Is it possible that Iceman is just in the issue but not part of the team? I’m good with him on it, though.


That's a fair point tbh could just be a guest spot Gambit has gotten a pretty good amount of page time for a non-member


I'm interested to see what Duggan does with Bobby he didn't use him a lot in Marauder's but the moments he gave him all highlighted what a power house he is so I'm expecting major feats


He's deleted the tweet but made reference to it after: https://twitter.com/Cfvillaart/status/1525557131017076736?t=59UH0QQCbsLgU04ehXzXSA&s=19


I’m always down for more Bobby in this era I think there still some interesting story to tell Hope he does more w him


I struggle to get excited for this. Duggan had Iceman for nearly 30 issues and didn’t do anything new with the characters. Even his focus issue amounted to having a power flex and then switching focus back to Hellfire stuff.


He did give him some pretty cool moments even though they were very small in particular him leaving those bigots in the desert with ice to keep hydrating and Bobby taking down the people they thought were responsible for killing Kate stand out for me. Apparently he got a decent focus in the Marauders king in black issues but I didn't read it so I can't say You're not wrong to be concerned but Duggan seems to be better at balancing character moments in X-Men so hopefully he'll give Bobby the shine he deserves (I think he just liked Kate and Emma as characters too much for him to be doing a team book with them involved)


I wanna say this was pretty widely known… but not confirmed. The reason he is not on Marauders…