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Oh man I was wondering when the daily threat of nuclear war was gonna come


I wonder if this is what it was like growing up in the 50-80s


Pretty much. I remember doing weekly "blast" drills in grade school, getting under your desk and covering your head because that's certain to protect you.


Not to be flippant, but it certainly could protect you if the blast was far enough away, you know. Although whether you'd prefer to be at ground zero of one of those blasts, considering the likely aftermath, is another matter.


It protects you from shattering window glass, not the bomb itself, ffs.


The 80's was when the doomsday clock was the closest. It was so very much worse, because we *believed*. I literally have less worry than I did 6 months ago. Zero belief that anyone will launch. 77 years, more troubled times, and it didn't happen.


70s and 80s too


Lol I mean is it or isnt it. Come on Russia make up your mind


There’s a 0% chance Russia will launch nukes.


Not 0%




Probably less than .1. More like .04


I really hope you are right, and I hope I'm an idiot. but there is an obviously sick man in the Kremlin with no way to save face. I think a nuke will be the end result.


He has a form of cancer If his 68 year old mind is twisted and he doesn’t want to go out alone…….


The command has to go out through his generals. As there is absolutely zero point in nuclear Armageddon the order will stop right there.


Have you seen how many generals have died in the last 3 months?


He can order the launch of nukes, I just doubt that they would fly. That order would have to go through so many people who don't want the world to end in a nuclear blast. I feel pretty safe.


Exactly what I came to say.


I love how they think that Russia wouldn’t be destroyed too. Like do they really want to Destroy their country just because they can’t get a small piece of ukraine


They're barking like dogs to appear strong in the eyes of their brainwashed audience.


Russia's strategy to improve its global standing has been to make every other country worse instead of making itself better.


The 5th grade bully strategy; "don't be friends with them or ill beat you up".


That’s why they enslaved republicans in the US


No, they don't. They're just spineless and shit scared of looking bad. This is literally the ONLY thing they have. I also don't think a full nuclear war would be as devastating for the rest of the world as it would be for Russia. China would not join them.


A full nuclear war would lead to the collapse of every country on earth if Nuclear Winter were to happen, and it’s as bad as the models predict. All sides need to understand that the nuclear option is no option at all - for anything other than suicide.


The "models" are from the 60s and the author themselves says they were highly propaganda driven and lacking in real atmosphere aresol models. Nuclear winter is for sure a concern, but I don't think it's as sure of a thing as people think. China would certainly collapse either way though. They import 50%+ of their food from the West and most global food shipments would immediately halt out of fears of scarcity.


Well, he did say that too. I think these titles are a bit misleading. I have seen similar ones before. He said “such conflicts have a risk of opening a full fledged nuclear war between the west and russia”, that is totally different from “we’ll nuke you, don’t”


Someone needs to tell Russia that they can leave Ukrainian territory anytime they want.


Just this. They start this shit and get all fucking sad that heavens forbid the West and others helped out. What, were we meant to make it easier on Russia to fight Ukraine and stay out of it. Fucking idiot logic. Putins getting desperate as his "operation" has almost failed and has his one trick nuclear pony to resort to.


The West isn't arming Ukraine.....it's a special munitions operation.


The Javelins are just on vacation.


Its so we can help the Ukrainians de-nazify their country


Could you please write about this in your law blog?


For sure, check Bob Laub Law's Law Blog later today for more


That looked fun to read out loud and it just come out as 'bobluboblublublob'




Oh it's actually a thing, I had no idea! Ha at least my pronunciation was close enough!


hahah yeah, it's from an early 2000s show called 'arrested development'.




Everything seems to revolve around nonsensical babbling for me


I’ve always wanted a Bob Laub Law’s Law Blog review of the Rural Juror.


"If you don't let us win we're going to throw a tantrum" is the translation, I think


Someone very close to me said that if he was Vlad, he would start a full blown nuclear war so he won't be losing face...


Was it your wife?


My brother.............


Nuclear war will quite literally make him lose his face. And that of pretty much everybody he's ever known.


He'd be losing face eventually.... Cause it would probably melt off from the blast the west sends back.


Is the nuclear threat perceived as a bargaining tool or is nuclear conflict Putin's desire next move? I really can't tell. And frankly, I don't care. It may be time to do whatever is necessary to end Russia's perverse regime. Medvedev and Lavrov are henchmen.


Oh here we go…. [Putin & Medmedev are at it again](https://youtu.be/XJYmyYzuTa8)


Here is a video that I watched about it. Providers a good explanation in my opinion: https://youtu.be/sxOO0hCCSk4


I've been sharing this video with people. Glad to know it's making an impact.


