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Im sure griezmann have more chances created


Very impressive. Good luck


Messi...the G.O.A.T. Hope he lifts the WC.


I nullify this jynx.


Dude is the best by a mile for him to do it at 35 is freaking special.




tell me you no nothing about football without telling me you dont know anything about football




Bro wot u on about


somehow the duration since he was born is important to confirm his GOATness but duration he played in the tournament is not so important in coming up with the ranks.. sigh!


It's not his fault others didn't make it to the final, you know that right? Nobody's gonna give an award to Enner Valencia, for example, for scoring 3 goals when he got eliminated in the group stage even if scoring 3 goals in the group stage in and of itself is a great accomplishment


Ok boomer






Anda por allá


Undisputed GOAT of football If anyone who thinks to disagree, then he doesn't comprehend football right. We can all have different players that we like, different clubs we like but his stats and individual/team achievement of this guy have never been reached and won't be broken in near future.




Not tryna be a dick but when people say this I gotta ask how much have you watched Pele actually play? Not just highlights but entire matches.


My Dad told me about Maradona, I will tell my kids about Messi


doesnt he have. 9 assists? i am fairly certain he has 9 assists.


You might be thinking all World Cup appearances but this is just 2022


Argentina have only scored 12 goals and he has 5 of them.


no only 3


Haters gonna say every line you wrote was rigged


Not 1st in goals from open play, in fact he’s behind 2 French players for that, he’s also drawing with a French player for assists. Sunday is gonna be interesting


Yeah it’s def unclear that he’s tied for a few of these lol (undisputed GOATness tho)


Impressive. I hope he lifts the WC.


That's why he is the G.O.A.T, the G.O.A.T


I love how comments in this sub sorted “new” by default. I get to see Messi trash talk every time I open a post. Otherwise it’ll be boring af


1st in walking round


He consistently seems to be walking into positions he needs to be in and where he can create chances so i don’t see the big deal. Pirlo was a brilliant player as well and i don’t think i saw him sprint very often at all.


- First in handballs - First in carrying 20 year old grievances - First in acting


1 st in bigger dick


He's the GOAT!!!


This is what FIFA loves to use as a script for a second place. To give the best player award with a silver medal.




may be he can becomes the president and give himself a tax break .. lol


you should respect any second division player more than a politician


Such a low bar...


Always has been.


Do it just one more time Messi! ✌️


Aww fifa baby so cute


He’s tied with Mbappé in like half of those, Mbappé also got all his goals outside of penalties.


Mbappé is 23 and Messi is doing this at 35.Even if they are tied which generally means they both played phenomenally well this tournament.The fact they are tied despite that age gap speaks volumes.


And imagine, how good of a player Mbappe is!


Good, but Kylian will not reach that level I believe. Fouls received for any other player would be half for the same fouls. But Messi is without a doubt the best ever.


Yes the best foul getter on earth. Football can be better than rolling on the field gripping this or griping about that trying to get a ref to give you an unfair advantage. Football is foul when fouls win football game.


I don’t understand why you are getting downvoted. Maybe the Messi fan boys are proud when Messi dives to the ground and acts hurt for a free kick/penalty? To most it just ruins the game.


Must not watch a lot of games cause Messi is not a big diver at all. He often get nearly upended and keeps going and scores when other players would have hit the dirt.


I’m no Messi expert so I’ll take your word for it. My response is more that I don’t understand why the guy I replied to is getting downvoted. If fans love the sport anywhere near as much as they love Messi they would agree that the diving for fouls ruins the sport.


I think most fans agree - it’s unfortunate that it still works and so as long as that’s true player will keep doing it


Obviously some fouls are exaggerated, but Messi’s movement with the ball is definitely drawing fouls more than the average player. I’m a casual fan of the sport but even I can see this. When fouls become excessive it does bring the enjoyment down but when you’re dancing between 3 defenders someone is likely to foul you.


I don’t disagree with you. The thing is the guy I replied to wrote 3 sentences, a short one on Messi and 2 long ones on how foul diving ruins the sport. My issue is that the fan boys don’t seem to read past the first sentence, yet if their love for the sport was anywhere near their love for Messi they would probably admit he has a point. Thats why I don’t get why he’s being downvoted.


