I think X-Men gold for some weird reason is held with high regard here. I thought it was consistently sub-par. Like Bunn's Uncanny X-men that came before it, X-men Blue is pretty inconsistent when it comes to quality but I'd say it has lower lows and higher highs.


Blue would be much better if they just went with the makeshift team with Polaris, Xorn, Bloodstorm etc. during the Mothervine arc, you can tell Bunn really wanted to write those characters instead of the O5


I think it was only held in high regard because Kitty was leading the team and the wedding was good.


Kitty was the worse thing about the book and IMO Guggs ruined her


I agree, but I think the concept got people hyped.


Never read it far enough for the wedding, but it failed at that too. I'm happy they didn't go that route though, because because I think Rogue and Gambit are a lot more boring than Collosus and Kity are now. Marriage seems to stifle a lot of characters.


I actually like Rogue and Gambit married, but I agree that they’re boring during the Krakoa era because they haven’t done much. That’s just my preference though. I thought Mr and Mrs X was a really good read.


It didnt ail at that though. The wedding issue was the best one in the series. The art was amazing and the writing was actually well done and entertaining, so much so that people were convinced Guggs didnt actually write it


In this house we don’t recognise X-Men Gold. It’s called X-Men Beige.


Name a thing that happened in that run besides the wedding issue. I dare you. Edit: Trick question, because the only other thing you'll possibly remember is that Nightcrawler and Rachel hooked up, and the fact that that happened makes us all sad.


I want to say the school was in Central Park for some reason. But, yeah, that's all I remember. I didn't even remember the Nightcrawler and Rachel thing.


Sorry for making you remember that.


Kurt and Rachel WHAT? ​ Jesus Christ, fortunately that era is forgotten forever.


I remember they fought an alien god from the negative zone, Storm got powers equivalent to Thor and Jimmy and Old Man Logan talked a bit...😅 but mostly a terrible run...


Blue was trying to make the best out of a situation that overstayed it's welcome. Gold is exactly why I don't want to go back to the school setting/traditional X-Men. It's what they were trying to do there and it was bad.


To me, it felt like just another poorly executed love letter to X-Men fans. Where they start the series with notes of nostalgia and X-Men related pastimes while also trying to shake things up character wise. Ideas moved and faded away before I could care enough. Relationships were less than ideal. I was hopeful and loved the designs introduced, but was left wanting.


In hindsight, these were not the greatest stories, but at least the Blue and Gold titles were a good branding move. I was a lapsed reader. I picked up a few trades for the big stories/events (Messiah Complex, Second Coming, etc.), but launching Blue and Gold books struck a nostalgia chord for me and brought me back into the fold as a monthly reader. I don’t know if that was a common experience or boosted sales of X-books, but it worked on me.


Blue was a tad better, but I would've liked it more if it starred anyone BUT the O5. Like, Rogue, Iceman, Magik, Emma, etc, were all available for a potentially kickass Blue team, but alas... The only redeeming aspect of Gold was that it brought Kitty and Piotr back...but then it fucking destroyed it in the worst way possible.


X-men Red was better than both.


I wish that series had gotten a longer run. It was fun to have Jean running a team and I liked the cast.


The cast was awesome. It was great to see Jean solo as a lead. Only down side was Namor…I just don’t consider him an X-men character. Luckily Gabby made up for it.


Gabby makes everything better. I'm a die-hard Laura fan, but I love Gabby more.


Indeed. Gambit’s my fave but I really got into Laura after their series together, and Gabby took it to a whole other level. Seriously this cast for Red was awesome—minus Namor.


Namor was worth having for the Searebro thing, and so Gabby could make an Abs-tlantis joke.


Idk. Trinary and Gentle were just boring redundant characters. Gabby and Laura were interesting and nice to see on the same team but then Gambit is just altogether out of place. Storm, nightcrawler, and Jean were great even if I don’t love Storm as a follower role.


I feel like the run got cut too short to have a full read in Trinary and Gentle. They could have gone somewhere. I liked Remy’s introduction as he took on a bunch of tiki torch nazis in Louisiana, but the rest of the way, he and Nightcrawler were just supporting cast. I generally like them both teamed up with Jean. The run should have been longer for sure with that large of a cast.


Sort of? I read it while it was happening and they weren’t that interesting over several issues which is mostly bad writing. On the flip side, reading Hellions and that collection of random C and D list assholes, I was immediately engaged and interested in seeing more. Characters can be immediately interesting, my problem was that Gentle/Trinary just weren’t very interesting in the entire span of the series.


The definition of damning with faint praise, lol


Yes - one of the few times when Jean was written well and not defined by her relationship with the Phoenix or a guy.


