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who would miss little turd??


Justo to be clear, hee said this is his final world cup Match, but he will play next years copa américa and other minor stuff


Thanks for confirming. All I read is that this final is his last match.


Really? I haven’t heard that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he reconsiders if he wins the trophy. No point in continuing on if he wins the WC as another Copa does nothing for his legacy imo. Best avoid declining years and ride off into the sunset on top.


Yeah but to me there is no way that his last match won't be in Argentina. I really doubt this will be his last match for the Albiceleste


I agree on that. If he wins the whole thing I can see him having one more match in Argentina as a send off. Other than that if I were in his position I would leave on a high note. If he loses however may be a different story.