I loved Age of X the designs and different takes on the characters were so cool. Storm and Namor, Pixie (Nightmare), and Spiderwoman to name a few


It was soooo good.


unuscione and rachel


Rachel Summers and Unuscione (a former Acolyte and the daughter (?) of Unus the Untouchable).


Mohawk is Legion. Guy with no arms is Hellion.


Ha, I just reread this a couple days ago. Fun story. You don't really need to have read anything else to jump into it, either.


Left to right: Unuscione, Legion, Betsy Braddock, Hellion, Rachel Summers


Why do they need 5 when Legion alone is so much more powerful than the rest of the other 4 combined? It's like adding 4 to 1,000,000... I guess it doesn't hurt, but really, does it make that much of a difference?


In this reality, David is just a telekinetic. Same as Betsy and Rachel. It's all part of the story (which is a good one!).


I don’t want to give too many spoilers away but David is significantly weaker than usual in this story.


In Age of X Legion was only known as a high tier telekinetic.


Legion's powerful because he had lots of different powers, not because those specific powers are strong. His main personality is a strong telepath and telekinetic, but he's not unstoppable.


Eh, correct to the extent that he usually has limited access and control, but some of the powers he has are *extremely* powerful. Here he says [he has 200 Omega-level personalities/power sets](https://i.imgur.com/0bTRdNG.png). For example, this Age of X story involved just one of his personalities, Moira, making a pocket universe.


Legion is a reality warper, with telepathy and telekinesis and a whole host of countless powers to go along with his myriad personalities. He has single-handedly owned numerous Elder Gods... who are beings that are at or above Skyfathers. To give you a sense of scale, Odin, as portrayed in classic times, was one of the top Skyfathers in terms of power, who could be argued as approaching Elder God level in powers. Odin, in his fight with another Skyfather Seth, shattered innumerable galaxies as a side effect across countless dimensions. Legion's reality warping powers levels puts him above Skyfathers; and at his peak, also he portrayed to be also be above standard Galactus, who can teleport galaxies at will, no-sell attacks from the aforementioned classic Odin, and take on numerous Celestials simultaneously (back when they were portrayed as actual universe-level cosmic entities).


Such a good storyline. One of the best in X-Men history imo


I’d probably like the story more if it wasn’t a near ripoff of the movie Identity(which was mind-fuckingly døpe) with John Cusack.


I remember that one. Same director as Logan.


Ah. TIL.


Yes, Identity was about mutant's living in a pocket universe fighting the same foes over and over, to give one character an ego boost.


Unuscione, Legion, Betsy Psylocke, Hellion and Rachel Summers Grey.