Valid point. Now it’s time to get up and find out what he has left for today! I was 8-9 minutes late for yesterday’s Morocco vs Croatia game because I made coffee and missed the first 2 goals! Not happening today!


Still gonna loose 5 1 against France lmao


Le Pain


You crazy.. that's tell a lot of your futbol knowledge


It’s gonna happen. Fuck the midget


Refuerza mufa


you forget one stadistic, messi make 8 masturbations per day in this world cup, is the secret of your succes




why italy?


How did Italy do at the world cup?


italy do the origin of messi di maria, tagliafico, pezzela, armani, lo celso, and the coach scaloni




He milks pigeons in Italy


Most games played, also


True... It's still an accomplishment, but only really meaningful among French, Moroccan and Croatian players. No doubt Messi is the best player at the tournament so far though.


i know, you dont believe my, i have the same coach of lionel messi, one great guy, carlos marconi


Retiring in MLS like a real pro should


Leo Messi remember the name.






When everyone see him "walking" and not helping his mates, he is studying the movement of the defense, watching the possible zones where magic will happen. Noobs will see a man walking, noobs will say the team defends with 10.


And resting. He is 35, he can't press and press without tiring. That is why he is paired up with Alvarez, who can press while Messi rests. By saving his energy for when they have possession he is able to still burst past players and work around the fact he is old. The fact the formation is built around his need for rest is testament to how much faith the Argentine side has in him, they are all willing to take on higher work rate and more defensive responsibilities so that he can be ready to work his magic at the right times.


Thats what Im doing aswell! Everytime im in the stadium


Stop dickriding




I'll be honest. I'm a big Messi fan. But I didn't expect him to outperform all younger players in this world cup. The way he scored some of the best goals in the tournament and undoubtedly the best assists is mindblowing. It's hard to believe he is 35. Such a genius player, the way he conserves energy and intelligently waits for the right moment to demolish the opponent. Incredible. I don't know why atheists exist anymore: haven't you seen Messi play?




Which one ?


I suppose they mean the one against Croatia. That was an incredible shot!


Golden Ball winner for sure. Hope he ends the debate once and for all this Sunday!


I'm not sure where you live but for me it is tomorrow. Saturday. Just wanted to warn you. EDIT: This is not sarcasm. It was an attempt to make sure he had the right day and didn't miss the game. Yall need to relax with the negativity.


Except even if you were trying to help, this is completely worthless because you didn't mention your timezone. I don't know about you, but some people can do basic addition and subtraction.


Have you heard about time zones?




Bro it’s Monday for me 💀




how is it possible for 800 plus players to play? what am i missing?


32 teams X 26 players per team = 832 🤓😉


so you are saying that every single player played. back up keepers and all huh? 🤯


Ha, though I did like that a few teams got all 26 of their players some minutes. I’m not a sports statistician so I don’t know the ‘rules’ re eligibility - it’s certainly more WOW to say of the 832 players, X is #1. Whatever the stats, very much looking forward to Sunday! Enjoy.


same. france or argentina?


You must be a hit at parties


Leo leads in minutes walked. Just saying.


3-1 Argentina


Don't forget 1st in volleyball smashes! (Arg - NL game)


Hope he wins the cup to cap off an amazing WC.




Mbappe going for back2back world cups


Best player of the tourney for sure... too bad the next 5 or 6 best players on Sunday are french


Wow, that’s really impressive.


The GOAT!!!!!!!


That’s why he’s the GOAT.


Best in history ❤️🤩


Lol turns out if we take away all his penalties and playtime, he’s just a bum. What does that even mean? Haters gone hate.


I’m confused — I can’t tell if this is a genuine criticism of Messi or if you’re criticizing people who employ that kind of logic to criticize Messi


Commenting on how ridiculous the haters are. Messi is nothing short of spectacular.


That makes sense. I was wondering why you were getting downvoted so heavily.


Same with any other high scorer, moot point really, I’m with you, haters gone hate.