Long story short: These threats are to turn the opinion of democratic voters, not for governments. There is no indication by Russia’s nuclear assets that they are preparing to use nuclear weapons. Additionally, there are no indications they are preparing their population for nuclear holocaust, like building bunkers, stockpiling goods, etc.


Yes by all means, humiliate the nutjob with nukes. Let's have principles, species survival be damn.


Just maybe, the Russian military in control of the nuclear weapons are a bit more sane than the leadership.


That's reassuring for the future of humanity. It all depends on the Russian military "in control" of the nukes.


Yes, the fact is Russia has thousands of them.


Do you think Russia will start a nuclear war because someone said something rude about Putin on Reddit?




Exactly. It's 1984 all over again. (And I don't mean the book).


Russia realizes that aimbots and cheats only work in videogames and not in real wars, they are shocked !


I spit on your grave Vlad




Literally everyone in the government is saying he could, even the Mayor of Kyiv is saying he's concerned https://www.republicworld.com/world-news/russia-ukraine-crisis/kyiv-raises-concern-over-possible-use-of-tactical-nuclear-weapon-by-russia-on-ukraine-articleshow.html We don't need people being told that a psychopath who already invaded multiple countries won't do something even more evil or stupid.


Jesus Christ.. fun fact, did you know what politicians and bureaucrats do? They lie. This is mad man theor, it’s bluff. The fact that everyone keeps saying it and is still in positions of power in Russia might be a clue it’s a official talking point. And yup some people believe the bluff.


You assume he's rational. Is he?


People keep saying he isn’t, but what has he done that is actually irrational from his perspective? Invading Ukraine was rational, and no one would have said it wasn’t if it worked as planned, but it didn’t.


How was it rational? You don’t think the cons would have outweighed the pros even if they had won a quick military victory?


>You assume he's rational. Is he? He is a rational actor. Don't let the carefully curated image of him being irrational fool you. Putin has kids, grandkids, and family members who he loves. If he attacks NATO with nuclear missiles, this means death for his immediate and extended family even if they somehow manage to survive the initial response from NATO.


He has family, sure. I'm not sure if he actually loves them. Maybe jealously regards them as possessions. He's not warm and fuzzy, this Vlad.


You're the only side that has expressed/threatened the willingness to use them.


Medvedev was more "president" than president. Just a placeholder while Poo tin waited out the consecutive-term limit in Russia's constitution.


It does not matter what the Kremlin says at this point. Ukraine made tons of appeasements to Russia, but Russia still invaded. So words are wind if they are coming from the Kremlin.


since they invented a reason out of thin air to outright attack the Ukraine, they can make up any excuse they want for any reason they want, to use a Nuke. The west keeping up with arming Ukraine is 1 of them, and there are millions of reasons they could just up and go with nukes. It's not then the responsibility of the nation being attacked and the allied nations (even neutral ones) arming them to end the war. What's basically being asked is: Stop arming the Ukraine....*and simply let Russia get what it wants, which is the entire Ukraine nation*....or else they will resort to nukes. Like bro that's not how any of that works. I mean if you follow through and have the nukes to do it, sure maybe, but again, they don't require only the US to stop arming the Ukraine because...well let's just say the west *did* halt it. They're just going to make a new demand and then go back to "or we will nuke you!" because simply saying it worked the last time, so it should work this time too. So *actually* stopping the armament of the Ukraine from the west is absolutely not the answer.


Stop posting this fearmongering bullshit


Fearmongering? Sheeeettt.....I'm eating popcorn to this! Flat fact: they're not going to throw the bomb. They do things like this, means they're losing harder on the ground. And I like that.


Yeah, who's still scared of this? Either they will or they won't. All the threats make them look weaker and weaker.


Yes, much better to construct an echo chamber in which we ignore the threat of nuclear war, lest it kill our buzz.


It’s a bluff. The actual really dumb thing to do would be to give in. If we except the bluff the threat will be used again. Which means increased likelihood of something actual going wrong.


Calling a bluff with another bluff. Eventually you have to lay your cards down.


Yup and the cards being, the west is arming Ukrainian and Russia did nothing. The cards have already been laid down.


It's actually a bigger threat if we don't take them seriously because then we won't act with caution. MAD only prevents Armageddon if both sides understand an attack means doom.