They tried to make kurt and Rachel a couple which…jeez, that should just not be. I do however like the part of the gold annual in which they go back to the lighthouse for a mini Excalibur reunion


Gold was awful. I found it at the library and read it. Kitty's personality was terrible. Storm had zero character. The villains felt recycled. I started to get excited about the space stuff, but it ended up being really dumb. All in all, it was very skippable. Blue was ok if you like the O5, if you didn't it wasn't about to change your mind.


Some of the most boring runs in the overall worst era in X-men history. Blue was SLIGHTLY better than the cluster fuck we refer to as gold


Just reread them - they are all really rough. Frankly the Rosenberg era that followed was a breath of fresh air, as was the last run of Astonishing X-Men - also, some of the companion books from this era ruled: all new wolverine, x-men black, generation x, new mutants: dead souls, cable. But gold and blue are pretty terrible. Blue especially: jimmy Hudson becomes a venom, the nonsense with Emma frost… ugh. But Cullen bunn’s magneto was cool, and I actually liked his run on Uncanny X-men as well… I blame editorial for the directions during this era


The weirdest thing about this era was the collected editions of 90s issues released under the “Blue” and “Gold” labels - totally unrelated material repackaged as if there were some plan or reorganization at work, then quickly abandoned. It seems like Marvel was preoccupied with the MCU and the X-Men line suffered from inconsistency.


I just got the Blue 0 trade and it's great. Nothing happens in it. It's from this time when marvel was bankrupt and the X-Men are mostly just hanging out by the pool or going on a trip to Alaska. I fully admit it's a big nostalgia read for me, but I really enjoy the calm and loose aspect of that era.


I love it too - I actually like that post-Onslaught era


The Emma stuff in X-men blue was great. X-men blue was bad when it focused on the 05, especially that time travelling stuff. The rest of the book was pretty solid.


Idk ig it depends on how you view Emma but it seemed trash to me. This was when the X-office was adamant on making her more villainesque so she was out here brain washing a minor to be her dead boyfriend or helping a genocidal sentinel and a SINISTER of all people cause thats what Emma doesn’t apparently. The saddest part is during this time she was being written outside of the X-office in the greater marvel universe and whenever she’d appear there she was being written farrrr better.


With Cyclops dead, they needed to figure out what kind of role Emma played in the X-books. It seems like non of the writers were interested in writing her a regular cast member in the x-books, so I think turning her into a villain was the right move since she was too high profile to remain in limbo. Fans get upset when ther favorites are turned into antagonist, but give how often the villains join as on-going cast members, the reverse is also necessary. Emma has done degusting & coercive things to men all the time, so brainwashing teen Scott shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, you can make the argument that him being a minor is different but I'd say him being Scott also makes it different. I thought it was great, Emma has a lot of shitty thing terrible things about her, and fans choose to ignore it because the story tells them she is one of the good guys. Thats a very poor way to understand characters imo.


I mean sure a villain role would’ve been fine IF they had done it right. They most certainty did not. Emma was one of the teachers that taught teen Scott. If there’s one thing thats been battered into the heads of readers is that Emma cares for her students. It’s a very important characterization for her that was fleshed out in all her years as an X-man. So turning her into a lunatic pedophile attempting to turn a minor into her dead bf isn’t washed away just “cause its scott”. The conclusion of IVX also made no sense whatsoever. Im fully behind the fact that Emma and Magneto would launch an offensive against the inhumans. Emma wants revenge personally? Sure, she’s not above that. Using sentinels to attack the rest of the x-men including her students and murdering an entire random inhuman population in some grief fueled suicide attempt? Yea lmao what? Im not even going to go into the reasons why any part of that doesn’t make sense. The basis of Emma’s turn to villainy was her loss. While it could’ve worked if they had properly branched off of that, she was depicted as a crazy ex that had gone fully psychotic. Emma’s no saint, no one’s gonna argue against that. She’s done horrible things but shes never been a psychopath till IVX. For her normally kept together character, it was out of left field and done very cheesily/bad. I agree a lot of people were upset their fav was a villain after decades of heroism, but with the way they did it, fans had a right to be upset. There’s a reason no one brings up what she was doing before HOX/POX.


