That’s the toughest I’ve seen Jean look. Love it.


Judgment day is shaping up to be fun, glad that we get 2 issues a month since the rate that events come out can really make or break em. The tie-ins seem really fun since all the non-X-books are gonna be exploring major regrets/decisions that shaped them. Plus for the X-books, we get to see Arrako vs Eternals which is an awesome premise, Solem and Wolverine doing hell stuff which is nice, Sebastian Shaw up to his bs, and hopefully Beast getting skinned




I'm interested in seeing the X-Men and the Deviants team up now that they know of their historical and genetic connections. Especially since Lemuria and Krakoa are both in the Pacific Ocean.


As much as I dislike Percy's grimdark pap, Kraven in a Beast pelt is pretty funny.


Even though I am not happy with Marvel for the past two years, I have to say there have been great covers on most of the books. These are no exception.


Are these variants, or is it X of Swords kind of vibes were the regular series has AXE tie-ins supplemented with the short AXE series?


There is a main 6-issue event, a 3-issue mini called “Death to the Mutants” and then various tie-in issues. The work-in-progress Wikipedia article details everything announced to date (no doubt more to come): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judgment_Day_(Marvel_Comics)


I'm not all that excited about this. I don't care about the Avengers and I know nothing about the Eternals. I wonder if I can skip this event or if it's going to be essential reading...and if so, can I read it without knowing anything about what's currently happening with the Avengers and the Eternals?


I'm going in with no Eternals and minimal Avengers knowledge. The first issue from Free Comic Book Day seemed okay with my knowledge set. I have, on the other hand, read pretty much everything X-Men related from the current era.


Random question, have Jean Grey and Tony Stark ever interacted? I just think it’s cool seeing very different characters interact.


partially :/ jean asked tony for help in xmen red