It’s just a push of the button. There is nothing ordinary people can do about it so there’s no need to take it seriously. The best we can do is to hope that soldiers (from all sides) will take sacrifice and defy the orders.


Hard disagree. Most NATO countries vote for leadership. If the general populace starts running an echo chamber that there's no threat, eventually they'll vote in leadership that shares that thought. And if leadership thinks there's no threat, they'll use full force. And of course at that point Russia would respond with full force. I don't want it to get to that point.


I think everyone knows that if they launch a nuclear attack, they cease to exist.


$#@! russia and its BS.


You can say fuck


yea tired of my accounts getting banned cause i got some dbag stalking me reporting everything i post.


Damn that's annoying af


I didnt realize that Russia had nuclear weapons ... have they ever mentioned this before?


As opposed to what? A small playground scuffle of a nuclear war? Any more wordings you want to try to make the same threat sound different?


Russian a-hole, go f yourself.


At this point this reads more like "Toddler threatens to hold his breath until he gets what he wants". We all now he'll pass out eventually.


Make the world a better place - kill a Republican today! 🌎🩸


There will be another


Sounds like that's the plan


Keep crying wolf Russia...


Are these imbeciles that crazy that they honestly believe that the world is going to cower to them with there constant threats.. the little dictator is even making fat head from North Korea look semi normal


We don't negotiate with terrorists and people finally got what Kasparov is preaching since years. Besides, Medvedev haven't "committed suicide" yet? Isn't he on any list? We should grant him asylum if he promises to behave. And we should double military support for Ukraine. Fucking perverts will pay for what they have done


What's the logic here? We're losing so we're just going to annihilate the planet... Yes that includes us. You lose both ways idiot.


A bullet will find it’s way into the back of their heads by Russian security detail guy who doesn’t want to kill his children


Piss off


I have bad news. Most of us just don't care anymore. Shit or get off the pot.


That's great I was getting tired of having all this skin on me


Oh bring it on. This sabre rattling is getting boring.


The more empty threats they launch, the more I'm convinced they actually have almost nothing launchworthy. Just plain old dumb bomb warheads.


At this point even if they’re actual threats, they know they we know they’ll be blasted into glass with the slight chance that mutually assured destruction my not come to fruition.


RussiaThreatens ... *yawn*.


Ahhh, was missing my daily nuclear threat from Russia. \*yawn\*


On the flip side, maybe they should just pull out of Ukraine. Then the west won't need to arm Ukraine.


The volume of the nuclear threat indicates how bad Russia is doing in Ukraine. If the west caves to these threats we step on a slippery slope downward. China, North Korea and Iran are in the wings.


then stop invading and killing them? oh i get it, they don't like people fighting back, typical communist country


So you think someone should warn Putin that his involvement in Ukraine could result in a nuclear war?


*Putin's lapdog barks impotently.*


Nothing but sabre rattling now. They have no intention to wield it now. If they did, we'd already be there. Putin has no ability to win this war now, and he knows it. All he can do is threaten his nukes, but even that is just impotent bravado now. His army sucks, made up of cowards and racists, his economy is tanking, the bulk of the civilized world wants nothing to do him or his country now, and he's literally nothing more than a pathetic war criminal now.


The daily threat of nukes is becoming a meme.


Someone ought to ship a hundred or so copies of Aesop's Fables to the Kremlin along with notes to read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."


How is Boris fucking Yeltsin the most level-headed guy who’s ever been President of Russia


No dropping sanctions until after nuclear disarmament, please.


A "full-fledged nuclear war" is not a thing. Its just "X launched nukes, then Y launched nukes in retaliation" and then everyone spends 30 minutes waiting for all the nukes to land and the world to end. That's it. There is no "war" just annihilation of all sides. The Russian government is dumb as bread but one thing they understand is mutually assured destruction, which is why they wont use nukes. If they wanted to use nukes (even small ones) they would have done it by now. They know that if they use nukes then that's it.


First they said they’d target weapons shipments bla bla and now we’re onto our 11th nuke threat.


It'll be a short war and one Russia would lose badly.


i was allready affraid that the daily nuclear threat was suddenly not happening anymore. Barking dogs do not bite, never has this been more true than now.


Oh is today the nuke threat? So tomorrow must be the “we won’t use nukes” comments


I find it hard to believe any country would launch nukes unless foreign soldiers were actually invading their country. Russia can bleat all they like, but even they must know that nukes have to be a weapon of complete last resort, because the response would be complete nuclear annihilation. Seems to me most nukes are only useful \*until\* you use them.