I think Emma being a female supremacist is a more important to her characterization than caring for her students, her fans just skirt over it because its inconvenient and easy not care about, but then complain when its highlighted in a way thats unflattering for her. If you're an Emma fan then you should like her for who she is, and not who you wished she was. The funny thing is, this isn't even the first time Emma has attacked mutantkind when her emotions were compromised. She did the samething in AvX, so this certainly isn't some out of character ass pull, so the sentinels should come as no surprise, she has a history of this kind of terrible behavior. Also I'll point out that Emma was NOT a psychopath in X-men blue, she often acted as the voice of reason along side Havok. You just don't like that she is a groomer. You're talking about a woman who seduced a mentally ill Scott recovering from PTSD, and you're surprised that she continues to display unacceptable behavior towards Scott. Lol, Emma has a whole history of showing off her ass and tits to teenage boys and you think she is above sleeping with the teenage version of the love of her life? You are just not being realistic here.


I think the only books I read from this time were All New Wolverine and X-Men Red. Both really enjoyable and wish X-Men had gome on longer, liked the team, the set up etc. Read the first issue of the Jean Grey solo and thought it was okay but couldn't afford to add it to the list. I did wonder if I was missing anything not getting Blue or Gold...getting the impression that I didn't...


This is an era I skipped over because I was burnt out on the O5 and the Inhumans Era. I recently went back and read through Gold—which definitely wasn’t amazing but felt like a nice throwback. I really enjoyed seeing Kitty as the team leader. It really helped connect the dots between her older depictions and her depiction in Mauraders for me.


Red is sooo good.


Blue is whatever. ”lackluster” doesn’t even begin to cover Gold.


I preferred X-Men Blue than X-Men Gold. The writing and art was better in Blue. Gold had good art but writing was subpar!!!


A push-through read to get to the resurrection of Jean Grey and X-Men: Red.


I was cool enough with Blue. But I couldn’t get through Gold, it really made me dislike Kitty.


I don’t know what they were thinking with that wedding arc. It made Kitty look like an asshole and for what? We could have had Gambit and Rogue get married without shitting on Piotr for no reason.


They were probably thinking "Oh *crap* Batman is marrying Catwoman! Quick, get a long-term not-quite-dead-yet pairing and get them engaged!"


I liked Gold more than Blue, but I honestly preferred Red over both of them. I was so happy for Jean to come back and I felt like they had a decent direction for her.


The most exciting thing from Gold was the swerve wedding of Rogue and Gambit followed by their series mr and mrs x. Blue was better by a mile, and I hated the o5 concept. Bunn (good/underrated x writer IMO) did fine with what he was given.


Arthur Adams?


Just did covers.


I checked out for these runs


I’ll be honest and say I unashamedly adored blue, but that’s because I have I big soft spot for the time-displaced kids. While the only good thing I have to say about gold is that the rogue and gambit marriage was perfection.


If I'm being honest, these series have a special place in my life. Right when I moved out on my own, I had enough money to start getting comics again regularly. X-Men Prime and then Blue and Gold were among those I started reading. While there were weird characterizations, like Beast on Blue becoming magical, both teams it still felt fresh to me. I liked Rachel picking a codename other than something of Jean's, I enjoyed Kitty being a leader, I liked Iceman coming out, and I liked young Jean worrying about her future and what she will become. So much so that I followed over to X-Men Red when it came out and picked up several solo X or adjacent X titles out at the time. With that, I would say they are good entry points for newer readers but maybe not if you're more knowledgeable on X-Titles that came out prior. It feels very different than say Uncanny X-Men vol 1 or 2.


Only read Blue but it was not good


Creatively bankrupt. The writer had a weird crush on Kitty yet he made her seem like such an unlovable cunt jilting Peter.


Looking back it wasn’t that great


This all came out in a very bad time for x-men fans.


I hated Gold, sadly. It was a greatest hits book. Blue was alright, I didn't love it, but it didn't frustrate me


They were pretty forgettable. I remember being excited for Gold, because if I were picking my dream X-Men roster, that would be pretty close to it (just with regular Logan instead of Old Man Logan.) But it just wasn’t great.


Look, I admit to all of their flaws, but they're kinda special for me since they came just after Marvel did the whole "No seriously guys, arent the Inhumans just like the Mutants? Come on, we even called them Uncanny Inhumans! Please stop wanting to read those dusty old Mutants, they're going extinct now! Because Terrigen! And Cyclops was so evil; he tried to fight Black Bolt! (by the way, this has nothing to do with us not having the film rights to mutants) Anyway, check out Marvel's Inhumans on ABC!" thing. The fact that there were actually X-Men books that took place on Earth again, and mutants werent on the brink of extinction, was quite nice from my perspective. They tried to capture that Claremontian melodrama which, your mileage may vary on that, but I kinda liked it. Plus, the idea of Kate leading the X-Men set her character up for what we see in Marauders, and bringing back Jean and Xavier in this era was fun to see. I'm sure it all had absolutely *nothing* to do with the fact that Disney was about to buy Fox at the time.


