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Without Neymar and Danilo?! Ill take this win! Our defense is a wall. One to the next round!


Vini not passing in plays like [this](https://imgur.com/a/HdjBroo) worries me a bit ngl, he seems to hog the ball a bit too much imo but w/e good game


Ativa o Windows aí, fião.


kkkkk no


Yeah that was really upsetting. Got greedy


I didn’t watch the match because i was sleeping lol so did brazil defend well today or swiss attack just wasn’t good? question


Brazil defended well again. It was a little bit like the game vs Serbia




No side is going to play well for all 7 games (presuming they get to the final), being able to grind out wins when not at your best is important


Tough game indeed, gladly we won. First time winning against the Swiss in world cup matches. Round of 16 awaiting 😨🤒




What? He is our best chance at creating any play. Sure he holds on to the ball too long sometimes but I'll take it.


Vini initiated the 3 goals we made


Swiss had zero shots on goal. They played defensively and had zero offense. They cannot win a world cup like that. Several passes that went to no one or to Brazil. Constant kickbacks to the goalie. The only thing I can say is Shaqiri was missing from the line up and he is a big part of their offense.


>They cannot win a world cup like that. Who thinks they can win, though, honestly speaking? There are levels to the game


I am just saying.


Seems like they were trying to have a draw with Brazil and beat an easier Serbian opponent next match


Congrats to Brazil on their 2-0 victory


You do realize that the whole reason there is an offsides rule is to stop someone from just hanging out near the opponents goal which is exactly what happened here.


Right, but he wasn’t expecting to receive a pass, and was actively running toward center field.


Ikr. Offside rule to someone running backwards is kinda stupid if you stop to think about it.


Brazil didn't have the best of displays but they still leave the match as deserved winners, Switzerland did absolutely nothing the whole match and was downright painful to watch. I'm not sure if they were afraid of Brazil or if it was just a tactical debacle, but they were pretty much nowhere from start to finish.


Today showed how good Brazil are defensively. Silva made some crucial blocks and Militao was solid at RB. Also thought Rodrygo was quality when he came on and showed how good of a number ten he was. I still think Switzerland are the second best team in the group but I expect fireworks for that Serbia game.


Swiss side tried too hard to draw the game. It is the WC for god sake.


That's exactly why they tried. A draw against Brazil and another against Serbia and they'd be qualified.


Draw against Serbia is still enough (assuming Cameroon doesn't go crazy and beat Brazil)


Switzerland played it's game, that was pretty much expected. Neymar's absence was felt, but Bruno Guimarães had a solid role in the 2nd half dictating the middlefield. Ugly win, but a win nonetheless.


The ref was terrible, Switzerland didn't come to play football, not a single yellow card given out. Bruno Guimaraes deserves to be in Fred's place, he gave Casemiro so much freedom to play he ended up scoring the winner.


I feel like Bruno played really well. But with 4 man on the attacking side. Dont you think we need some one a little more defensive? Not sure if buno can do that job


> not a single yellow card given out. 50' Yellow Card for F. Rieder (Switzerland)


Serbia really kicked Brazil in the nuts in that last match. Brazil had scored two goals in the 62nd and 73rd minute during their match with Serbia. Are we seeing a potentially neutralized Brazil for the duration of this Cup? Even the commentators were saying they played badly.


Have you watched Brazil play before this tournament? 60 minute mark is when we start to really play. Wearing down the opponent for an hour is our specialty.


Brazil didn't have it's best showing, but what do you expect against a team that is putting it's 11 players in it's defensive field? Every single game that goes like this is pretty hard for the offense - especially considering we were missing Neymar. And keep in mind Switzerland is a pretty physical team and even though UEFA group C wasn't the best they still only allowed two goals in 8 matches.


Not the best match but solid win. It’s tough to score against Switzerland. Beautiful goal by Casemiro! He deserves it. Congrats Braziillllll ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Brazil could’ve played so much better. They kept making the same attack mistake (they’d attack in the middle where they were surrounded by 4-5 Swiss players). I do think Switzerland played to its highest capacity, and did a good job.


Though Brazil won. But akanji was so so good Switzerland's best player tonight. Man city are really lucky to have him.


Will we see Dani Alves get some minutes against Cameroon? I certainly hope so.


Possibly. We definitely should rest our players and give some people a chance


Fuck a flopping Brazilian.


Brazil did not play well, but still dominated the game and won against a very strong team. An inspired Brazil can definitely win it all this time.


Good game. Brazil look really solid.their midfielder attack defense... Everything is 🔥🔥🔥


Alisson still not working


In my heart, Brazil won 2-0


Brazilian here. Love you man 🙏


Teams that come to the World Cup just to sit back and go for a goalless draw can get fucked Well done Brazil


as a Swiss suffering through this, I think they did as much as they thought they could, but they could have done more for sure. But of course they knew that they would be more vulnerable like that...


You beat France last year in the Euros, you shouldn’t be playing like Albania


yes I know thats why it's so frustrating, let's see against Serbia


Some people crucified me for saying this. I agree 110%


I am glad Brazil won. The way Switzerland play was painful to watch. I still don't understand about the offside. Congratulations Brazil fans!


Yeah, if you don’t know that it’s Richarlison who’s flagged, it’s hard to figure out. From an offside position, he ran pretty far to try to intercept a pass, so he got involved in the play even though he didn’t touch the ball.


Thanks 🙏


Richarlison was offside


Mid game… sadly