Yeah, fine, Volodya, we'll add it to the pile. If he gets enough stamps on his "threaten nuclear war" card, can he redeem it for a free bottle of vodka?


Can’t someone just push this f*cker out of a window already


Less talk, more rock.


That’s ok Dimtry. We are going to keep arming Ukraine. I am personally doing my part, $ given to Ukraine defence. The crimes against humanity, what these rabid animals done to even innocent children, it‘s too evil. Let’s prep all the nukes, mass launch into Russia, 1000s. We can’t let these evil bastards hold the world hostage, otherwise it will never end.


That little shit has the most to lose - his wealth, houses, leisurely life - the choices we make...


Rumor's got it he's terminal. So he has little to lose if true.




Can you shut up dimitry ? We are nit scared and you look like a fool


No balls No dick And probably no butthole since this mothafuckah feeds on radiation


They don’t seem to think they’ll be dead too.


„Such a conflict always has the risk of turning into a full-fledged nuclear war. This will be a disastrous scenario for everyone” - In the first days with first sanctions Medvedev was saying that russia will „punish” and „shut down” west, now it’s kinda like „ok we would be screwed up too”. I think they see that their bluff has been called so they backtrack the rhetoric to „man we don’t want this but if the west attacks we will be forced to do that but we really don’t want to” as oppose to „WE HAVE OUR FUCKING FINGER ON A TRIGGER YOU FUCKS”


„The thesis that Russia frightens the world with a nuclear conflict is being pushed to the top of the agenda.” - Blaming the west for saying that you threaten nuclear war when you did more times than my ex lied to me is fantastic


Does anyone remember if this how the soviets treated their arsenal?


You misspelt arsehole.


I was only a kid in the 80s so no I don't remember But looking it up I can't find much, I'm pretty sure the answer to this is no this is not normal. Not at this volume especially. Keep in mind though there were like 1000 nukes world wide that detonated during the cold war. They were constantly making nukes and testing them. So you could argue it was beyond words.


Fair enough on the last point.


go bully someone else


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://metro.co.uk/2022/05/12/putin-adviser-warns-of-full-fledged-nuclear-war-if-west-keeps-arming-ukraine-16629929/) reduced by 79%. (I'm a bot) ***** > One of Vladimir Putin's closest allies has warned Western leaders to stop arming Ukraine or else risk turning the conflict into a 'full-fledged nuclear war'. > Russia's invasion of Ukraine has killed thousands of people, laid waste to swathes of its former Soviet neighbour and raised fears of the gravest confrontation between Russia and the United States since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. > He has said Ukraine and Russia are essentially one people and has cast the war as an inevitable confrontation with the US, which he accuses of threatening Russia by meddling in its backyard through Nato eastward enlargement. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/unygm2/close_vladimir_putin_adviser_and_former_president/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~648087 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **Russia**^#1 **nuclear**^#2 **Ukraine**^#3 **Nato**^#4 **Putin**^#5


It’s pretty clear that they haven’t invested in the maintenance of their military equipment. It’s going to be interesting to see them explain away them nuking themselves….


Russia threatens. Hey! I've heard this before!


It's nearly time for the USA & NATO to test launch missiles simultaneously. Land, air & submarine-based missiles should fly at the same time. Putin needs a wake-up call. Medvedev forgets that we have more than enough nukes, also.


They keep saying that like no one else has them...


“I will wave my tiny penis at you until you are scared enough to run away.”


Seriously change the record there is only so many times we can hear the same one. We have an expression here "get off the toilet or take your sh*t".


& it's exactly what he wants & will do ...a VERY horrific individual! !


This is posturing. It directly contradicts their own nuclear warfare doctrine. Politicians have leeway to say whatever they want, but military structure plays by pretty defined rules and scenarios, defined by both the State and the army, this is called a doctrine and it's not something you can just ignore. So take this as no other thing than posturing. I've been recommending this video a lot, it's long but it educates about Russia's doctrine: https://youtu.be/sxOO0hCCSk4


It's the only, somewhat, believable threat that Russia's got left, so it's a hammer and nail thing now.


The way Putin gripping the table, he wasnt holding in some gut wrenching turd.


They must worship nuclear weapons the way putin and his followers talk about them damn learn how too see shit through


Blah blah blah. Our words are backed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS.


Uh huh, that's nice dear.


What squares are left on the Russian threats bingo card?


Im ready


Medvedev. He *looks* like the most ordinary one in the bunch, but every time he opens his mouth ....


Do their missiles even work? These assholes are clowns.


Fuck off.