I enjoyed X-Men Gold, at least more than half of the series. X-Men Blue? Not so much, don't remember why.


Gold was fun. You ciuld tell that Guggenheim was an old school X-Men fan. However, he had the tendency to rehash old plots/ villains, specifically from the Claremont era. IIRC he admitted this in his goodbye column. I thought the wedding issue was well-done. In my opinion the O5 should have returned to the past at the end of Bendis' run. Bunn is a great writer, but he shines most when he's working on his creator owned work. In Blue he seemed restrained, limites by editorial interference. Red was by far the best X-Men 'colour' book.


Blue was good. Gold was terrible and boring


I enjoyed them


I miss Teen Jean. Hot take: thought she was the best characterization of the character in a LONG while. Jean in Red was okay, but I thought she was *too* good, if that makes sense. And I’m not sure what they’re doing with her these days, she seems lost in the shuffle a bit


About as boring as an xbook can be.


I have pretty mich read every run of X-men except Gold and Blue. I will probably eventually, but from what I head about it I'm in no rush


They were terrible.


They're just Extraordinary X-Men and all-new X-Men with different coats of paint and creative teams. This was also the beginning of marvel caring about the X-Men again as legion and gifted were coming out and the fox acquisition was rumored at the time. So they weren't as restricted with what they could do. Gold is mostly memorable to me for the controversy with the artist, and the wedding bait and switch. Also, it's what started the current trend of X-Men wearing classic costumes again. Blue I remember being another continuation of Cullen buns magneto book.


With X-Men Blue I thought the whole reveal of Iceman’s sexuality thing was wack. Young Jean Grey basically going,”I know your secret and I’m outing you,” was just on the nose and not done well from a writing standpoint. But it is what it is. Would much prefer Marvel to make new characters than to do controversial retcons like that. With X-Men gold I think the glaring issue was old man Logan. He just overstayed his welcome and people have to remember that this was toward the end of peak Wolverine saturation. Great team composition and decent storyline but holy shit, so tired of seeing this guy. Let’s give other characters a shot at some decent storytelling.


Blue was hit or miss but I LOVED gold. It just hit me in all the right spots and I was sad to see it go.


Seeing Jean lead a team was great. Gold did not use Storm enough. Great to see Rogue get her proposal.


X men gold made me dislike Colossus and Kitty as a Pairing, even before She left him at the Altar


The only good thing in X-Men Gold was the wedding issue twist and it wasn’t even Marc Guggenheim’s idea. Donny Cates brought it up at a writer’s summit and they ended up using the idea.


WHAT? That hack was responsible for breaking up my all-time favorite X-Men couple just for funsies?? As if I needed any more reasons to dislike that guy.


Donny the menace (lovingly)


Gold was plain awfull... Blue was ok but i hated the time displaced X-Men idea so there's that. Anyway, it was a bad time as an X-Men fan for me


I wasn't a huge fan of Blue, bit I enjoyed Gold. That said, it did have moments of mediocrity, but I miss the old status quo a bit. Gold, Astonishing, Red and Uncanny had some decent moments.


I think Blue would have been a lot better without the endless Venom crossover. I really dug the Polaris and Havok side-plot that happened.


The parts of Blue that focused on Magneto were really good.


I’ve only read Gold and I thought it was alright. Mainly for Kurt and Old Man Logan. Mostly Kurt and how a volume or two addressed the whole quasi immortal thing like when that mob ganged up on him (where Ol Man Logan and Storm step in and Logan seemed stunned by how Kurt was still alive after that beating) and one of the rare times Kurt teleported without knowing where he was going and it incapacitating him, but not killing him


worst era of x-men. between old man logan being on a team, the "prestige" and nightcrawler/rachel bullshit, the time-displaced O5, and the mothervine storyline it's just a nonstop conga line of bad tropes and shitty writing. blue had some good art at least, but gold consistently had shit art. the only good issue of gold was >!kitty leaving piotr at the altar!<


They were fantastic. Way better than the Hickman stuff. But of course ill get flamed for that. I have every issue and variant of Gold. Home they do a complete omnibus at some point. Guggenheim is a good dude. Also, I love Cullen Bunn. His Magneto was fabulous and he did a great job given what he had for Blue. His Uncanny was great. Also gave us the amazing Briar Raleigh. I just hate the Krakoa setting with a passion. It’s lame. I miss the school. I really don’t like the immortality gimmick. They have absolutely destroyed a brilliant character in Moira. Not to mention what they have done to Lin Li (Nature Girl).