1st is cheap pk


As if that discredits everything else that he is 1st in? Cry harder mf


Says the clown c1nt.


First is Mbappe who scored 5 goals (so far) with less minutes and none from the p.k.


So you're saying this Messi guy might be good?


Now now. He’s just in the formative years of his career. We’ll see how he performs in 1-2 years


I think if he walks less and runs more, I can see he might be able to score a few goals


It’ll be really interesting to see how he develops moving forward, can he progress and become top tier?


There’s potential there for sure


maybe possibly …


Some say he is one of the best




He has as much playtime as 3 other countries


No shit, but you still have to earn those minutes. He didn’t get to play more minutes because he’s a bum. It would be interesting to but these stats in a ratio to playing time, but you also have to remember the short rest times between games, too




he has more play time because he’s led his team farther in the tournament


his team went farther because he led them there. checks out.


Remove the penalties and the first two go away. So, he shoots a lot and gets a lot of fouls called because of who he is. Cool.


Sure anyone can score a penalty, just ask Harry Kane... oh wait


This some crazy hating lmao


Found ronaldo


You seem like an absolute joy to be around


Why would you take the penalties away


Because if you arbitrarily manipulate the numbers you can make a shit take look better


He does look promising but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet


let’s see what happens when he reaches his potential


1st in matches played


What about the other players that made it to the semifinals and to the final and played basically the same amount of minutes as him? They're also at the top in every single stat right?


Not trashing Messi. There are 33+ other players that have played as much as him and he’s beaten them all. I’m making the point that 308+ players haven’t played as much. Edit - I was curious so I checked the [stats](https://www.beinsports.com/au/2022-fifa-world-cup/statistics). A semifinalist is leading every (positive) player stat with the exception of Total Passes (Hernandez Cascante).


Maybe those other players didn't play as much as him because... Surprise , surprise ! Their team didn't play well enough to keep making progress in the tournament


So what you’re saying is “If Messi were on team Canada, then we would not be giving him credit as the GOAT” Or “Messi is so great, Canada would have advanced to the semis if they had him”? Which one?


Put them on a scale and turn the fan on. Could bounce either way


If you correct for time played I am tied for first.


This is the real stat. Great player, but the stats don’t make sense in a silo


1. Those minutes are earned 2. Those minutes are tiring. The fact he still does so well despite having more play time makes him more impressive, not less.


If it was averages, yes. But not when you compare stat for stat a player who played 3 games versus one who played 6


Did you read what I wrote? I am saying you SHOULD compare their total stats regardless of games played. Not averages. A substitute who plays for 20 minutes and gets a goal will be the best player by your methodology. You are penalizing a player's higher stats because he has more time played. But that extra time is not arbitrarily given. It is earned by him (being a starter) and by his team (advancing rounds). Therefore, it's fair to compare total stats between players.


I don’t get how people don’t understand this. He had to earn the minutes, and more minutes in a short time frame makes more stats more difficult. Super subs could be ranked super high if they come on and convert, but the high number of total minutes played is a boon to the stats, not a bane.


I read what you wrote. I disagree. Don’t think you get it. Should be per game comparison. Dumb to say stats over 540 minutes or 600 minutes in his case compare evenly towards someone who played 270 because he’s more tired. Everyone is tired. They all play 3 games a week usually and have been for 4 months. Most of them at least. You can argue comparing a substitute on a per minute basis doesn’t make sense but comparing stats of someone who played 6 games versus 3 is dumb. Still, Messi is the GOAT but not because of this post.


Welp, good thing player awards are handed out on totals and not averages.


You’re mixing two different things. Best player and most goals have to be awarded on overall body of work. And that’s fair. Messi as of now deserves the best player award. Without him Argentina don’t get there. Without Mbappe I doubt France are in the same position. On the other hand, if KDB or Hakimi or Ziyech or Modric had more support, they’d have also gone further. But saying “lOoK aT mEsSi bEaTiNg aLl 831 oThEr pLaYeRs oN sTaTs” is like awarding the best penalty kicker award to the person who took the most, not the player who scores them more often. That would be equally as dumb as this post is eluding to.