I mean they can do that, but Western powers will just turn Russia into a giant glass sheet in retaliation.


Giving in to Russia's constant threats would just increase the threat of nuclear war. They can always go home and live in peace by themselves. They can even build a wall and none will object. Anyhow, reading the article is just more of the same shit as every other day: *Medvedev, who served as Russian president from 2008 to 2012, wrote: ‘The endless talk by foreign analysts about a war between Nato and Russia continues unabated.* I could link here dozens and dozens of articles Russians (not west) claiming that they are in war with NATO, but why bother. The cognitive dissonance in the Russian propaganda machine is so strong. *‘The cynicism of Western ‘talking heads’ is becoming more and more blatant.* I wonder what the "talking heads" means here, but yes. West is beyond cynical of everything that Russian politicians say these days. The reason for that is simple though: looking at past sayings, it is roughly 273% more likely that a Russian politician lies than that they speak the truth. In all reality, it is most of the time safe to bet that the exact opposite of what they say is the actual truth. *‘The thesis that Russia frightens the world with a nuclear conflict is being pushed to the top of the agenda. Even Trump recently came out with this, though, understandably, just to spite Biden.* And here we could all link probably thousands of articles of Russian threatening this very thing. It would be good for them to just stop it and clearly state that "we will never use nuclear weapons unless attacked first with nuclear weapons". *‘And of course, the Europeans are squeaking their little voices.’* :-D This is kind of funny. Russians have so much trouble understanding why European leaders are not shouting and spewing so saliva slathers the screens of the cameras shooting them. Instead the Europeans calmly state that " on top of all the other 7000 sanctions, by the end of 2022 we will stop importing fossil fuels from Russia" and the people with the slightest idea of what is happening see that 70% of all of their exports are being cut down. Just like that. They thought they were mighty, but for the EU, they are a country that is economically the size of some medium sized German provinces. Russia exports 40% of its exports to EU and EU exports 5% of its exports to Russia: most of it machines, medicine, vehicles and electrical.


Toy Boy Medvedev 🥍


I suspect everyone around him thinks he's as boring as the world does. And now Dmitry will say the same shit he said yesterday but looking more bored than the day before as he says it...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


Cool story bro


Blah blah blah Another Putin want a be that will be hung sooner than later.


Just the same old song and dance


Like I told my two year old last night: poop or go to bed.


Imagine having such a small penis you need to threaten the entire world with nuclear war daily, over a fight you started.


I feel like if Russia isn’t threatening nuclear war daily then they don’t really love us anymore.


Nobody in the West wants nuclear war, but if Vlad wants to push the button, we can't really stop him, can we?


I feel like Putin must know that the US plus all of nato and the allies will completely wipe Russia from the face of the earth if he even thinks of launching a nuke.


Fuck Russia


So Russia wants to cease to exist? Because that is what will happen in a full fledged nuclear war.


But Russia... you're not at war with them... how could it possibly matter to you?


I thought last week they said that nuclear war wasn't a possibility. Now they say this. They should really work to come up with consistent positions.


Russia - "we will invade your country, rape and kill civilians." Russia - "You better let us rape and kill you or else we will kill you." Okay then.


Who's turn will it be next week to make the nuclear threat?


Well that's that then, we all fall down. Love how Russia seems to run the narrative it will be nuking, it will be nuked back and tbf that is all I give a shit about, we will sure as fuck glass all of Russia before it wakes for it's morning propaganda show. We can all start again -dictators , the big reset......


Any day now puty, less bullshit of the mouth. I wanna get off this shit rock already.


I’d like to think he wouldn’t want a full fledged nuclear war by attacking NATO, but I think he may get desperate enough to use small nukes on Kyiv some of the other cities. He definitely is taking a scorched earth policy though. I think that is part of the reasoning behind trying to leave Putin a way out to try and save face, at least amongst his people. Any use of nukes would mark the beginning of WW3 I’m pretty sure though. Either way I fully support supporting Ukraine. At least this is a more just war than our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We’re supporting a worth while cause. If it wasn’t for trump we probably would have gotten them more support during his 4 years. Fuck the Kremlin!


These idiots have "threaten nuclear war" on their daily to-do list. They can say it as often as they want. We know as well as they do that they won't do it. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Open the silo doors, scramble the bombers, surface a submarine or two, and then reply to Russia and say "okay, let's do it. We'll even let you shoot first." And watch the Russians back off on their empty threat. Again.


I warn Russia that they’ll be just as glassed as the rest of us if they do.