yeat is on the same run future was from 2014-2017

if you look at the run of “trap” music over the past 5-10 years, we can all agree fewtch was a major influence. i think alivë is yeat’s monster and he has been dropping well received projects since then. does yeat have the same longevity as future?


Bro imma be honest idc bout all that , I can assure you ill be listening to yeat even 5 years from now and it's not like yeat is a broke SoundCloud rapper , he's made some decent amount of money for him to keep using beats of very talented beat makers and you can tell he is motivated because the day he dropped the EP he also commented on Bnyx's post that he's boutta go crazy with the album . Imo Yeat is still pretty niche , there's no shortage of good songs , ever since Up2me everything he's dropped is arguably very high quality including the beats and instrumentals , it will take a little bit more time for mainstream to recognize him .


you worded it so beautifully 🥺


agreed, im just comparing the quality and consistency of future’s run to the run yeat is on now


I hope he doesn’t go too mainstream anytime soon. Mainstream ruins artists. They start seeing those dollar signs floating around and change up their sound to make a larger crowd happy


Such a W comment bro