Yeah it's called making the World Cup final lmao y'all serious?


He’s the GOAT. For sure. But comparing total stats on players in 3 games versus 6, unless using averages, isn’t a comparison.


It is due to the short amount of rest between games. Running 12k in a match 3 times in a week makes the next games harder because you’re spent and haven’t had much rest.


Maybe you just started watching football. They do that every week in the top teams of the top 5 leagues.


Lol no need to be an asshole. They play a game a week if you look at just league matches and don’t consider outside contests like Europa/champs league. I’ll agree that the top teams have more contests, but all you’re doing is reinforcing my point. Messi is considered the goat because he does more than anyone else, and we saw this year after year when he was considered in the top 2 for a decade. He produced more, but also played more, and nobody batted an eye at that and said, oh well that one sub came in for one game and recorded a hat trick in 12 min, give him the balon d’or. It’s just not how it works. All those minutes were earned, as were the other stats


I mean, sorry to be an ass but you’re saying he’s playing more than normal. They play a game every 3-4 days when busy in the league and UCL. 4 on average. That’s same as right now. Not sure how this is more than normal. You could argue these games are more intense but the reality is they probably aren’t when you’re playing games against the top European club teams. He’s the GOAT. He’s impressive. He’s the best. He’s been the best in the tournament. But the way these stats are presented is weird. It’s like saying a player who played UCL and La Liga is better than a player who won the Prem but didn’t play UCL. They might be? But can’t compare playing 38 games to playing 48ish games


I see your point. My thinking is that most players don’t play that much, yes, the players on the top teams do, but best of the best isn’t normal, it’s an outlier. And I still feel like I would double down and say that the player who played more games because they qualified for the extra tournament earned the extra minutes and earned the opportunity to produce more. If a player’s able to pad their annual stats because of that then so be it. You can’t take away the fact they scored X amount of goals over the year in various contests. Individual leagues/tourneys can have theirs own stats and awards and accolades, but it’s undeniable that a player produced X this year, regardless of the opportunity to do so


I think he might be pretty good


He's just a player you're not allowed to dislike. I don't care how he humiliated you or your team, he's proven again and again that he's a legend. I've met loads of famous people in my life, but Messi stands above all by a mile. I can die happy.


He seems humble and just absolutely dedicated to his craft which is incredibly inspiring. And lets his play do the talking.


You met the goat bro???


Sure did, one beautiful day in Amsterdam when Barcelona was playing Ajax. I was working at the stadium and he came into the meeting room I was setting up. I said "todo bien?". He said "todo bien", then he shook my hand when he left.


This is so legendary lmao, I would lose a few of my best friends for this experience


Have you washed the hand ever since


Wow this is huge man. I envy you


Yes, but I want to add that these numbers are heavily skewed by how long the teams have been in the tournament. If your team didn’t pass the group stage, you only had 3 games to accrue these numbers.


No shit


And all the PK's


He still leads these stats even though France, Croatia and Morocco all have great players and they’ve all made it just as far


For sure, it’s just not entirely fair to compare him to all 800+ players as the title put it.


When someone posts something good about someone, someone else is always gonna try to discredit them..


I’m not discrediting anything. I’m simply providing some context. Nowhere do I make any claims about Messi’s skills - he’s very obviously one of the best players in the world. These numbers just aren’t a very accurate way of measuring it.


Don’t feed the trolls. You’re entirely right. Stats make sense when compared fairly. You can only compare him to 3 other teams right now.


If your team got grouped you don't deserve to be in the conversation for these stats


Incorrect. Some of the world’s best players are on teams that didn’t even qualify. For example Haaland.


The post is about Messi's World Cup stats. It may suggest that he is the best player in the world, but my comment was just about the stats.


Also the first player to grab a ball from mid air and not receive a card.


Its considered yellow if it stops an attack, read the rules dumbass.


Je kkr moeder :)


Keep crying like a hoe


Je kkr moer


Number of Rings tossed into fires of Mordor (1) also first at world cup


He truly is one of the players of all time.


T-1st for uncalled handballs (1)


Ayo a fellow watch wearer


Uncalled? The foul was called... Get over it