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This Portugal team have a chance to make a run. However, I wonder how bad Nuno Mendes injury is. No disrespect to Guerrero, but there is a drop off both defensively and even more so offensively at the LB spot. If he’s out for the tournament it would be a big blow for them.


Uruguay were good with the ball and creating chances but their line up sucks. They were not able to hold enough possession. Bruno was pure class !!


So many countries need to reteach their players to finish. Screw flashy techniques, just finish the goal.


Ronaldo knew he didn't touch that ball and that was also the reason why he didn't do his "SIIUUU" ritual. He immediately ran to Bruno to celebrate his goal. If he would really try to 'claim' it like many people say, he would've done his "SIIUUU".


That's what I was thinking


Do y’all think Ronaldo will play on Friday?


Fernandes played really well


Thought Portugal were worth the win albeit far too slow in the final third when advancing the ball. I hope Mendes is fine because he is crucial for Portugal. Fernandes was great and Ronaldo had a solid game. Didn't get a goal but dropped deep and made solid passes to the flanks. I'm sure he'll get criticised for merely celebrating as weirdos love hating him over literally nothing at this point. Uruguay had great passages of play and on another day could've converted one of the decent efforts they had with Bentacur and a few others in the last 15 minutes. Their pressing isn't too much to write home about which is worrying for them considering who they've got next. Speaking of, Ghana vs Uruguay (presumably) it is to be the decider for 2nd place, lol. That's surely the match Ghana have been dreaming of for 12 years.


For all the top class players they have, Uruguay have shown us nothing special in two full matches. They didn’t deserve any points today


CARREGA PORTUGAL!! Bruno Fernandes 🔥