking nervous


Same here bro. Both teams look good.


Go senegal!!! not enough african teams in the round of 16


Is Valencia healthy? I don’t see many offensive options from Ecuador without him


Nop, he is doubtful for tomorrow. He will apparently still play but we wont know if he will start until tomorrow when line ups release. I am not sure how I feel about valencia not being 100%, this is Senegals chance forsure


That's a big loss..not just for ECU but for us as fans. Any idea of who might be taking his place?


Ecuador will win, go southamerica


Vamos Ecuador!!! South America is with you!!


Surely Iliman Ndaiye has to play in front of these usually mediocre guys from ligue 1?


Vamos ecuatorianos, que está tarde tenemos que ganar!!!


Can’t wait


Is there a Brazil-Uruguay thread?


Why should one exist?


Hear that? It's Valencia coming in with a rocket header.


Go Valencia.. Vamos Ecuador


Let’s go Ecuador 🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨


Senegal should take this. It’s all or nothing. Ecuador is tough…


I’d back Senegal from a squad perspective but they look erratic, Ecuador have a game plan


That's usually how African countries play the WC right? Chaos and resilience and a shit ton of atleticism. Seems to be always enough to get some unexpected results, but never enough to bring them to the finals.


I honestly can’t argue with that. I think African teams have more potential than they show. There’s not been any team building on the 2002/2006 IC Ghana teams


Calling it now, Senegal. Feels like an African day..


Sorry but no.


They haven’t looked great but on paper they are a better team, it’s all about if Senegal come together. If not Ecuador have every chance


Don't forget that they are missing their star.


Doo wa de de de dum didi du, going past defenders, scoring 1 or 2, he looks good, he looks fine, iliman is on my mind and he wears the 29 singing…


iliman ndaiye (👀 yes I’m A sheff Utd tan)