I feel like everything these days is an investigation and the investigation ends with “oh yeah they doin the thing thats bad” and we all go “see its official! They’re doing the thing we all already had enough evidence of to know long before the investigation” and then next to nothing happens about it.


It hurts because it's true.


That's not wrong but the investigation are important. Neutral investigation by trusted bodies undermine propaganda and document the events for history. Will it solve the problem? No, but don't throw out the good in search of the perfect.


Text in case of paywall issues. > The United Nations' top human rights body on Thursday decided by a comfortable margin to establish a new investigative mission to probe Iran's suppression of mass protests that have roiled the country since September. >The motion passed with 25 in favour, six against and 16 abstentions. Activists cheered after the result was read out by the council president and some diplomats applauded. >Tehran's representative at the Geneva meeting Khadijeh Karimi earlier accused Western states of using the rights council to target Iran, a move she called "appalling and disgraceful".


About time. Iran really needs a regime change from these murderous religious nutcases.


As I expected, my country still voted against it. If the democratic countries in the world formed a democratic crusade and cleaned up all the dictator alliances in the world, the human world would be more progressive,


What country are you from




The very notions of "democratic" and "progressive" are directly opposed to starting ideological wars because people aren't doing what you think they should be doing. What you want is religious (ideological) suppression, just from an ideology you agree with.


I agree. If we start forcing people to change their ideology at gun point again then it will just make everybody hate the west more than they already do. Sure we can nudge them towards democracy but more than that and it’s gets dangerous.


Agreed, the best we can do is show the countries ran by dictators how much better it is to have freedoms and hope they make the right choices. There is incredibly strong propaganda though, every second post (if not more) seem to have a “what about the west…” comments that do nothing to add anything of substance.


I think the last couple hundred years did us no favours. Hopefully we can get past our differences and get to the point where people can trust that when the west does something it is not just neo-imperialism.